Brass Horse Statue With Black Finish

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Brass Horse Animal Door Handle

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Floral D Pull Iron Handle

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Brass Dagger Door Handle With Green patina

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Metal handles

Long before the origins of metalwork, metals were mainly used for the purposes of jewellery, lanterns, latches, hinges, hooks and utensils. It was only during the early Medieval period that the metalwork started to come in light. Iron was the first few of them used with the polish of golden and silver.

The doors of the forts and royal mansions would be carved with elaborate ornamented locks, often decorated with jewels and enamel. The jewellery cabinets of women would be decorated with ornate metal hardware such as rosettes. By the end of the English era, iron was the most used metal from thumb-latch designs to decorative hardware.

Post 19th century, followed by the invention of processes like brazing and soldering, bronze, a metal alloy started to take flight in the hardware market along with its cousin, brass. During this period, both bronze and brass became popular choices for metallic trimworks, ornate style cabinet hardware, door rose plates and hinge leaves.

Carrying forward the tradition of historic metalwork and blending it with delicate old age artistry, Indianshelf brings this stunning collection of metal handles in iron, bronze and brass. These little beauties are magnificent depictions of the epic metal craft and perfection in ornate design. Choose from a wide variety of styles. From sculptured animals like elephants, fish and peacock to the traditional Indian scriptural symbols such as serpentines, dragons, rosettes and mudras, to the figurines of folk art styles like dhokra, tuskar and tribal - you name it, it is here.

In addition to being sturdy and durable, these metal handles are considerably tarnish resistant, especially the ones made of brass or bronze. Ideal for cupboards, cabinets, doors and drawers, these handles are available in a variety of finishes including muted yellow, golden brown, antique golden, turquoise, white, black and plenty of others.

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