What makes needle paintings the perfect art investment?

Embroidery is the stunning craft of recreating the elements of the natural environment on thread or yarn. The artwork is a laborious and time-intensive project that uses a variety of elements to recreate the best images. This makes needle paintings such a special and expensive investment but are a thoughtful gift for an art enthusiast.

you invest in needle paintings?

Embroidery originated from China and early embroidery dated back to 30,000 B.C. The archeological finds during this time include hand-stitched and well-decorated clothing. Slowly embroidery and needlework became a rage in Europe. Richly decorated clothes, garments, needle paintings, etc were used to adorn the households.

Commissioning these was a display of power and wealth. Before machines took over the process, each of these was painfully crafted over a period of days with care and attention. This made them an invaluable item that could be either displayed on the walls or gifted to loved ones to show care and attention.

The comeback of needle paintings

Embroidery and DIY needle paintings were once the favorite pastime of upper class and royalty. The same was originally a craft created by women but slowly men too entered into this calming craft. The likes of the King of Sweden, Henry Fonda, etc. have contributed to the craft.

Today these paintings are a vintage item. These draw inspiration from the national and international designs originally produced on flags, uniforms, handkerchiefs or may be a depiction of local scenes.

Buying traditional vs modern needle paintings

These days, needle paintings are created using machines or computerized equipment. This makes them look dull and lifeless when compared to the ones from the bygone era. Moreover, the style and techniques of the modern artwork are highly different from the original art pieces.

Thus, investing in these elements is an excellent way to redefine the entire appeal of your home. These paintings make the room appear airy and welcoming. Choosing these over other artwork helps to personalize the space, and also add a distinctive differential factor. Your home will be thronged by art lovers and heritage investors for your quality investment. These also help to cover-up small imperfections in the room.

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