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Kamatchi Vilakku Oil Lamp

Artistic Brass Laxmi Lamp

Artistic Brass Laxmi Lamp

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This holy lamp is also known as the Deepam of Devi Kamakshi. The Divine Lamp is dedicated to the Goddess because her statute is engraved on the lamp. It is an essential addition to the prayer room in most Indian households.


Goddess Kamakshi symbolizes the eradication of darkness. She is prayed for her Knowledge. One look from the Goddess is enough to fill your life with enlightenment, prosperity, and wealth. It is believed that she blesses her devotees with her eyes itself. The meaning of her name denotes – Ka for Devi Saraswati, Ma for Devi Lakshmi, and Askhi means eyes.

Since the Kamatchi Vilakku bears the engraving of the Goddess; the lamp is blessed and is a traditional decorative piece in the prayer room. Before the lamp is lit, it is worshipped with flowers and prasadam and other sacred items that surround the lamp to decorate it. There is a big groove or a well in front of the Goddess where you can either pour oil and lit wicks or place a lit Diya. 

The light from this holy diya is supposed to fill the entire place with the wealth of light and knowledge. It is believed that just as the wick burns, similarly the worries of life can be burnt down.

History Of Kamatchi Vilakku

The Kamatchi Vilakku is a precious heritage for the entire family. In most households, it is a traditional ancestral piece, preserved with great pride and honor. In many homes in South India, this Divine Lamp has been maintained in the lit position for centuries – a legacy that has been passed by their ancestors and one that the current generation will pass onto posterity. 

As per Hindu traditions, the lighting of the lamp precedes all pious tasks. It is acknowledged to be highly auspicious. The worship of the Panch loha or five metals is a preliminary task to seek blessings of Lords and Goddesses. The Kamatchi Vilakku is a traditional lamp that holds a significant place in your home and offices, commercial establishments like shops, and more. 

What is Kamatchi Vilakku made of?

The Kamatchi Vilakku is made from brass and is handcrafted by the local artisans from the Southern parts of India. It requires years of experience and proficient expertise to make the lamp. 

The Divine Lamp is available in different sizes-small, medium, and large. The lamp is also available in different weights. The image of the Goddess Kamatchi Vilakku or the Kamakshi Lamp is made by skilled artisans who have learned the art of making this hand-made brass lamp from their fathers and forefathers.

Description of the product

The brass lamp has the statute of Goddess Kamakshi with a deep well in front. The well can be filled with oil and wicks placed for lighting up or a lighted candle or diya can be placed.