White Etched Ceramic Knob-29

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Red Etched Ceramic Knob-04

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White Etched Ceramic Knob-01

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White Striped Knob

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White Black Etched Knob

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Orange Black Etched Knob

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Red Etched Round Knob

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Green Black Etched Knob

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Red Etched Melon Knob

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Turquoise Etched Ceramic Knob-33

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Ceramic Etched Knobs

Texture is the sign of life. Texture offers the animation and movement essential for a piece of art to come alive. In this variety, Indianshelf brings together some finely etched ceramic knobs which are meant to offer amazing textures to your collection of decorative knobs and home accessories.

Etching is a delicate process. Not too much not too less. And just the perfect proportion of duration and artistry is required. The process of etching has its origins in printmaking. In the early stages, it was carried out by using iron plates and acidic solutions to turn out the decorative prints. These etched prints were then adorned with colours and motifs.

Skipping forward, these days, metalworkers have a whole lot of metal plates to use including the ones made of copper, zinc and steel. In addition to acid, the other materials used are polymer liquids, powdered rosin, enamel sprays and even water.

This selection of etched knobs follows these cutting edge techniques of metal craft, good quality ceramic materials and traditional artistry of metalworkers round the country. Bubbles are dissolved away so that the fusion of metal, ceramic powders and colours appear smooth and stay longer lasting.

The metal plates used are dipped in the solution for appropriate amount of time to deepen the engravings of the motifs. Each knob has been veneered with details, texture & tone pressed into the soft glassy surface of ceramic materials. Decorative spindle faceplates come with spokes running around the central bolt in a range of antique finishes.

Choose from plenty of designs including geometric patterns, florals and plainly coloured etched knobs. While the etchings of patterns offer a contrasting colour to the ceramic surface, the colourful etched florals give the illusion of textured spray paint. The colour options are endless.

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