Choosing the Vintage Samovar as the perfect choice for your home improvement and decor

One of the most authentic additions that can be made to your home is the stylish kettle that traces its origin to Russia. The samovar is a tea kettle that is a part of Kashmiri households and is used to brew the famous concoction called Noon Chai or salty tea. It is created using brass or copper and using the traditional craftsmanship of the Kashmir area. As a result, you get a design that combines both tradition and style.

All you need to know about Vintage Samovar

When you decide to bring a Vintage Samovar to your home, you are not merely bringing in an average home decor element but an extensive range of traditional wisdom and culture to your home. Since samovar is a common household item in Kashmir, the same is tastefully furnished by the master craftsmen of the area by taking inspiration from local flora and fauna. Since it uses copper or brass as its base, it is a long-lasting accessory that will bring sophistication, style, and elegance to your living room spaces.

With the Vintage Samovar, you can expect motifs like gorgeous Chinar leaf or local animals that bring a unique appeal to your home, making it a grand home decor idea. These intricate patterns and carvings are a true testament to the creativity and imagination of the local craftsmen and artisans. So when you decide to invest in a samovar, you can instantly enhance your home decor with this royal addition.

Also, the traditional artwork of the area uses high-quality copperware and brass additions. The Vintage Samovar is a true epitome of the beauty of the area. As a result, when you invest in these products, you bring a piece of the region that is touted as heaven on Earth. Even if you cannot visit the streets of Shehar-e-Khas to buy these gleaming yet large samovars, you can choose equally glamourous pieces curated by our store.

Since we carry authentic pieces of these vintage beauties, these can help you get all the guests' attention even if you wish to flaunt a contemporary decor style. Add these handcrafted pieces of traditional artwork to bring alive your dull spaces. Surely, this difficult to procure copperware (called Traam) will bring a hint of royalty to your spaces.

Using a Vintage Samovar to the home decor ideas

With its mesmerizing beauty, and copper bronze hue, the Vintage Samovar casts on a spell of grandeur to your home. Even if you believe that adding them to your home spaces is too much, then you can use them in the kitchen to create an authentic yet mesmerizing appeal. The master craftsmen being heritage-inspired motifs that instantly make the room appear king-size and adds a specific grandeur to the area.

Even if you visit the Shehar-e-Khas or even the old markets of Zaina Kadal to buy these gleaming yet glorious artwork, you cannot match those with our store's offerings. Although we do not carry extremely large variants of this vintage teapot yet, we offer truly authentic vintage variants that can be used along with our vintage trays to amp up your home. You will be surprised to see how easily these blend into your home and bring grandeur to your room.

Hence, besides being beautifully designed and developed, the Vintage Samovar is a part of the culture of the valley. It is also considered to be a must-have product for a young bride. In Kashmir, the bride can fill these with almonds and then with a layer of other dry fruits. As a result, the samovars that form a part of the wedding trousseau are labouriously crafted and are stunning. You can take a leaf from the above and gift this to your friend or family member who is getting married. Surely, they will cherish your good wishes with them for the years to come.

The samovars are also expensive as they are very difficult to design and engrave. To give a good finish to a samovar, it takes around ten days for the craftsmen to weave their magic. The technique is called Naqashi, and the more intricate the same, the expensive the piece. You can opt between stylish, geometric, floral, or Chinar designs. Some of these may use silver to cover the intricate details and are then oxidized to give a rustic appeal. Many people believe that tea is incomplete without making it in the samovar, and you too can try the noon chai recipe to attain the best results.