Devil Eye Glass Dresser Knobs

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Blue Eyes Glass Drawer Knobs

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Glass Devil’s Eye Knobs

This series of knobs by Indianshelf features door knobs which have been created as imitation designs of Evil’s Eye. An Evil’s Eye is depicted by a blue or black dot in the centre on a background of white or yellow.

In earlier days, our ancestors believed that keeping an Evil Eye in the home is not just good and purifying but also an essential part of living.

It is said that the Devil’s Eye, also known as the blue bead of Nazar can protect our home and mind space from the direct influence of negative energies lurking in our surroundings. In many countries such as Turkey and Greece, you will find that most of the homes are decorated with evil eye beads.

These decorations are mostly carried out in the form of wall hangings, beads, bracelets, wind chimes, mirrors, amulets, vessels and charms.

The origin of Devil’s Eye or Evil’s Eye is older than the origins of glassmaking. However with the beginning of glass artistry, people got to receive an instrument through which they could ground, contain and protect their energies while maintaining the aura of holy spirit in their hearts and home spaces.

Coming from a popular form of blue glass bead, the Evil’s Eye bead is widely carried by oodles of people round the world.   

These glass knobs feature a mushroom cap shaped style and flexible mounting bolt made in metal. For more contemporary knobs and handles, check out our selection of diamond shaped glass knobs.