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Meditation Bowls


Tibetan singing bowls have an ancient existence way too back and even beyond your imagination! Singing bowls create an energetic sensation in your entire body and act as a powerful healing tool for your mind and soul.  They enrich a relaxation state in your mind which is impossible to find in this hectic and monotonous life.

These Buddha bowls have been encrypted during 560-480 B.C., in the glorious era of Lord Buddha.  They are prototypical assistance to meditation and peace of mind. Singing bowl therapy is used in almost every Buddhist temples, meditation halls and monasteries for a very long time.  They create a healing process which is similar to listening to soothing music. The positive vibes generated by them enriches even the smallest of the cell in your body. The beautiful resonance of the Tibetan bowls creates a perfect synchronisation of the waves of the brain.

Other than the use of the bowls for meditation, singing bowl awakens Reiki, a state of deep relaxation, mind harmonisation and stress reduction. But the most important thing that I have experienced personally is that the same bowl creates different sound depending on your mood and mental state. Till now, singing bowl therapy has been proven the best and is an ace over all the allopathic, ayurvedic or any such relaxation treatment.

I think I have elaborated enough about the bowls and now I feel giving you guys a few tips on how to play Tibetan singing bowls because frankly speaking it is comparatively not that easy as other musical instruments. You first need to hold the container on your palm or your fingers, depending upon the size of the bowl. Next comes the most tricky and important part, i.e. how to hold the stick. Holding the stick is similar to holding a pen just keeping the position of the palm down and fingers pointing downwards, touching the stick. The last and the final step is all you need with even pressure, move your full arm, holding the stick in a clockwise direction inside the rim of the bowl, and you're done with the therapy!

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Meditation bowls can produce circular motion against the outside belly of the bowl. These can be used by simply striking the bowl before starting with the circular motion. Due to their extensive range of benefits for human health, these are used along with yoga and meditation practices for the best results.
Many people claim that the vibration of these bowls can have a relaxing effect on them. The scientists have found that these bowls produce an effect like the alpha waves of the brain that helps you to relax. These also help to harmonize the cells, balance the body, energy systems, etc. It is also stated that these can stimulate the immune system function.

Tibetan singing bowls also called as the meditation bowls are a type of bell that vibrates and then gives a deep, rich and vibrant tone. These are known for their effect on the human body in terms of promoting relaxation, healing and spiritual properties.
The Buddhist monks have been long aware of the use of such bowls in terms of meditation and prayer. These are known to promote the following benefits -
• Promote a sense of deep relaxation
• Reducing the stress and anxiety levels
• Chakra balancing
• Improve circulation, blood flow and relaxing
• Aiding the immune system function

Besides their use as a part of the traditional meditation therapy, these meditation bowls are used for relaxation, muscle regeneration, pain relief, headache and migraine issues, shoulder and joint pains, issues related to sciatica and digestive health. It also helps to release the issues related to spinal injuries, improves circulation, releases tension and other major issues that can arise from stress.
For the best results, begin playing the singing bowl by striking it with a mallet. This can be done three times in one go or by simply rubbing the mallet around the rim region to create the effect that is like the Chakra Healing.

Scientific research and studies have proven that singing bowls can produce specific waves when used in the right way. When the bowls are recorded, these can emulate the natural alpha waves produced by the brain. This in turn helps you to relax and unwind easily and this promotes healing. Buying these from a high-quality store is important to achieve the best results and outcomes in form of resonant sounds.
These singing bowls can be easily purchased online especially at affordable prices at an online store. You can also buy these from the special meditation centres, yoga studios, shops and specific stores especially the ones that specialise in new age products.

Tibetan singing bowls are a type of bell that vibrates and then produces a rich, deep and clear tone when played. It is called as the singing bowls, Himalayan bowl, Tibetan bowl, etc. It helps promote relaxation and helps in a powerful combination of healing and spiritual wellness.
Some people opt to use these bowls in combination with the combination of practices like meditation, healing and deep breathing. Using the sound created by these bowls, you can press the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowl, its outside edge or even rim. When you hear a clear bright tone, you can stop.