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Vintage Brass Candle Stand

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Candle Holders & Candles

Initially, Egyptians and Romans invented candles to diminish darkness at night and during studies. Though less in use nowadays, these candles are symbols of calmness, joy, celebrations, warmth and intimacy. Candles are flammable items made from a combination of wax and wick; the wick is ignited to spread light and heat, and due to the warmth of light, wax melts, thus acting as fuel for candles.

As time passes, the use and preference of candles have changed dramatically, dethroning the darkness during their discovery to use as a decoration in modern days; candles have also gone through a series of evolution. With various changes in candle shapes, sizes, colours and designs, there was a development in the production of accessories related to candles, like snuffers and holders, that will provide dynamics to the placement of candles and arrangement of candles.

These pieces are highly versatile and are available in categories of candles, and its accessories at Indianshelf are-

● CANDLES- Candles are an excellent way to stir emotions and moods. These decorative pieces create a vivid ambience in a room with their fragrance. You must fill your home with candles as they can help calibrate the calmness of mind and soul with a peaceful aura. Candles differ depending on the scent, the wick type, and the aroma. Furthermore, At Indianshelf, these handmade candles are available in different sizes, shapes, and colours and vary as per use, like decorative, scented, dinner, and pillar candles.

CANDLE HOLDERS- Holders are tools used to hold and arrange candles and act as decorative units. Highly proficient artisans made these decorative pieces with compositions of high-quality brass or premium glass materials. Brass in these pieces will complement the earthy structure and design of the house, while the neat finish of glass will provide dynamics to the minimalist interior of your home.

However, the rays of these candles will illuminate the room and fill your life with an abundance of radiance. The glint of these candles will aid in reflecting on your life and thoughts to eliminate darkness from your life. You can place and arrange these candles and holders in different areas and spaces of the house to give an unconventional design structure. Furthermore, You can check out the diverse range of candles and holders at Indianshelf and start experimenting with the contrast of your design while including multiple colours and shapes of candles.