Clear Big Glass Drawer Knobs

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Green Big Glass Drawer Knobs

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Big Glass Knobs

Did you know that glass knobs, in the past were a thing popular as mansion-ware? What that means is that in the past, the Victorian style glass knobs were used primarily in the mansions of the wealthy and rich. However, with years passing by, the trend of glass knobs and handles is becoming more common among craft persons and householders alike.

This variety of Indianshelf’s glass knobs features globe shaped knobs made in classic sandblasted glass.

The frosted look of these door knobs added to their silver finished spindle gives them a unique ethereal feel, a sophisticated luxury which is hard to match.

While offering a smooth plasticised texture and a blurry pastel appeal, these knobs are great if you’re looking to add a collected look to your home or office.

Besides this, the sandblasted glass flakes offer anti-corrosion properties due to which these knobs usually have a long life.

Available in white and green colours, these glass knobs will also look fabulous when used in decorative purposes in the form of towel hooks, chain hooks and bauble holders.

Also take a sneak peek at another beautiful glass knob variety that is, crystal knobs.