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Thooku Vilakku


The Thooku Vilakku is also known as the ‘Hanging Lamp’ in Kerala. It is a traditional oil lamp hung either in the verandah or the Pooja room or as a home decor item in Karalee households. In many other parts of South India like Tamil Nadu, the hanging lamp is used as it signifies positivity and knowledge.


The lighting of the lamp signifies prosperity and wealth. Thooku Vilakku has been part of ancient traditions in Kerala for centuries. There are many households in the state that can proudly showcase their ancestral legacy with the presence of multiple styles and made of the lamp in your homes; for the lamp is passed on from one generation to another.

The hanging lamp has a pious space in the prayer room. No religious ritual or worship is complete without this lamp, lit in the background. The lamp itself is worshipped on one particular day in the Hindu month of Shravan. The day is one particular no moon day.

The significance of lighting the lamp is spiritual. By lighting the lamp, the man takes steps to move away from darkness or ignorance about the ultimate truth about his existence. You are enlightened with the rich knowledge about your reality and the true meaning of your life.

History of Thooku Vilakku Oil Lamp

Traditionally the lamp would is lit in the evenings to offer prayers to the Almighty. Skilled artisans are responsible for handcrafting the Thooku Vilakku.

They have been trained in the art by their fathers and forefathers – thus, the hanging lamp involves ancient art that has been passed from one generation of artisans to another.

The entire lamp is made using the century-old metal casting process. The holy script associated with the lighting of the Thooku Vilakku is ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamayai’. 

What is the Thooku Vilakku made of?

This traditional piece of Bell metal lamp is made from bronze. You get varying options for the height, weight, and diameter of the lamp. 

Description of the product

The Thooku Vilakku has either 5 or 7 grooves. In each of the grooves, wicks dipped in oil are used for lighting and praying to the Goddess. The interesting feature is that there is another layer at the bottom of the grooves which is made from casted metal. The presence of this layer is to collect the oil that drips from the grooved layer. The lamp is then hung onto the ceiling using a link chain made from bronze and a hook. 

Made from Bell metal, the lamp is thoroughly polished and finished to give it an impressive finesse and look. That is the reason why in many Indian households, the Thooku Vilakku is hung in the living room as a traditional decorative piece.