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Radha Krishna Paintings

Hand Painted Pichwai Painting of ...

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Jhulan Yatra Radha Krishna Pichwa...

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Hand Painted 3 Meditating Jain Gu...

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Colourful Sreenathji Portrait Pai...

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Lord Krishna Pichwai Painting Fo...

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Rare Tribal Ganesha Painting With...

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Hand Painted Pichwai Painting Shr...

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Sreenathji Shringar Pichwai Paint...

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Hand Painted Pichwai Krishna Show...

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Srinathji Painting On Black Cloth...

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Pichwai Sreenathji Painting With ...

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Black Folk Nathwara Painting With...

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Pichwai Krishna Painting In Flora...

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Pichwai Painting Of Lord Krishna ...

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Pichwai Painting playing Holi Wit...

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Pichwai Painting Of Lord Krishna ...

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Srinathji Pichwai painting With C...

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Sreenathji Pichwai Painting In A ...

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Srinathji Painting On Black Backg...

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Radha Krishna Pichwai Painting wi...

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Radha Krishna Rajasthani Painting...

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Govardhan Parvat Leela

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Vasudev Ji crossing the Yamuna wi...

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Young Krishna Stealing Butter Wit...

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Lord Krishna Playing With His Gop...

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Lord Krishna with Kamdhenu

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Lord Krishna embracing Rukmini

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Lord Krishna playing Holi with th...

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Krishnagarh painting of Lord Kris...

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Vintage Painting Of Krishna Being...

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Radha Krishna Paintings

Step into a realm where the ethereal bond of Radha and Krishna comes to life through artistry. Our Radha Krishna Paintings collection is a testament to the enduring love between the divine couple. Here, you'll find a captivating array of artworks that capture the essence of this eternal love story in various forms – from traditional Radha Krishna paintings to modern interpretations.

Explore the depths of affection and devotion through our love of Radha Krishna paintings, discover the abstract beauty in Radha Krishna abstract paintings, and adorn your walls with the grandeur of Radha Krishna canvas paintings. Dive into a world where each brush stroke portrays the divine, and Radha Krishna's painting images evoke spiritual contemplation. Whether you're drawn to the intricate charm of Madhubani painting Radha Krishna or the timeless elegance of Lord Krishna paintings, our collection invites you to explore the richness of Radha Krishna's love through the art of the ages.

Explore the Types Of Radha Krishna's Paintings On Indianshelf

  • Traditional Radha Krishna Paintings
  • Contemporary Radha Krishna Art
  • Radha Krishna Miniature Paintings
  • Abstract Radha Krishna Art
  • Radha Krishna Canvas Paintings
  • Radha Krishna Madhubani Painting

Traditional Radha Krishna Paintings

These paintings exemplify classical styles, portraying Radha and Krishna in traditional clothing and settings.

Contemporary Radha Krishna Art

These artworks offer a fresh perspective with modern interpretations and contemporary depictions of the divine couple.

Radha Krishna Miniature Paintings

These exquisite Radha Krishna miniature paintings meticulously showcase intricate details and vibrant colors, capturing the essence of Radha and Krishna in a compact form.

Abstract Radha Krishna Art

These artworks adopt an abstract approach to represent the profound spiritual connection between Radha and Krishna, offering a unique perspective on their divine love.

Radha Krishna Canvas Paintings

These larger Radha Krishna canvas paintings command attention as striking focal points in your living spaces, showcasing the enduring love of Radha and Krishna in a grand and captivating manner.

Radha Krishna Madhubani Painting

Radha Krishna Madhubani paintings celebrate the ancient Indian folk art tradition. These vibrant creations depict the divine couple with intricate detailing characterized by bold lines and bright colors. Each Madhubani painting tells a unique story of Radha and Krishna's love, often inspired by mythology and folklore.

Krishna Pichwai Paintings

Krishna Pichwai paintings are a manifestation of devotion and artistic finesse. Originating from the Nathdwara in Rajasthan, these Pichwai paintings typically depict Lord Krishna in various leelas (divine acts) and postures. They are known for their intricate details, use of rich colors, and ornate designs. Krishna Pichwai paintings are not merely artworks but a visual expression of devotion and adoration for Lord Krishna.

