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Wall Art

Brass Ganpati Idol Wall Hanging

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Handmade Tibetan Art Lord Shiva C...

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An inanimate entity in your living room or bedroom, the stairs, or the lobby is the indispensable wall art – an item of indoor décor that comes in a myriad of choices at multiple price points. There are vivid interpretations and no limitations on the creativity of the artist. You could choose to have a wall designed with murals or go in for wall hangings to create your distinct décor, matching stride-to-stride with your character and personality. In other words, when you choose to fit your interior walls with art and hangings, it reflects your artistic taste; your creativity is out there, contributing majorly to the creation of a zone that is unique and yet so amazingly comfortable.

When you have decided to go ahead and make your walls look attractive and stand out, highlight their elegance and sync it with the overall décor of your indoors, consider going in for wall art as one of the versatile choices. Thankfully, there is no standard on how to do up your walls. There are no fixed and statutory rules and regulations on how you can utilize the space – some choose to have their entire wall painted, also called murals, and some choose to fit paintings or mirrors to create a personalized essence.

If you are someone who loves folk art, a form of art that is part of our heritage and culture, you could choose to ornament the walls of your living room and bedrooms with rural artwork. There are photo frames, wall stickers, figurines, and statutes to make the walls come alive.

Choosing wall art for the living room

So, you have chosen to fit the walls of your living room with exclusive wall arts. A great decision, but do you know how to go about it? Of course, you are not obligated to meet any standards or regulations – it is your home, your space, and you are free to adorn it the way you want. But, there are so many choices – limitless things to choose from – how do you know what would look absolutely gorgeous on your wall?

You would need to focus on a few things – for example, the material, should it be a metal wall art or a piece of folk art, a framed photograph, or a modern-day painting! Similarly, there are colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and most of all, how the single piece of artwork is going to gel with the other wall décor items already adorning your home? All of these factors need to be wisely and artistically considered when picking wall décor items.

The purpose is to define your walls, give them life and character. Nothing should stop you from venturing all out and considering the most exotic or far-fetched options. As long as the piece of wall art is within your budget and is synergized with your tastes and passion, you are good to go and get home the piece of artwork. When choosing wall décor for your living room, you are the boss – remember these simple tactics to pick the right one for your drawing room:

  • Start from scratch. Choose the wall that you would want to adorn with wall art. Now, view it as a blank piece of canvas. Even if you have certain décor items on the wall, view the blankness of the space so that you can give flight to your creativity. Now, understand that you have innumerable entities in your hand to give life to this canvas – you could choose just about anything to do it up. So, focus on getting the right subjects with the right colors and composition to make the space truly yours. If you are living with your family, it is important to take their opinions and views too. But, consider all of it as a means of storytelling – you need to incorporate items that you would love to watch every day to remind you of the beautiful journey of creating this space.
  • Let your intuitions work hard and smart. Not all of us are professional artists – some of us may have never delved into art in all our lives. But, there is an artist alive in each of us, and we all have our quota of expressions. If you have explored your artistic side till now, there is no reason not to let it out now. Your subconscious mind knows your tastes and likings, which even your conscious mind may have never registered. So, let your intuitive mind do the magic – let it guide you in choosing the perfect wall art for the living room.
  • Next, we move to the practical aspects. Understand the availability of space. Get your measuring tape to find the dimensions that you would want to occupy. You could choose to fit one statement piece to the available space, go in for large-scale wall art, or choose several smaller fittings for this space. While the former looks stylish, going in for the latter is the simplest way to make the space more visually interesting. Be it the smaller décor pieces or the large-scale frames, one of the best places to look for wall art for the living room is the virtual medium.

As we have said before, there are a plethora of choices, and you will find all of them online. It is comfortable to sit at home to flick through the varied options available during your leisure time. Remember, you need to invest time and patience in finding the right wall décor piece. Always keep in mind the existing wall paint color and the décor items. If you wish to achieve the most inspiring look, you need to ensure that the new wall art piece fuses well with the existing pieces.

In India, you would find many households give a religious detour to the living room with wall hangings, art, and craft. Handmade work from rural artisans like a Brass Lord Surya Dev or popular Dhokra art figurines, or even Mughal art can be the right fit for your home.

Bedroom wall art – ways to enhance the look-and-feel of your private space

When it comes to your bedroom, things could get a bit more challenging because, unlike the living room where anything and everything could be considered an option, you need to have certain elements infused to maintain the warmth in the privacy of your bedroom exclusivity of the area. Hunting for the ideal wall art for a bedroom can be a daunting journey, and you could do it with a little help.

