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Angel Boy  Figurine  Door Handler In Gold Brass

Angel Boy Figurine Door Hand...

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Brass Cherub Door Handle

Brass Cherub Door Handle

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Handmade Tuskar Style Ganesha Carving Brass Door Pull Handle

Handmade Tuskar Style Ganesha ...

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Door Handle Pull Aged Brass Buddha Hand Mudra

Door Handle Pull Aged Brass Bu...

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Mudra Brass Door Handle with Index Finger

Mudra Brass Door Handle with I...

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Jaguar Door Handle In Antiqued Bronze Plating

Jaguar Door Handle In Antiqued...

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Door Handles | Brass Door Handles Online

Door handles are clearly the best door closing devices till day. A door handle allows your belongings and property to stay secure while offering a decorative appearance to it.

Exclusive Door Handles:-

While a door sets up a decorative fence for your home, a door handle is the crowning embellishment to your home décor hardware.

Therefore, in addition to being sturdy, door handles need to be stylish and welcoming. Keeping this in mind, Indianshelf brings you the exclusive collection of gorgeous door handles handcrafted by selected artisans and craftsmen from across India.

From satin brass to dhokra leaf, from bronze to ceramic, from wood to glass, the collection features plenty of materials and styles to choose from. For each style, there are plenty of options in colour and size too.

Furthermore, for any style you pick, each door lever has been designed with a combination of modern look and classic vintage craftsmanship.

Even for the most contemporary style setting, these antique style door handles will add inviting elements of surprise and electric charm to about any door. While providing your doors with a long lasting companion, these door handles will underline the overall design and setting of your space.

10,000+ Designs of Door handles:-

Carrying a generous assortment of design and durability, these door handles will complement pretty much any décor setting or cabinet furniture. Depending on whether you want it for an interior or exterior door, and on what material you’re installing the door handle, you can choose your design accordingly.

From ornamented fishes to wild birds, from intricately carved peacocks to cute bows, you’ll find it here. Some eclectic designs also include motifs such as spiritual mudras, dancing woman and serpentines.

So, whether you wish to give a hearty handshake to your morning wardrobe or simply offer a warm greeting to your guests, browse through our latest collection of dazzling door handles delivered right at your doorstep. Grab your favourite piece(s) now. We offer door handles starting from just ₹110! Looking for cabinet pulls? Browse our range of almirah handles.

Every day people head come of their homes with goals and ambitions in their head. Everyone hopes to achieve success in the competitive world that is outside their homes and we provide you just the kind of regal door handles that can make anyone believe that he has keys to the Universe.

Disinfectant Brass Door Handles:-

Our craftsmen have made the most elegant brass door handles. Most of the door handles are handcrafted which is why the quality is undoubtedly remarkable.

The perfect amalgamation of Copper and Zinc provides brass with disinfecting abilities. Contacting untidy objects will become one of the biggest fears in the post Covid world and with the disinfectant properties of brass, these door handles can kill bacteria within three hours and have got everyone covered.

Therefore, these door handles look as classy as it gets while they also help us maintain a healthy environment around us.

Differently Carved Door Handles:-

The artisans have made sure that there is no limit to the variety provided. There is something for everyone. The craftsmen have made sure that all door handles our unique and can satisfy the wants of different people.

Mesmerizing carvings of elephants, lion, golden and Chinese dragon, fishes, jaguars, bull, angel boy, the serpent Naga God, floral patterns and tribal figurines are used to beautify the handles.

Such variety in carvings, styles and materials also helps in finding the door handle that seamlessly blends with the door and enhance the overall appearance of the place.

Multipurpose Handles:-

These are not just door handles but can be used with anything. They can be attached to the drawers of one’s side table, dresser cabinet, wardrobe, cupboard and almirah.

Door Handles are just not the instruments that let us open doors but are also the perfect accessory needed to add a beautiful texture to your otherwise regular furniture.

This also reduces the mental work required to add a decorative piece to one’s architecture as these handles can be fixed anywhere.


Are door handles made of brass??

