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South Indian Urli, big

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Brass Flattened Rim Urli Bowl

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Handmade Brass Urli - 20 Inches

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Bronze Urli- 24 inches

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Bronze Urli - 19.5 Inches

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Hand Etched Black Brass Urli

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Black Brass Small Bowl Or Urli

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Heavy Brass Urli for Home Decor

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Bronze Urli - 26 Inches

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Bronze Urli - 23 Inches

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Buy Urli Online From IndianShelf

Urli are statement pieces that have been part of Indian Culture and heritage. These pieces are used as utensils for worshipping, cooking, serving and as a showpieces. Nowadays, they are mainly used as a decoration in homes or entryways. Moreover, they create a peaceful aura with the help of flowers and the serenity of the water contained in them.

Though making urli requires fine artistry and detailing to create a masterpiece. The genuine and authentic Urli also need a fine eye for art, and you can look on our website to check out the exclusive collection of Urli.

History of Urli

Urli or South Indian Urli was initially used as utensils for pooja, cooking and other functions in South India, mainly Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Urli's varying sizes were also used as a containers to make medicine in Ayurveda. Furthermore, Urli for cooking is also used in southern India to cook a feast during the celebration, commonly known as “Varpul”. Overall, we can say that Ceremonial Urli has been part of Indian history and celebrations.

Types of Urli

Urli can be differentiated based on their material of manufacture, usually are -

Clay Urli

This handmade Urli, as the name suggests, is made of clay. These Urlis are made from refined clay clear from small boulders and stone. Additionally, they are easy to mould to give various designs and structures. Post their making, they can also be decorated to provide an artistic and aesthetic touch.

Brass Urli

Brass urli are evergreen decoration pieces with a refined texture and detailed motifs. Brass flower Urlis vary in size from small to medium and are also available in giant sizes. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and take care of.

Bronze Urli

Bronze Urli are royal and lavish decorative items known for their luxurious texture and designs. The design and structure of these Urlis vary from plain to intricate motifs. Additionally, placing them in houses gives a rich and royal vibe instantly.

Significance and Uses Of Urli

The arrangement and placement of water and flowers in brass Urli for religious purposes hold an aura of piousness and purity that can build a positive and magical vibe around the space. Thus, Urli has a significant place in Indian cultural households.

Here are some of the uses of Urli.

  • Urli can be used significantly in pooja-path and celebrations.
  • Urli with a stand as a decorative piece can be excellent home decorations for an uplifting and visually appealing aura at the house's entrance.
  • According to Vastu, the placement of Urli brings positivity and peace to the house.
  • For hotels, resorts, weddings, house warmings, functions and similar industries, Urli placed at the entrance can be welcoming for people and guests.
  • These utensils are part of celebrations in Tamil Nadu and Malayalam New Year Vishu.
  • Urli can be filled with water, flowers, floating diyas and candles during the celebration of Diwali and other festivals.
  • Water used in Urli is known to remove negativity from the house and induce peace and tranquillity.

Overall, Urli can calm the eyes and mind while helping reduce anxiety and stress.

Direction and Placement of Urli

Urli can be placed at various locations in the house -

  • Urli on the right side of the house's main entrance for a lavish look is suitable.
  • This home decor piece can be a focal point for the living and guest room. You can place a vintage brass urli at the centre or southeast corner of the room.
  • Keeping Urli near or in front of pooja ghar is always advisable and peaceful.
  • A small-sized Brass Urli can be placed on tables and balconies.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Urli

Though the Urli bowl is easy to maintain and clean, here are some steps and precautions to be followed while cleaning the Urli pot -

  • Antique brass urli can be dusted regularly to maintain its shine and glory.
  • The brass urli bowl should be cleaned with water, and harsh chemicals should be prevented when cleaning.
  • Brass Urli decoration should be maintained by regularly changing water and flowers to maintain hygiene.
  • Urli bowls for cooking should be washed like normal kitchen utensils.
  • Large brass urli bowls and small urli should be treated and cleaned differently; you can dust off big urli bowls and clean small urli with fresh water.
  • Brass Urli can also be washed with the help of lime juice extracted from fresh lime, applied gently with clothes, and finally rinsed with water.
  • Mixing salt, vinegar, and water is also an easy way to clean the brass urli.

All-in-all, traditional Urlis are a stunning way to incorporate beauty, grace and calmness into your house. So, do not refrain from buying Urli, available online at IndianShelf.


"Urli" is a traditional Indian water vessel or a shallow bowl-like pot used for decoration. It is frequently installed in homes and courtyards, filled with water and decorated with flowers or floating candles.

As per Vastu Water, features in Urli enhance energy flow inside a place positively. They can improve the atmosphere by bringing peace and plenty, as water represents riches, prosperity, and purification in many cultures.

The urli bowl is significant in Indian culture and aesthetics. It represents beauty, elegance, and tranquillity. A urli bowl in a home or space promotes harmony and attracts positive energy. It creates a centrepiece of visual appeal and calms when filled with water, flowers, or floating candles. The urli bowl is also linked to traditional rites and celebrations, where it is used to offer flowers or perform religious ceremonies. It symbolises a link to Indian heritage and artistry, reminding individuals of their cultural background and conserving past artistic traditions.

The urli bowl originated in ancient Indian culture. It is thought to have originated in Kerala, a southern state famed for its rich historical and cultural traditions. In Kerala, where it was traditionally used as a decorative object during festivals and special events, the urli bowl has considerable historical and cultural value. The bowl's design and craftsmanship highlight the region's outstanding metalworking and pottery methods. The urli bowl's popularity extended to other parts of India over time, and it is today a well-recognised and unique decorative item in Indian homes and cultural occasions.

A shallow bowl with a round or oval shape known as a urli is made from clay, brass, bronze, or other materials. It is frequently used as decoration in Indian homes. Urli bowls are commonly decorated with floating candles or flowers and filled with water to create a visually appealing decoration. They are typically positioned in entranceways, courtyards, or inside areas to enhance the environment with elegance and serenity. Indian home design is thought to include classic urli bowls.