Home Decor: 10 Stunning Ideas To Decorate Your Home Using Wood

Many people spend a lot of time planning, thinking and updating home decor settings in their homes. However, as a matter of the fact, the decoration is really meaningful at all if it is implemented for the long term rather than for mere surface appearance.

Wood is that one element which can offer you this. Apart from adding texture and tone, wood is not that expensive to begin with.

Wood is a metaphor that describes foundation and groundedness. Like the trunk of a tree, wood symbolizes raw energy and deep strength, the earthy rusticity behind all the decorative appearances. If you are in and interested in introducing wooden decoration in your home or adding some, here are ten great ideas to get you started!

 1. Open Air Wood Shelves

These days many homes are equipped with woodworked shelves. Whether it is your lobby, kitchen, bath or bedroom, wooden shelves don’t just add to your décor but also make up for excellent storage spacing. Being a sturdy material, it can hold any medium-weighted object including photo frames to books, stationary and cutlery.

 2. Tiered Entryway Rack Home Decor Ideas

When monsoons arrive or sudden thunder strikes, you wouldn’t want your floors to get wallpapered in the muddy shoeprints everywhere in your house. Even if the weather is not a concern, it is not bad an idea to keep a shoe rack near the entry door. This will help the visitors unbuckle their shoes or socks as well as in keeping other items in place such as umbrellas, car keys etc.

 3. Eclectic Wooden Vase

A vase made of wood, yes! And guess what the best part is? You don’t need to purchase a brand new or expensive vase. You can create your own too. Simply take some pieces of wood which might have been left over by past woodwork in your home. Drill a hole in it or chip from the centre, and your vase is ready. Decorate it with the bottom of a country style rug.

 4. Wooden Ceilings & Floors Home Decor Ideas

While wooden floor tiles are quite common a thing, wooden ceiling might appear to you as a fresh addition. Wooden ceilings are usually created in the form of blocks, planks or diagonal ceiling. If you have a budget, you can also go for baroque style ceiling with borders.

 5. Your Own Snoopy Corner

You don’t always need a café in order to have your own cosy reading corner. Just select a corner of your bedroom or rooftop terrace, take some wooden logs and with the help of nails and a hammer, create a small space for books, coffee mug or other little titbits you would like to keep. Dangle a small bulb or pendant lantern from one of the logs. Decorate the space with your favourite cushions and there it is. Your own reading corner is ready. Oh, and remember to tag the door handles with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Private Area’ Sign!

 6. Chairs for Outdoors Home Decor Ideas

If you have a balcony or porch deck, this is a terrific idea to introduce wood in your house. Apart from breathing a rustic feel in your house, the chairs are excellent additions to your furniture collection. Bonus, if there’s a party indoors and you fall short of chairs, you can shift these chairs inside. Wooden chairs are also great for areas like living room and terrace.

 7. Exposed Wood Room Home Decor Ideas

Ever spent a day in a country cottage? Many properties and buildings featuring cottage style also consist of rooms that are totally made in wood. Wooden walls, wooden ceiling, wooden floors and wooden doors. What’s so great about having this kind of room in your house? Well, it doesn’t just add a cottage style area to your property but also purifies the vibes with the energetic properties of wooden element.

 8. Cabinets & Cupboards

No wonder what kind of décor a house has, you will obviously find some wooden cabinet there. No matter how small or big, wooden cabinets have been in use for decades. Followed by polish and brushstrokes of varnish, a wooden cabinet doesn’t just add gloss to the living space but also makes up for a safe area to store anything from your apparels to accessories and paper materials.

 9. Wood & Glass Home Decor ideas

Wood and glass is a fantastic combination, especially for areas such as kitchen, bath and library. From offices to shops to homes, it is the combination of wood and glass that is generally preferred over either wood or either glass. A fabulous example of decorative centrepiece using wood in combination of glass is a loose cabinet which you can get carved by a carpenter and dangle it down from the wall hooks of your room. 

 10. Trestle Tables

If you wish to breathe fresh country or farmhouse style vibe in your house, a trestle table is perhaps you need. Depending on the number of members in your house, a trestle style dining table is quite good an idea. Another wonderful example is to use a trestle table as your kitchen island.