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Let's take a voyage through time across India's culture, art and heritage. We will notice a considerable inclination of people on art and crafts for livelihood and entertainment. You would have often heard of extraordinary storytelling about gods and nature in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Along with these grand magnum opuses, you would find that the livelihood of the people of India through time depends on Nature and handicrafts. Handicrafts in India existed in various forms, such as carpentry, pottery, sewing and painting. One form of handicraft is Beading, a process of using beads to accomplish a particular artistic endeavour or designing and decorating spaces and clothes.

As the name suggests, one of the prime members in the process of beading is Beads. Beads at IndianShelf are available in the form of Metal and Glass Beads. Let me explain these two types of beads and the deliverance of aesthetics in designs and decorations.

  1. Metal beads - These beads are dazzling beauty of art that often hold a special place in designing ornaments and wall decorations. These premium beads are usually derived from brass and other rich metals, making them a sturdiness and exquisite showpiece. Moreover, You can engage them in enhancing the layering and aesthetics of necklaces, bracelets and other ornaments by supplementing the spaces of creativity and art.
  2. Glass Beads - These Beads For Decoration are extracted and sculpted from premium glass material, finalised, and finished by highly skilled artisans to give a shiny texture and complementing colours. The glossy finish of glass beads adds to class and artistic touch in your creativity. These Premium Decorative Beads are simple and easy to include in your handicrafts, weaving and sewing. Moreover, You can incorporate these beads in designing clothing, pendants, wall art and decorations.

Beads are simple decorative items that can substantially improve your artistic aesthetics of walls, apparel and ornaments. To dramatically enhance your craft and elevate layers in clothing and decoring, You can Buy Premium Beads from the online store of IndianShelf. At IndianShelf, these beads are elegant and exclusive without sharp edges and have a proper blingy finish.