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Wooden Printing Blocks


Wooden Printing Blocks

Block printing is one of traditional art technique of printing which has its roots in ancient India . It is 100% handmade techniques which are beautifully engrafted on canvas or textiles with breathtaking colours. Printing blocks is an easy and creative method of printing beautiful patterns, designs and colours on the surface wherein the image or motif is traced on the block by a craftsman who stamps the image on the surface.

Block printing has its origins from India for as old as 500 years ago! In ancients times, there was no source for vivid colours, designs and patterns and hence, our distinctive craftsmen used natural dyes used with minerals and vegetables and created wonderful patterns. With the advent of time and technology, this ancient technique started spreading widespread in Northern India, and now almost 80% of Indian houses have some or the other thing which has block printing installed on it. Be it on bed sheets. Pillow covers, table cloth, lamps; these block printing designs leave a mark on the viewers' eyes.

The best part about this technique is it is completely eco-friendly and has no damaging effects on fabric or canvas. They do not require any artificial substance, and hence it is counted as one of the purest forms of handmade crafts. Teak wood is used for wooden block printing which is entirely nature's gift and therefore has no harmful effects.

Secondly, block printing is it wooden block printing, textile block printing or canvas block printing are available in a vast variety of colours and designs. The printing designs are vivacious and lively. For a single model there are numerous, and for single colours, there are numerous designs.

 We provide with a distinct variety of hand block printing designs and patterns at an inexpensive range of prices. We have set a perfect standard for the quality and material of the design and pattern on the block in an extraordinarily graceful manner.

 Here is a glimpse of the huge varieties of different patterns and designs that are available on indianshelf which have been carefully created keeping in mind our customer's needs and preferences.

Flora and fauna printing blocks-

we have a huge assortment of animal and flower prints on blocks, available at affordable prices. Some of the animals prints are that of Scorpions, lions, elephants as well as flowers which have been created by keeping in mind minutest of the details.

Kids are printing blocks-

the kid who loves creativity and using different colours and patterns, block printing is the solution! Almost every art and craft classes in schools had this activity as a must, but unfortunately, due to unavailability of wooden printing blocks, we end up giving the kids with potato or lady finger cutouts. The wait is over guys as we have the solution to this problems! The kid's blocks are available in elementary and cute patterns keeping in mind that our kids will love this art.

Triple colour wooden printing blocks-

this variety I bet you will not find on any other website. This is a unique form of wooden printing blocks design with miniature flowers in three different colour patterns.

Brass printing-

these patterns and designs or made of brass and hence they are more sustainable and a little on the higher side of rates.

Border printing block-

the intricate designs are suitable for borders on bed linings or cotton clothes. The designs range from simple leaf patterns to small flowers.

Old printing blocks-

these varieties have their origins from ancient times which have broader patterns and simple designs. The models are mainly from prehistoric times that are commonly found on historical monuments.

So let's not wait to grab the wooden printing blocks stamps which are perfect to be used on any fabric and material, depending on your choice and interest. You will be surprised to see the rich diversity that is eye-catching and perfect for art lovers.


What are printing blocks used for??

Printing blocks are done using hands, and these may carry slight imperfections when used for printing on surfaces like fabric or paper. These can be used for home decor projects, printing cushions, bedsheets, etc. The project requires patience to achieve the best print, which makes it an essential part of this traditional art form's ineffable humanity and beauty. Since its origin in China, block printing is widely used by traditional artisans to give a lease of life to hand-made clothes and is ideal for making patterns on fabrics. It can also be used for printing text on a large number of papers yet slowly went out of fashion due to more economic alternatives like high-end printing machines, offset printing, etc.

Where does block printing come from??

Even before Europeans mastered the art of printing using a press, the Chinese introduced a form of printing that used hand-carved wooden blocks. This technique used paper and ink (both of which originated in China itself). This technique was inspired by the idea of using carved seals (originally from Mesopotamia). Slowly and gradually, the same was popularly referred to other parts of Asia, and hence the art of block printing on fabric gained popularity. India, too uses the technique to get the famous Bagru prints on the fabric that uses block prints and locally sourced dyes. This technique is extremely simple and sustainable. These blocks can be used for a long time and are affordable.

Where was block printing originated??

The block printing traces its origins to 700 A.D. China. The Chinese introduced innovative solutions for printing using carved seals. It promoted the popularity of block printing methods. Here a single design was used on a block and then used either on fabric or paper. Using woodblocks for printing were used to print religious literature on a mass scale. The famous book published using this technique was Diamond Sutra that originated in the Tang Dynasty. It had images and text about Buddha and helped to serve as religious literature to promote the religion in the region.

How to use printing blocks??

Block printing is a process of relief printing on either fabric or paper. It uses a hand-cut wooden block that is carved into a particular design. Once you use specific ink like vegetable dyes, etc., you can print on the selected surface. This technique dated back to two thousand years and originated in China. It is one of the most commonly used methods for printing in East Asia. Initially, this method was used for printing on fabric by applying the block on silk fabric and then applying pressure to ensure that the design gets transferred to the area.

How to clean printing blocks??

Using anything from a simple vinegar and water solution or a mild dish soap along with warm water can make all the difference. You can also use your regular multi-purpose dishwashing liquid, albeit diluted with water. Although, you cannot bleach off using the harsh chemicals away on these blocks as it will cause wood to dry out. Here are a few steps that you have to follow - • Take a bucket with water and then use it to dip the dirty blocks. • Once you scrub the block, then immediately dip in another vessel that has clean water • You can then wipe these clean using a dry cotton cloth • Place these under shade to dry completely.