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Bubble Newel Post Finial

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Diamond Newel Post Finial

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Round Newel Post Finial

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Diamond Bubble Newel Finial

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Spiral Newel Post Finial

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Buying guide for stair newel post finials

Getting the newel post on your stairs with caps can add beauty as well as functionality to your staircase. That’s the reason most homeowners and interiors designers look toward purchasing different types of stair post finials. Many buyers prefer the elegance and functionality of the new post caps rather than choosing one with a complex design.

In this buying guide, we will look at how you can get the best variety of finials. We will explore options for flat caps, square caps, and box caps. We will also know about the different types of wood you can choose from and how the size and design of the finials matter.

How to choose the right size newel post finial?

It is important to choose a size as per the size of the post. It should neither be too small nor too large. The newel post finials are available in different sizes, including 70mm, 82 mm, 90mm, and 120 mm post cap designs. You should also check the fit of the stair newel post finials to fit the post perfectly on the installation day.

Designs for newel post finials

The post finials are available in a variety of designs. The square newel cap made up of wood can easily blend into any interior design. You can choose a minimalistic design or design that you can hold when using the staircase. Go ahead and choose a design that is functional yet elegant.

Modern hallways and landings with contemporary style staircase can easily benefit from the square newel post and cap to add a statement look. The white oak and chrome newel post caps are also some of the best options to consider.

If you want to choose a flat, acorn, or box design, make sure that it can suit the look and overall design of the existing structure and interior design.

The newel caps are the blocks that sit perfectly on the newel post. They help provide the finishing touch to the newel post and add extra support to people who use the staircase.

Material options

Some of the best material options for newel caps include wood, hemlock, pine, and oak. Oak is one of the most popular materials.

Oak is hardwood. Thus, it is quite tough. It is also resistant to dents as well as scratches. The distinct tiger-striped grain in oak makes it a great and eye-catching option for modern and traditional homes.

Hemlock is a softwood. But, it is dense and strong as compared to many other hardwoods. The strength, durability, uniformity, and knotless grain of the hemlock make it one of the most excellent choices for a newel post. Another important benefit of hemlock is that it is less expensive as compared to other materials.

Pine newel posts are another best option if you are looking for an affordable option. Pine is softwood, so it can be prone to wear and tear. The material needs more maintenance as compared to other materials. Pine is quickly growing, so it is one of the most easily available options in the market. It is also easy to paint, stain, and varnish. Thus, you can get the look of your choice by choosing pine newel posts.

Newel finials are an integral part of the newel posts. If you are looking to purchase one, make sure to check all these factors and tips. These tips will help you in making the best purchase. Which one of these finials will you choose? To purchase the best finials for the stair post, you can check the website Indian Shelf. They come up with some of the best varieties of post finials.