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Pottery is an ancient form of decorative art that is made with clay. 

It is a process of making utensils and items with clay and other ceramic materials, which are then fired at high temperatures for rigidity. It is an art form that employs a considerable number of people, often called potters.

Pottery - Gift of mother Earth

In the modern world, not many people use earthen utensils in their daily life. Earthen pots have lost acceptance in present times due to modernization. However, Pottery involves earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain and has proven health benefits. Besides, they make for an excellent way to help a rare art form to revive. 

Health benefits of earthen pots

Earthen pots or matkas are one of the best and the healthiest way of storing food and drinks. They act as a natural refrigerator. The water stored in Matka is chilled up to fourteen-degree Celsius, which is the idle temperature of drinking water, not very cold nor hot. Furthermore, the clay which is used to create the matkas are full of all kind of vitamins. So, the water that you drink from matka is healthier when compared to the plastic water bottle. There is a refreshing taste of the water kept inside. Nowadays, we have many kinds of earthen water bottles available in the market. 

Cooking in earthen utensils is a traditional practice that is now coming into trend again because of its unique art and health benefits. From maintaining an excellent taste to the food to keeping it healthy, earthen utensils work very well. The food cooked is provided with plenty of moisture due to the natural design of the utensil. The clay used to build the pot is alkaline, which maintains the pH level of food. The temperature inside these pots drops very slowly, so they act as a natural casserole. You do not need to re-heat the food item.