We humans have always admired and cherished human skills, arts and craftsmanship. We at Indianshelf ponder that every human has an artistic and creative side to him. If you are nodding at this thought of ours and want to fly with your wings of creativity, we have a decorative item that will help you on the journey of craftsmanship, and the piece is - BEADS. Beads, since ancient ages, have always been part of human evolution, culture and rituals. Nowadays, they have a more refined texture, colour and finish. There are several types of beads, like Glass beads and Metal beads. Glass beads in this category come in various colours, shapes and sizes that you can choose per your purpose and design. Here, we are mentioning the ways to use these glass beads that will help enhance your creativity and motivation for fine artistry.

● Ornament For Your Neck- There are a variety of necklaces available in beauty stores but have you tried a pendant assembled by your hand? Make a necklace with these glass beads to embellish your neck, as things made by our hands give us complete satisfaction and a dopamine kick.

● Give an artistic touch to your hosiery and apparel- These beads can also be utilised as decorative embroidery pieces. If you are sulking at your regular solid and dull colours of clothes, try these glass beads to elevate the fashion quotient and texture of your apparel. Here is one pro tip, start beading with old clothes for a more creative outlook on the process.

● Bracelets and Craft design- Beads are also used in customising bracelets, as you can apply these decorative pieces to form various designs and textures of these fashion accessories. These bracelets will transform and add detailing to your styling and clothing.

You can also use these pieces in various academic crafts, projects, paintings, illustrations and mosaics.

Furthermore, you can use these glass beads to make jewellery, figurines, and religious pendants. At Indianshelf, glass beads are available in various shapes, shades, and finishes. You can check out these beads in bulk at an economical rate.