Key Features of Radha Krishna Paintings

  • Spiritual Significance: Gain insight into the profound spiritual and cultural significance of Radha Krishna by perusing our detailed descriptions. We provide context and meaning behind each painting, allowing you to connect more deeply with the spiritual essence of Radha and Krishna's divine love.
  • Variety of Styles: Discover diverse artistic styles within our collection, catering to various aesthetic preferences. Whether you favor traditional representations or contemporary reinterpretations, our selection ensures you find the perfect Radha Krishna painting that resonates with your taste and complements your decor.
  • Quality Materials: We prioritize craftsmanship and durability. All our paintings are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, guaranteeing longevity and vibrant and true-to-life colors. You can trust that your chosen Radha Krishna artwork will retain its beauty and spiritual significance for years, making it a meaningful addition to your space.

Why Choose Radha Krishna Paintings

  • Spiritual Connection: Radha Krishna paintings infuse your home with a divine aura, creating a profound spiritual connection. The presence of these sacred depictions can inspire a deeper spiritual awareness and meditation, allowing you to connect with the divine love story of Radha and Krishna on a personal level.
  • Aesthetic Beauty: Beyond their spiritual significance, Radha Krishna paintings are captivating works of art that enhance the aesthetics of your decor. Their intricate details, vibrant colors, and graceful compositions elevate the visual appeal of any space. These paintings not only serve as symbols of devotion but also as exquisite decorative elements.
  • Gift of Devotion: Radha Krishna paintings make meaningful and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Gifting a Radha Krishna artwork symbolizes love, devotion, and blessings. It's a heartfelt way to convey your wishes for their spiritual well-being and to share the beauty of this divine love story with those you care about. Whether for weddings, birthdays, or other special occasions, these paintings carry a profound message of love and devotion that resonates with recipients.

Ideal For

  • Devotees of Radha and Krishna seeking to enhance their spiritual practice and decor :

If you are a dedicated follower of Radha and Krishna and wish to deepen your spiritual connection, Radha Krishna paintings are an ideal addition to your surroundings. They serve as reminders of your faith and elevate the ambiance of your sacred space, making it conducive to meditation and devotion.

  • Art Enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and symbolism of these divine paintings:
 Radha Krishna's paintings are spiritual artifacts and exquisite works of art. They are a perfect choice if you keenly appreciate artistic beauty and the profound symbolism embedded in these depictions. These paintings allow you to enjoy art's aesthetic and spiritual dimensions.

Radha Krishna's paintings are spiritual artifacts and exquisite works of art. They are a perfect choice if you keenly appreciate artistic beauty and the profound symbolism embedded in these depictions. These paintings allow you to enjoy art's aesthetic and spiritual dimensions.

  • Anyone looking to add a touch of spirituality and cultural richness to their living spaces: 

Even if you're not a devout follower or an art enthusiast, Radha Krishna paintings can enrich your living spaces with a sense of spirituality and cultural depth. They serve as conversation pieces and add a unique layer of meaning to your decor, making your home more than just a physical space but also a place of cultural richness and spiritual contemplation.

Radha Krishna Paintings: Their Importance in Your Home

We relax our bodies, refresh ourselves, and re-energize our minds - all at home. As a result, we may no longer want to decorate our homes with artworks that are too loud or too different from what we desire in life. Therefore, having to place up a serene portray that portrays love, sacrifice, and devotion, in line with the pinnacle artwork experts, constantly provides positivity to the environment.

We propose that you buy Radha Krishna artwork for your home. Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha's fascinating, magnificent, and electrifying incarnation is the perfect fit for your décor. Lord Krishna and Radha had an eternal love, as seen in the Krishna Radha paintings. Radha Krishna's love tale is frequently depicted as eternal and majestic, transcending all realms.

With time, their story spread around the world, teaching people about the divine unity of the Jivatma and Paramatma - the human and universal selves. The loving story of Radha Krishna is the supremely remarkable instance of the "ultimate emanation of divine vibrations." It's no surprise that they're the ultimate blessing for any celebration to bring positive energy into your home.