When placed in comparison to other forms of door handles or even doorknobs, the brass handles emerge as a clear winner in terms of practicality and ease of use. Ultimately, the style and finish of the door itself is an important aspect to consider while choosing these elegant door handles and accessories for all your home improvement needs. If you are ever stuck as to what will go best with your eccentric home decor or renovation ideas, then it is best to opt for brass variants and attain the perfect look for your needs. While you may be tempted to go for metallic ones with brass coating, but these are not effective for long term use and will soon deteriorate and impact on your home decor ideas. The reason that brass is so popular is that these are sturdy and long-lasting. Since these are designed using the combination of elements like copper and zinc, it brings the best of both into the final version of the product. Moreover, in comparison to surfaces made from plastic, stainless steel or wood that are a clear breeding ground for bacteria and germs, the brass handles are relatively safe and long-lasting. Apart from the above, the brass handles are so popular despite their high prices since these are the perfect embellishments to both contemporary and traditional homes. If you are focused on improving your home decor then these brass handles can immediately give the best results for your needs. This is because the same is healthy for you and your home. The metal is further scientifically proven to be extremely beneficial for the overall improvement of your home.

Are the door handles easy to replace??

The answer to the above-mentioned subject is yes. Door handles can be replaced easily and effectively at home using the right steps and tools. Here are a few tips to help you to remove the handles and attain the best results for your needs. Using a screwdriver, remove the existing doorknob or handle from the interior side of the door. This will help to release the handle and help you to pull off the same. This idea works best for oval shaped door handles and instantly releases the same by allowing you to pull the knob off from the sides of the door. Once you have completed the above-mentioned step, it is time to remove the latch plate located on the inside area of the door. This helps you to pull the same out and then replace it. Even if you have a deadbolt then the same can be easily established using the above-mentioned process. Remove the screws from the latch plate located at the inside area of the door and this helps you to pull the latch out. If you are planning to replace the dead bolt completely then the above-mentioned process will suffice. Once you are done, place a new latch plate, door handle, etc. The tapered sides of the locks should always face the strike plate of the door area. When you have a new latch plate and screws, the same can be easily used to attain the best results. Once done, install the handle along with spindle and complete the above-mentioned task completely. The interior handle should easily slide over the spindle. Align the parts and secure in place. Our new knob had a hidden set screw which required a long Allen wrench, provided with the doorknob, to tighten in place. Test the new doorknob to make sure everything is installed correctly.

Can door handles be recycled??

Yes, these can be recycled using metal scrap. These can be sold off to the specific scrap shops where these can be moulded back to attain the best results. If you are low on budget, then you can opt to repaint them using spray paint. Alternatively, these can be used for decorating the stores or drawers to attain the best results. Opting to revamp these is a good idea and needs incredibly low investment. Once done, these can adorn the lesser-used areas of the home while the knob shaped ones can double up as the coat hooks or handles for hanging coats and jackets. Apart from this, you can use vintage door handles and knobs in a variety of ways to attain the best results for your needs. For instance - these can be used to create decorative table ideas for your home or can be recycled as mini vases for the purpose of decorating the planters. The oval-shaped ones can also double up as wine stoppers or can be turned into a vintage photo holder. Alternatively, these can be placed around the house to place jewellery and bags or can also be used as tie holders. Also, these can be used to create DIY decor solutions and as curtain rod ends. This helps you to attain the best results for your home and thereby save money on buying decor items for your home.

Can door handles be painted??

Opting to paint these door handles can be a good idea especially to attain creative outcomes. It helps you to save money and time while opting to customize the overall appeal of your home. Hence, depending on the number of hinges or door handles that you may have around the house, the same can take you around 1- 2 hours and a small amount of money to refresh their look. Apart from the painting supplies, you need to have orbital sander as the same make your DIY experience quite pleasant and helpful. Use a primer on the surface and let it dry overnight. Then use bronze spray paint in thin coats to attain the best results. This is quite better than using single thick paint for the best results. Ideally, 2-3 coats of spray paint can do the job. It is important to ensure that you unhinge this door handles before painting these. Moreover, it is best to opt for newspapers or similar alternatives to avoid spoiling your home decor while attempting these ideas. It is important to note that these old oil-rubbed bronze hinges can last you for quite a long term and this makes reusing these around the house a good idea instead of buying a new one.

Why are door handles placed at the end of the door??

