Purple Star Knob

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Yellow Star Dot Knob

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Turquoise Star Knob

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Glass Star Flower Knobs

When it comes to decorating your home or reinventing the original setting, little accessories play a big role. One of these accessories is door knobs. So tiny they might be, but they don’t fail to transform the look of a room.

Be it your kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers, choosing the correct style of door lever is essential part both of aesthetics and function.

Indianshelf, a leading producer of craft products, home furnishings and utility items makes this choice easier for you.

Glass Knobs in Shape of Star:-

Here at Indianshelf, you can browse from thousands of door knobs, pulls and handles divided under dozens and dozens of categories, thereby making your purchase simple.

Bringing the touch of sophistication along with a colourful fashion into a mix is meant to aid the homemakers make their homes look even more dashing and their lifestyle more convenient.

This selection of glass knobs features several star shaped knobs. You might also see pieces resembling the star shape of pentas flower, and hence the name Star Flower Knobs.

Unique Design Of Glass Knobs:-

Call them dreamy or crafty, nautical or astro, these knobs come available in a number of styles such as iridescent coral fill design, moony texture, dotted yellow pentas and more.

Equipped with high-quality cast glass and chunky metal setscrews, the star knobs are well suited as nursery knobs, school knobs, kids’ room knobs, drawer pulls for kids study and many similar themes.

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