How to Restore and Clean Radha Krishna Paintings

Paintings are essential to home decor because they make rooms more aesthetically pleasing and elegant. They can act as focal points and impact the overall ambiance of the space. Moreover, Paintings add to the character and detailing of the house through vibrant landscapes or thought-provoking abstracts.

Though with time, paintings may lose their features and vibrancy if not taken care of properly, by following specific guidelines, we can improve the longevity and aura of a portrait.

Radha Krishna Painting Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Avoid placing the Radha Krishna painting in areas with much smoke or pollution because these substances can build up on the surface over time.
  • A soft, clean, and dry brush, such as a soft-bristle or clean makeup brush, should be gently and frequently used to dust the Radha Krishna painting.
  • Handle Radha Krishna paintings with clean hands to avoid transferring oils and dirt to the painting's surface, or wear sterile cotton gloves.
  • Keep the Radha Krishna painting away from harsh sunlight, high humidity, and sudden temperature changes.
  • Use a sturdy frame that offers the painting the proper support and protection.
  • To prevent paint damage, keep the humidity level in the display area stable.
  • Never use household cleaning products, strong solvents, or abrasive materials on a painting because they can harm the paint and varnish layers.

Radha Krishna Painting Restoration

Start by thoroughly inspecting and evaluating damages such as cracks, discoloration, and flaking in Lord Krishna painting.

Next, use soft solvents and swabs to remove accumulated dirt and grime carefully. Use reversible methods to patch rips and holes, adding fresh paint if necessary.

Ensure the tools and methods you use are compatible with the painting.

Retouch faded areas by carefully blending and precisely matching colors. Apply a shielding varnish as a final step to protect the repaired layers.

To maintain the tone and authenticity of the artwork, you must have the expertise, persevere, and adhere to art standards.


Radha Krishna statues and images should be kept in the bedroom, according to Indian Vastu experts. Radha Krishna paintings, statues, or portraits, it is said, would generate a loving atmosphere between the married pair.

Place Radha Krishna's statue at the NorthEast corner, facing East to West or West to East. However, you must also evaluate the surrounding rooms. It should never be placed in a bathroom or bedroom.

In a huge shallow vessel, place a Radha Krishna Murti or picture in the center of the altar. Set up a puja dish with sprinkled water, kumkum powder, sandalwood paste, incense, an aarti light, and flowers. Make another dish with sattvic meals and fruit, water, and more flowers.

Radha Krishna paintings in the form of a statue give us benefits and wealth, peace, and pleasure. Radha-Krishna symbolizes love, affection, friendship, peace, compassion, and religious deities. Their grace will eliminate obstructions from your path and give you the inner fortitude to face daily problems with hope.

Having a Radha Krishna Pictures in one's bedroom or living room is fortunate. Because Radha and Lord Krishna are both incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, respectively. Radha Krishna's bedroom painting is considered one of the greatest and most wealthy living room paintings.

Krishna is recognized as the deity of love, fortune, and prosperity in Hinduism. Bringing a Krishna statue into your home invites all the positive omens he provides. Radha Krishna Marble Murti greatly enhances a newly married couple's new life experience. This exquisite pair creates a love tune that inspires other couples.

Radha Krishna or Gopika's paintings are ideal housewarming presents since they reflect the beginning of a new adventure while respecting the divine at home.
A picture of Radha and Krishna, symbolizing the spiritual tie between two souls, is an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony to offer passionate wishes for a strong partnership.

Radha Krishna paintings or pictures can be hung on the walls of the living room and bedrooms, according to Vastu. Your space's northeast direction is the finest location to hang the artwork. It is an excellent location for hanging artwork of any deity.

The Radha Krishna paintings depict Lord Krishna and Radha's everlasting love. Radha Krishna's love tale is frequently regarded as everlasting and grand, beyond every area of existence. Radha Krishna paintings represent a particular tie of oneness; having them in your house adds hope and creates an environment of peace and love.

