Brass Duck Framed Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 234.00₹ 260.00
  • 130 In Stock

Brass Star Framed Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 234.00₹ 260.00
  • 132 In Stock

Brass Squirrel Framed Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 234.00₹ 260.00
  • 170 In Stock

Brass Sea Shell Framed Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 234.00₹ 260.00
  • 117 In Stock

Brass Deer Framed Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 234.00₹ 260.00
  • 152 In Stock

Laughing Buddha Brass Wall Hook

  • ₹ 247.50₹ 275.00
  • 36 In Stock

Golden Floral And Leaf Wall Brass Decorative Hook

  • ₹ 216.00₹ 240.00
  • 293 In Stock

Brass Giraffe Head Single Wall Hook

  • ₹ 504.00₹ 560.00
  • 35 In Stock

Golden Sunflower Wall Brass Decorative Hook

  • ₹ 216.00₹ 240.00
  • 490 In Stock

Golden Round Floral Wall Brass Decorative Hook

  • ₹ 216.00₹ 240.00
  • 287 In Stock

Black Floral And Heart Pattern Iron Hook

  • ₹ 108.00₹ 120.00
  • 280 In Stock

Golden Brass Sun Single Wall Hooks

  • ₹ 247.50₹ 275.00
  • 75 In Stock

Bronze Tribal Face Hooks

  • ₹ 297.00₹ 330.00
  • 47 In Stock

Bronze Tribal Ganesha 2 Hooked Hooks

  • ₹ 495.00₹ 550.00
  • 20 In Stock

Silver Big Feather Iron Hook

  • ₹ 148.50₹ 165.00
  • 396 In Stock

Antique Big Feather Iron Hook

  • ₹ 148.50₹ 165.00
  • 647 In Stock

Green Big Feather Iron Hook

  • ₹ 148.50₹ 165.00
  • 59 In Stock

Handcrafted Golden Bronze Three Cobra Wall Hooks

  • ₹ 495.00₹ 550.00
  • 31 In Stock

Why choose to invest in key holders for your home decor plans?

If you are looking for a key holder to transform your wall appeal while adding to the overall functionality then you can choose from numerous designs available online to amp up your spaces. With options available in metal, ceramic, plastics, etc. finding the best one that fits your requirements is important.

Depending on your budget, you can choose nature-inspired motifs in key holders for your home while you can opt for decorative accents for office decor. These holders can be fixed using nails or adhesive tape to hold the weight of your selected items.

If you plan on using the key holder to hang heavy key sets then it is important to opt for brass or iron variants to attain the best results. Similarly, if you wish your holder to be discreet, choose a small-sized one. Opt for larger and intricate patterns when you wish to bring a specific appeal or style to the area.

Why choose a unique key holder for the wall?

The main aim of choosing the key holder for walls is often to organize and store keys safely in a designated area. This ensures that it is easy to find keys within eyesight.

These key holders have been used for a long time for their functionality and sometimes these may stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the entire appeal of your room. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to invest in only high-quality materials and intricate patterns to ensure that the final version adds to the beauty of your home.

When selected after careful selection, these key holders can be an exciting addition to your home. You can even gift them to your customers as promotional items - making it a strong arsenal for the marketing team.

How does a modern key holder for the wall help in DIY home decor plans?

Once you have a clear understanding of the home decor theme or DIY project, you can choose from extensive key holder designs to upgrade your home. By investing in fine quality offerings, you further ensure that you capture the attention of all the guests. These make for great conversation starters and return gifts for your parties. You can easily garner praises for your unique style and eye for detail.

How to find the best key holder designs online?

You can choose to invest in the best key holder designs, especially the ones like -

  • Brass duck framed hook design
  • Brass star framed design
  • Squirrel shaped hook design
  • Sea-shell inspired design
  • Deer shaped design
  • Ceramic key holder inspired by nature
  • Square ceramic key holders with a bird's design
  • Golden and silver leaf-inspired designs
  • Laughing Buddha key holder
  • Brass holders in the shape of Sun
  • Leaf inspired metal holders
  • Cobra motifs
  • Ganesha holders

Some of such unique designs and styles of key holders are available on the Indianshelf website that can be used for upgrading your home improvement needs or sending as gifts at housewarming events.

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