Your bedroom is the place where you seek relaxation and rejuvenation, above all things. Hence, the ambiance of the place is an important aspect to keep the mood right. Every person has their own set of tastes, likes and dislikes – for some, the bedroom ambiance should be about comfort and calmness, while for some, it is about being naughty and playful. The wall décor can make a significant difference to the overall aesthetics of the place. Some quick tips for picking the best wall art for your bedroom include:

  • The wall décor should reinforce the mood of the space. Every bedroom has a stamp of the owner, and you need to ensure that this stamp is indelible as you redo the wall décor. Visual aspects, including color, design, and pattern, and material, are also important considerations. There needs to be balance between all these factors to create a heavenly space inside the bedroom. The underlying essence of the bedroom should be maintained at all costs, which means that this space should be apt for resting, sleeping, napping, and refreshing the mind and the body.
  • Remember, bedroom wall art themes should revolve either on tranquility, playfulness, an escape haven, or passion. You need to first arrive at the theme that best represents your mood and likings. Don’t forget to check with your spouse or partner too on their preferences and aspirations. The match should undoubtedly be perfect.
  • Each of these themes is associated with different elements. For example, if you are doing up your child’s bedroom, you would want to infuse a lot of joyful expressions and playfulness into the identified space. While if the bedroom belongs to an aged couple, you would expect the ambiance to be more peaceful and mature.
  • Next, consider the art size, material, and colors. For example, if you choose metal wall art for your bedroom, you could choose a brass Ganesha wall hanging or an intricately designed hand-carved wall hanging for the area.

The crux is that when you choose to do up your bedroom, you should focus more on the large-scale wall hangings and have them placed at eye level. You could choose the wall opposite the bed or immediately above the bed. If you wish to install the smaller wall art piece, take care to keep them minimum, especially if you choose different materials, colors and sizes.

Whichever type of décor you pick for your bedroom, make sure that it is executed with finesse to create the right impact. Choose from a diverse range of artwork types that rightly reflect your mood. For a tranquil space, you could look at floral colors or have a landscape view installed. To give the bedroom a heritage look, you could incorporate rich handmade art pieces depicting the folk art of the country – figures of men and women from ancient India or animals, cast in a mold like the Dhokra art.

Tips to make your home come alive with wall art

Buying a new home? Or are you refurbishing the old one? Read on to find the hacks that help you pick the best wall deocr items for your home.

Ensure that you always sync colors appropriately. The right blend can smoothly transition your personal space into a world of comfort, visual delight, and serenity. If not done appropriately, it can leave many lacunae open, creating an awkward place to stay. Colors are the first thing that you need to ponder.

If you are shifting to a new house, make sure that you shop for a wall art piece first and then go for the wall color. Doing so helps reduce several pain points. To create a lively space, choose vivid colors that do justice to your place.

Next, make sure that you do not cramp up the walls. Everything has to be done tastefully. Whether you prefer a sophisticated look or love the antique heritage look, focus on shopping for items that gel well together and emphasize the overall décor eloquently.

Where to buy wall art in India?

Interested in spending time and money to bring home the most-suited wall art pieces? One of the best places to get yourself exposed to the vividness of wall décor items is to visit a handicrafts fair in India. The diversity of the country and the unicity of each region are explicitly showcased at such fairs that are usually organized by the state or the central government departments and have international buyers coming in.

Besides, another popular platform that helps open pandora’s box is the online medium. With no physical or space constraints, you can endlessly search for some of the best creations in the world of wall art décor here. Metal wall art online in India, film posters, contemporary art, folk art, Mughal Art, prints ad lithographs, Pichwai paintings, Dhokra Art, paintings of gods and goddesses, Tanjore art, Thangka paintings, wall stickers, and decals, the entire universe is right there at the click of few simple tabs.

One of the best places online to look for wall art items is https://www.indianshelf.in/wall-art/. Here, you can search for décor pieces in different price ranges, sizes, colors, and materials. For example, you have wall items made in brass, bronze, cloth, canvas, copper, iron, paper, silk, wood, silver brass, silver copper, and seashells.

Featuring traditional art forms handmade by an artisan in a rural community somewhere in India to handicrafts from prehistoric times to modern art, you get the best choices here. Wall art that suits with perfection for your indoors – be it the living room or your bedroom.