You may have often wondered as to why the door handles are placed at the end of the door instead of being in the centre then here is the explanation for this. Scientifically speaking, putting the door handles as far as possible from the hinges is a good idea. This is because the same makes for an effective lever arm. This makes opening and closing the door quite an easy task. This is through an excellent way of attaining convenience. However, in the case of the contemporary building designs, the same is added to aid in the context of the needs of extremely young and aged users. As a result of the same, these are placed closer to the strike set of the frame to minimize the latch bolt and the deadbolt distance. Other notable benefits of not placing these knobs and handles in the centre are its visual appeal. Having a lever placed in the middle of the door will naturally look quite weird and funny. Also, the door remains hinged to one side and this means that visible hardware helps newcomers to your home to understand the way the same will swing to and this makes it easier for them to access the door and then move through the same. Thus, having the door handles placed at the adequate direction brings awesome results especially in terms of convenience and maintenance. Undoubtedly, using this idea has long term benefits for you and your home. Whenever you are in doubt about redecoration or renovation projects, it is recommended to go for the aid of a specialist for the best results.

Where to buy door handles??

Doorknobs and door handles have been around for a long period of time and remain the popular choice, especially for modern properties. The innovations presented by the interior decoration firms ensure that one has access to the appropriate style, materials and even designs that bring best results for both modern and contemporary homes. Although, it is not uncommon to observe that the final decision of the buyer is dependent on personal preference and is more driven by aesthetic appeal rather than relying on superior quality. Therefore, it is stated that the choice of handles or doorknobs can be an essential detail that can work wonders for your overall home improvement and decor needs. These help to tie the elements together for the best results. Although, these accessories are quite small physically yet the style that you opt for needs to sit well with the design scheme. Moreover, the hardware must be suitable for the purpose and must be durable for sustaining everyday use. Door handles are dependent on the type of door that you wish to buy for. Apart from this, you can buy door lever handles that offer better grip and aid with varying levels of dexterity. Like the knobs, these are available in multiple hues and finishes with suitable options available for each type of property and budget needs. Many online and offline stores carry out the best results for your needs, yet it is best to opt for the former as it is an affordable and reliable source to attain quality products. is one of the good options for buying door handles.

Which door handles to buy??

Internal door handles are an essential part of your functional decor and act as separate pieces as well as access points between living areas. Also, no door is complete without having suitable door furniture and accessories. There are a lot of options when it arrives for size, type and design that work for you, yet you need to make an appropriate selection to achieve the optimal results. Unless you wish each room to be bespoke or plan to use a variety of unique statement pieces around the house, it is possible that you are aiming for a level of uniformity across the property. It is therefore important to begin by viewing the project as a whole and then deciding on what type of style of the door handle and door accessories can work well. A little planning can go a long way in attaining the most suitable results. It goes without saying that some of the door handle designs will work naturally with your door style and appeal. When you make an appropriate selection then the same can lend itself better to your overall interior decoration style and architecture. For instance - if you are opting for door handles for a period home then it is best to opt for ornate brass backplate and curved door handle design. On the other hand, decorating for the urban loft means that you need an accessory that is minimalistic in design. Thus, chrome works best for these doors. For a panelled or veneer door, you may need to bring accessories that blend well with the door finish and its overall appearance.

Which door handles are best??

Internal door handles are an important accessory for your home. If selected carefully, these can be the perfect jewel for your home improvement needs. Metal door handles are the best bet in these cases. In most of the homes, stainless steel is used to attain the best results. Although, brass is an attractive alternative, yet it is quite expensive. Similarly, brass lacks the strength of the steel ones. Since, steel has numerous other variants, using plain carbon steel is a poor choice for door handles as it is found to be a subject to rust. Similarly, sweat from the people's hands can further lead to corrosion in these metals. It is also not uncommon to observe that the door handles designed from cheap alternatives are given a plating of brass and chrome to reduce the risk of rusting. As a result, you have an affordable alternative that is also beautiful. However, on the downside, these cannot last long. Therefore, you need brass, bronze, steel alternatives to attain a good product that is sophisticated in appearance and durable. If you are a fan of the brass ones, then it is important to note that these are more durable but are quite costly as well. It is important to look at the overall quality of the product and design in terms of preference then simply choosing a random door handle for your home improvement needs. A cheap brand brass door handle may discolour and may not offer security than the premium quality products.