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Brass incense holder is used for holding incense stick also known as agarbatti in Hindi language. Brass is used for making it because of durability and the weight it has to hold multiple no. of incense stick. Incense stick are burnt to get smoke with fragrance in the worshiping area and to make those incense stick stand you need a brass incense holder. In incense holder you will see multiple holes on its top these holes are used for holding the wooden tail end of incense stick.

It is said that the human mind takes up the positive energy and enthusiasm from its environment, and lighting up incense brings euphoric fragrance and channelizes the constructive forces. To adequately hold up the incense sticks and ensure their unobtrusive burning, you need to get an incense holder like the Brass Incense Holder from our store. 

Use Of Incense Holders 

There is a range of incense sticks, fragrances, etc., but also an equally large number of incense holders. One can easily get the iron or wooden planks from the local flea markets that may hold up the stick but do not add any value to your home decor. You can also get a glass, ceramic, stone, and Brass Incense Holder, etc. The minimalist-designed ones hold multiple sticks and either upright or at 45 degrees. 

An incense holder must be designed in a way that helps to burn all the sticks, contain the incense and its hot ash. Thus, using the right incense holders means that you have the best designs that fit your home decor ideas and, at the same time, help to burn these sticks effectively. You get the euphoric energy and fragrance within a far better and long-lasting space than the best room fragrance. 

These holders are bought to light up the desired sticks and be collected and displayed as a coveted household decor item. It makes the high-end designer holders a functional and sophisticated art piece that livens up the living spaces. We try to curate the best incense holders that act as an interesting conversation starter and piece of home decor when placed on your desk or mantle. 

Why choose a Brass Incense Holder?

Even though there are pros and cons of using each of the materials, Brass Incense Holder tops the chart in our list of the best incense holders due to its excellent design, appearance, and charm. Other variants like wood and aluminum also have a unique appeal and character, yet these dull compared to the brass ones' designs and styles. 

Since the brass is made from a combination of zinc and copper, it finds usage as one of the leading home decorative objects, and when used in the form of the incense holder, you can achieve a beautiful and beautiful product long-lasting. Thus, investing in the handmade version of the Brass Incense Holder means that you are buying a beautiful work of art that drives attention to your mantel and home. 

That's not all. These can be placed anywhere in the house like - bedrooms, living room, study, etc., and these will perfectly blend in the selected room. It would help if you topped the same with the right number of sticks and fragrance variants depending on your mood to attain the best results. If you wish to attain a lingering and light fragrance, use a stick on the holder, and if you wish for a stronger one, you can use more than two to achieve the desired results.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Brass Incense Holder

Like its base metals, brass holders are susceptible to tarnish after extended use. However, the cleaning and maintenance of these items are easy and affordable. You can opt for any of the below mentioned alternatives to clean these incense holders at your home without damaging the beauty of the same -

  • Use a magnet to determine if your incense holder is made from brass. If the same sticks to the surface, then chances are that you have a Brass plated Incense Holder. It is recommended to use mild detergent along with water to clean these up. Anything more than that will damage the plating of the product.
  • For authentic Brass Incense Holder bought from our website, you can use a damp cloth to clean the exterior, especially if a lot of ash is not sticking to the surface.
  • For extremely dirty holders, it is recommended to submerge these in warm soapy water and wipe clean using a soft cotton cloth. You can use an old toothbrush to get rid of extremely dirty areas.
  • You can also opt for one teaspoon salt combined with 1 ½ cup of vinegar and flour to create a paste and then use it on the holders. Leave the same on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  • Lemon juice is another effective way to bring back shine on your holder. When done- buff dry!

So, buy a nice quality brass incense holder and add an aesthetic-pleasing look to your home.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Brass Incense Holder