Yes. A Radha Krishna picture can be displayed in the bedroom or hung on the wall. If the image is in the room of a married couple, it might strengthen their love and harmony. Choose an artwork that depicts pure love and peace between Radha and Krishna. A Radha Krishna picture or portrait might be displayed in your home's living room. You might maintain an idol of Lord Krishna as a good power symbol. Keeping a picture is frequently seen as auspicious and valuable to the people there.

Radha Krishna paintings, which show the amorous life of a mortal woman and a divinity, have been collected by art collectors over the years. For many people, the artworks have become a part of their home decor. But where should they be hung? Vastu recommends displaying Krishna paintings or photographs in the living room and bedrooms. The northeast corner of your space is the finest direction to hang the paintings. Paintings of any deity should be hung in this direction. You might also display the artwork in the puja room or the mandir. Radha Krishna paintings should be displayed inside the home to attract positive vibes and fill it with joy and peace.
In general, we hang artwork in our homes to give it a more lavish and holy vibe. Many individuals choose Ganesha paintings, Lord Krishna's paintings in the bedroom, and other types of paintings- since each has its significance. Since Radha and Krishna shared a special tie of eternal love and togetherness, Radha Krishna's paintings are very frequent in the bedroom. By producing a serene and loving aura, even a single Radha Krishna Painting can instill optimism in your actions and thoughts. When you're in love, you want to spend as much time as possible with your spouse in the most: peaceful and happy environment possible, and Radha Krishna paintings can help you achieve that goal! Paintings of other deities are not optimistic in the bedroom because they have no lasting effect on your personal life. However, Radha Krishna's paintings can strengthen your love for your companion. Even if you are single, having Radha Krishna's art in your bedroom will help you find a good life partner. Apart from the bedroom, Vastu experts recommend that you hang Krishna Radha paintings on the wall opposite the main room's entrance to keep tensions at bay.
Whatever we hang on our walls is for our eyes to see and our minds to absorb; it is there to help us relax and enjoy our lives. It is no longer a good idea to keep a dragon painting in your bedroom since it is unpleasant for both eyes and mind. Putting up enthusiastic and magnificent artworks of Radha Krishna, on the other hand, is supposed to raise your soul as well as spread religiosity.

Radha Krishna artwork is famous in current artwork for depicting an infinite love connection among an everlasting being and his adoring mortal. The subtle sensitivity of poems, the relentless- intellect of science, and the expression of audiences- who are fascinated by - the realm of spirituality are all represented in Radha Krishna paintings.
Krishna's wreaths and flowers all over his neck, in addition to his blue and yellow clothing, be regarded as more than just a divinity. The colour blue represents the planet Earth, its lovely green nature, and the ocean's infinite depths. Yellow is a colour that conveys love and admiration for nature and what it represents to humanity. It also portrays fire and the soil (mud and silica), both of which have a mesmerising golden and brown colour to them.

Radha Krishna paintings are tangible artifacts that reflect- spiritual aspects and energies in your home, as well as create positivism and devotion in the life of the owner and their dear ones. Paintings are also acknowledged; for harnessing high- levels of energy in your home and acting as a guiding force toward love and peacefulness. If hung in the northeast direction of your home, Radha Krishan paintings with different matters and postures are said to have auras that impact your residence positively. Lord Krishna painting can be hung or placed in your home to bring a symbol of good luck into the atmosphere.

Keeping Ganesha's artwork on display can bring desired prosperity to any new business. Likewise, having Lord Buddha artwork in the home helps to lessen negativity. So as per the facts present, if you are a newlywed and put up Krishna Radha paintings in your home, it is said that it will bring you a lot of good luck in your marital relationship.
It looks that hanging Radha Krishna paintings in your living room or bedroom is ideal. Because Radha and Lord Krishna are both incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, it is regarded as one of the best living room paintings and prosperous. Their unwavering love and determination for every other have enlightened humanity with respect to the authentic definition of love for millennia. As a result, hanging a painting of Radha Krishna's love in a couple's bedroom would be extremely- auspicious. Also, according to Vastu Shastra, hanging Krishna paintings in the bedroom increases the couple's love and heals any marital discords. It can also bring you an ideal and loving lifemate if you are an unmarried woman or men.