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Sixteen Drawers Spice Box

An Indian kitchen is well known for the aroma of spices and herbs in the food prepared with love. Indian spices add flavour to food but also have many medicinal properties that help to aid and prevent a lot of diseases. Turmeric, ginger, cumin, and coriander are some of the most used spices in Indian kitchens. A variety of masalas are used in India while preparing food.

Sixteen Drawers spice box is the ultimate kitchen accessory one should own. A well-organized kitchen speaks for itself. With these many spices to use daily, it is essential to keep them organised. The sixteen-drawer spice box is available in various colours and designs. These boxes are made of natural wood that does not harm the purity of spices.

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Not only for kitchen purposes, but the sixteen-drawer box can also be functional for other aspects. You can keep this box in your bedroom on the table and can keep your earrings or studs in it. It can be your ceramic jewellery box. It is functional as it provides storage capacity and can also become a statement piece as it is full of charm. The multicolour patterns on the little drawers make them look attractive. You can place it in front of your vanity mirror next to some flowers, and voila, you’ve created an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.

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Because at Indian Shelf, we ensure that the quality we provide you is up to the mark. On our website, you will receive eco-friendly, natural, handcrafted products. You get beautiful artefacts at affordable prices that you can use to adorn your home and gift to your loved ones.

Besides the chest of drawers, there are numerous options to choose from and revamp your kitchen to give it a new look.