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Brass Tibetan Buddhist Deity

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Brass Meditating Buddha Statue

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Brass Meditating Buddha Statue

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Handmade Brown Finish Lord Buddha...

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Brass Buddha Statue Deity Seated

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Brass Standing Buddha Statue

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Brass Statue Of Lord Buddha

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Brass Buddha (Ht-11 Inches)

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Brass Laughing Buddha Statue

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Brass Standing Buddha Statue

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Brass Buddha (Ht-11 Inches)

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Bronze Buddha Statue

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Standing Buddha Brass Statue

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How to find the Best Bronze Buddha Statue for your home?

Everyone wants their home to be perfect, vibrant and plush. However, having a peaceful home is the one that has the right positive energy and aura to bring you calmness and peace. However, if you are presently not able to achieve the same at your home then you need to have Bronze Buddha Statue for your home. It instantly helps to bring peace and harmony. 

Finding the right place for your Bronze Buddha Statue

It is acceptable to keep Bronze Buddha Statue on a shelf with closing doors. It is similarly important that you keep it away from the messy or unkempt parts of the house. These include the bathrooms or any area facing the same but placing the statue in study, office, reception, desk, garden, yoga area, etc. is a good idea. 

Placing these statues around the home can bring peace, positive energy, good health and even prosperity. Therefore, happy Buddha (Shakyamuni) is one of the most popular statues and is known to bring in good luck and abundance. 

Brief Information about History of Buddha

The image of Gautama Buddha, the founder and the enlightened one from the Buddhism can be a great way to bring peace and harmony to home. It was one of the most favourite icons that has become the symbol of inner peace and self-growth. Therefore, before we delve into the Brief Information about History of Buddha, it is worth mentioning that the same is secular in appearance and versatile. Hence, if you wish to attract positive chi/qi (vital life force), you need to bring the best Buddha statue to your home. 

When we decide to delve deeper into the Brief Information about History of Buddha, we learn about how he was deeply affected by the sadness of the world on his visit to the kingdom behind his charioteer and this made him to seek out transformation and the path of enlightenment. Then at the mere age of 35 years, he won over Mara and became the first Buddha or the enlightened one. The Buddhist followers attempt to achieve the same enlightenment during their lifetime and achieve the desired results.

Finding the best Bronze Buddha Statue

  • The sitting pose

In the sitting posture of the Bronze Buddha Statue, Buddha has his hands folded and face up. His eyes are either partially or fully closed and is in deep meditation. Therefore, such meditation Buddha must be placed at any quiet place of the home. This may be your prayer room or any other place where you sit down and meditate.

  • The blessing Buddha statue

You need to keep the blessing Bronze Buddha Statue facing the entrance of the home. This pose of Buddha is seated with one hand raised in blessings and signifies protection and shields you away from negativity and danger. This must be placed at the main entrance of the home to keep disruptive elements at bay.

  • Reclining Buddha

Your reclining Buddha statue must always face the West direction. The same is one of the most poignant ones that shows Buddha in his moments leading to Nirvana and thus putting an end to the cycle of birth and rebirth.

  • The meditative Buddha statue

If you seek inner beauty and peace, then the meditative pose of Buddha is the best one for you. Here Buddha is seen sitting in a calm and meditation pose that has hands on the lap. 

  • Calling the earth to witness

This pose of Buddha is most common and symbolic representation of Buddha attaining enlightenment. When Mara came to create fear in his mind, Buddha touched ground for Mother Earth to witness the enlightenment. Ideally, such must be placed at any place where sun rises and represents eternal knowledge.

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Buddhists believe that life is both endless and subject to impermanence. This helps to ward off suffering and uncertainty. This state of mind is called as tilakhana. These are also the three signs of existence. This existence phase is endless, and individuals are reincarnated again and again. They experience suffering throughout their lives. However, the state is neither good nor bad as if cannot last forever. Lord Buddha attained all this knowledge under a Bodhi tree. He is believed to have meditated and attained enlightenment. He also realized that there were many Buddhas before him and similar will be in the future.
After spending 49 days of his life under this Bodhi tree, he too became Buddha Gautama and attained enlightenment. By resisting the temptations of Mara, he was able to open the path of enlightenment and salvation.

Yes, Buddha statue can be kept at home, but care must be taken about the following aspects -
• The sitting posture of Buddha brings love and balances thought and tranquillity
• His standing pose symbolizes richness and happiness
• Getting a Buddha statue with a gold nugget or gives a gold nugget means good luck
• Buddha statue with a fan on the head shows enjoyment and fortune
• Buddha statue with gold block or hands in upright position signifies abundance in forms of riches and good luck.
• Buddha statue with a fan in one and bottle gourd in the other hand brings blessings and good luck
• Buddha statue with a golf bag on the back brings prosperity or one with bag and fan together shows protection against long journeys.

Most of the Feng shui tips focus on the use of laughing Buddha for wealth and prosperity. It is known to bring inauspicious energy, wealth, and blessings wherever it is kept. Therefore, all the Chinese restaurants keep a laughing Buddha statue for achieving wealth and prosperity.
There are various types of laughing Buddha i.e.

• Laughing Buddha and five children statue that symbolizes good fortune and positive energy
• Laughing Buddha and bowl that depicts his monk life and is intended for renunciation of material possessions and attaining enlightenment
• Laughing Buddha and fan statue is known to bring happiness and joy. The waving of his fan shows the banishment of sadness and troubles
• Laughing Buddha and his sack are symbolic of travel. He is known to gather sadness and woes and then take them away in his sack.

Laughing Buddha statue works best for all occasions. However, the Buddha statues and laughing Buddha are not the same. Therefore, if you wish to only bring in the statue of Lord Buddha then you need to invest in the sleeping or reclining pose. This helps to depict the last moments of the enlightened ones and the time Buddha was able to attain Nirvana and got freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

On the other hand, the statue does not induce gloom instead brings encouragement for internal peace and harmony. As a result, this form of Buddha must always pose towards the West to represent his attainment of Nirvana and it must recline to the right side. While purchasing the Buddha statue in any pose, it is best to understand the significance and the right position of the same to attain the best results.

It is important to understand that the followers of Buddhism do not acknowledge the presence of the supreme deity. Gautama Buddha is considered as the founder of Buddhism and is equated to being a learned man and the term Buddha also means enlightenment. Nowhere is Gautama Buddha equated to God. The path of enlightenment is attained by using mortality, wisdom, and meditation.

As a result, Buddhists attempt to reach the state of Nirvana and follow the path of Gautama Buddha in their quest to attain enlightenment. So, they believe that there is nothing permanent or fixed. Change is always possible and the path to attain enlightenment is possible only through practice and control. Moreover, they focus on the development of morality, wisdom, and meditation.

It is said that after fighting after Mara - an evil spirit that tempted him with worldly affairs and desires, prince Siddhartha reached the stage of enlightenment. This was when he turned into Buddha at the mere age of 35 years only. He then travelled to deer park Banaras and where he preached to his followers the first sermon. He also outlined the basic principles of Buddhism. He left the comfort of the home and this helped him to walk the path of higher learning.
In another case, it is said that Sidharth was sitting under the Bodhi tree and he became deeply involved in the meditation process. This reflected on the experience of life and determined to penetrate the truth. This helped him to transform into the Buddha and attain enlightenment.