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White Hammer Stone Dresser Knobs

  • ₹ 250.00
  • 235 In Stock

Round Green Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 100 In Stock

Round Red Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 172 In Stock

Round Yellow Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 111 In Stock

Taupe Marble Wooden Dresser Knobs

  • ₹ 200.00
  • 397 In Stock

White Marble Wooden Dresser Knobs

  • ₹ 200.00
  • 719 In Stock

Step Up Your Home Décor With High-Quality Stone Knobs

Stone Knobs:- Looking forward to accessorising your new home or replacing the old ones with new, chic ones? In both the cases, you can check out home hardware accessories that are surely going to be a knockout addition to your home décor goals. Believe us if we tell you that as soon as your guests knock at your door, they cannot help but feel glued to the super-attractive stone knobs that will add subtle charm to your main entry. With an extensive range of knobs and handles available with us, you are surely going to be spoiled for choice.

Multiple Choices

Depending on overall theme of your home décor, you can choose from among multiple knob options available with us. Make your main entry door more attractive and appealing with choice of door knobs available with us. Our range is quite charming and enticing, in perfect sync with your home décor goals. Being one of the leading and premium brands in home accessories and hardware accessories, Indianshelf always ensure providing you with something that is unique and ultimate in looks and functionality.

Epitome of Elegance

When looking for elegant hardware knobs, you will notice that the knobs are excellent in looks but at the same time high in functionality. Once installed, it is going to serve you over the years. Thus, when you invest in these classy accessories, you are invest in value for money accessories for your home that will continue to serve you for a long time. Moreover, these door knobs are evergreen in looks and stay trendy and fashionable. You might get bored looking at them every day but they will not ditch you with shoddy looks or poor functionality ever!

Focal Point

When home owners build their dream home, they focus on a lot of things. Select classy and stylish white stone knobs that will give a touch of opulence to your humble abode. Your guests will not be able to control themselves and ask you all about where you buy these door knobs from. It will create a focal point adding a classy touch to your home décor.

‘Open Sesame’

Whenever you will turn this door knob to open the door, you will feel a sense of excitement coursing through your veins. You can go ahead and give a pat on your back about your amazing choice. Surely, you will get a lot of compliments from anyone who gives as much a glance to these hardware knobs. Witness the grandiose of your door every time you mumble to yourself, ‘open sesame’ and enjoy the gleam of excitement. The design of these door knobs is such that it gels well with a modern and contemporary home as well as traditional homes. You can never go wrong with these accessories. We being your favourite shopping platform for your home décor needs, visit us any time and keep looking for new additions in our already comprehensive list of options.

You can go for brass, stone, or any other material door knob depending on overall theme of your home decoration. If looking for an antique vibe, go for brass door knob and create an authentic look.

Besides offering you an eclectic collection of door knobs, we ensure that the best-quality accessories are also available to you at very affordable prices. Check out our range and you will surely be spoiled for choices.

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