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Spice Grinder-4

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Brass & Bronze Mortar and Pestle

Brass mortar & pestale for grinding spices and also used for mashing ginger for tea. Brass is usually prefered over aluminium and steel because of health benefits and durability. It comes in a set of two pieces one is a brass mortar and the other is a brass pestle. Mortar looks like is hollow so that it can keep spices in it and pestle is used to beat spices and other items by moving it up and down.

Many things used in our old kitchens are still in vogue and are an inherent part of our modern kitchens. One of such products is mortar and pestle. This kitchen product is in use for generations. There was a time when homemakers grind their spices and gerbs at home before things changed. Now, edibles are mass-produced and bought from the markets came in tubes, boxes, and cans. This way, the purity of spices and other eatables was assured, and people felt connected with food prepared in their kitchens and consumed by them. It is for this reason this simple but highly functional product finds space in most of the kitchens.

Amazing Benefits of Mortar and Pestle 

Having a set of mortar and pestle at home serves a lot of purposes. It is used for its functional and aesthetic purposes. One of the major benefits of this household item is the amazing health benefits it brings for the users.

Health Benefits - Although mortar and pestle are available in an amazing variety in the market, bronze material is considered one of the best. To begin with, when the homemaker or cook freshly grinds spices or herbs in it, it enhances the taste and flavour of the food to which these are added. There is a remarkable change in the taste of the food prepared using freshly ground spices. Moreover, the homemakers also have the assurance of spices they add to the food prepared for their family members. Using such spices helps them ensure the good health of their near and dear ones. Processed spices are not so good in taste, but if you have a choice, use pestle and mortar in your kitchen and enhance the nutritional value of the food. It will naturally contain more vitamins and minerals essential for the body to the food.

Improve Your Recipes 

If you are wondering why your efforts in the kitchen are not resulting in flavoursome delicacies, ground your spices in mortar and pestle and notice the difference. Your foods will taste better, smell better, and will improve diet quality by several notches. Having this product in your kitchen will motivate you to experiment a little and whip up new and amazing dishes with mouth-watering tastes. Keep this product on your kitchen platform and impress your friends with your amazing cooking skills. It is sure going to make the entire cooking process fun and enjoyable.

Aesthetic Touch

Many homemakers look for mortar and pestle online to add little touches to their home décor skills. It is not necessary to place the product only in your kitchen. You can also keep it in your living room, which will add to your overall ethnic home décor theme. The bronze-made mortar and pestle are available in amazing designs, styles, sizes, etc. Choose something that looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Explore the amazing range of options available in brass, bronze, and other materials. These materials are highly durable and give you a chance to show off your home decorating skills. These products are very easy to maintain. Just clean it using powder soap, and it will revert to its original shining shelf.

It is not necessary to use it as a décor object alone. You can also use it in your kitchen to grind fresh spices and herbs. When the task is over, return it to its place where it can come across as a décor accessory. Using mortar and pestle for grinding spices will also help you release some of your pent-up energy, leaving you to feel lighter and at ease with yourself. Invest in a good quality product and enjoy its amazing benefits for a long time to come.

Bronze Mortar and Pestle - The traditional spice grinder makes a major comeback

A mortar and pestle is a great spice and herb grinder that finds itself the core part of the traditional Indian kitchen. It is designed to grind, blend and mash solid spices, and enhance the appeal of your homemade food.

The Bronze Mortar and Pestle is a significant object that is fabricated to aid in crushing and mashing. Although the product can be designed of stone or iron, choosing this bronze variant can significantly impact your health and wellness needs. These additions look extremely beautiful when displayed in your home, food business, ayurvedic clinic, etc. Thus, even if you are not interested in using the product for its original purpose, it can be used to enhance the beauty of your living room or similar decor spaces.

Bronze Mortar and Pestle - Tracing the origin

Mortar and pestle are ancient Indian culinary products that were used for milling by pounding. The product is durable, and the club-shaped pestle is designed for long-term use.

The stone and Bronze Mortar and Pestle were the first known ways to grind grain. These versions were usually gigantic, yet the modern and refined versions have been an important part of the kitchens.

These can be used to make a paste, for preparing medications, chemical laboratory, etc. Choosing a bronze variant means that you can easily crush and grind nuts and herbs. You can also use it to emulsify garlic and smash chilies into a lip-smacking paste for the curry. It can also be used for preparing Mexican dishes that use fine paste.

Why is adding Bronze Mortar and Pestle to your home a good idea?

If you already own top-rated spice grinders, mixers, and food processors, etc., you may believe investing in the Bronze Mortar and pestle will be a poor idea. However, that is not true. This mortar and pestle can beat the best of modern appliances and make the food appear more palatable. Apart from being healthy and safe, these help you get the necessary exercise and give power to your hands.

The popularity of this product can be understood from the fact that the same is making a major comeback. Many celebrities and chefs are investing in this product for its ability to retain original flavors and textures. To get the most of your herbs and spices, you need to ditch your grinder and food processors and adopt this simple device.

Another advantage to making this shift is that it uses no electricity and is safe for the environment. These do not need any specific form of assembly, make limited noise, and are quite easy to clean and maintain using the ingredients available around your kitchen. This product is safe for people of all ages and has no sharp or complicated parts requiring specific skills.

How Bronze Mortar and Pestle trumps your food processors?

With the aid of the food processor, you need to take several steps to attain the best results. These include regular cleaning and maintenance, chopping the vegetables before putting them into the same, etc.

With the Bronze Mortar and Pestle, you are saved from the hassle of such tasks, and you can put all the vegetables or spices into the pestle and effectively release the original flavours and oils. You may have more control over the overall pulverized outcomes. If you use these frequently, it helps tone your muscles and make you appear fit without sweating it out in the gyms.

Here is a list of tasks that your Bronze Mortar and Pestle can accomplish -

  • You can easily grind spices, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, cloves, etc.
  • Crush cardamom seeds to get a fine powder and use the same for your cooking needs
  • Crush whole chilies into flakes for use in pizza
  • Grind sea salt to fine texture and season your movie treats
  • Use peeled ginger and flax seeds to add to your cooking
  • Crush herbs and seeds to make medicinal beverages
  • Make fresh butter or use garlic cloves to paste
  • Crush the fresh basil and garlic to create paste and pesto

How to clean and maintain your mortar and pestle?

One of the best ways to clean up your product is by using the dry cleaning method. It means that you can use a pestle to grind and dry rice after each use. After this, you can dust out the powder. You can even use a towel to dry the same. However, you can also clean this bronze variant using traditional cleaning alternatives like lemon, vinegar, etc. It adds a unique shine to your product and keeps it as good as new.

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The combination of brass mortar and pestle is very handsome. Having a soothing inferior surface that most of the ingredients just slid around it. Thus, it avoids the items being crushed. I don't think any type of brass mortar and pestle will be damaged with use.

The combination of granite mortar and pestle will do everything. The granite is a hard and dense substance and will not chip under regular use. It would help if you kept in mind that the mortar and pestle must be harder enough to use for the grinding purpose.

Yes, you can put oil in your mortar and pestle. Most often, Indian people put oil in the mortar to create a thick consistency paste called Chutney in India. Many people also make a paste in the mortar by using spices and chilies so that they can use it to prepare delicious and spicy curries.

Yes, it would help if you seasoned a granite mortar and pestle. If you are using an unseasoned mortar and pestle or made of only granite/stone, you need to season it before using them. This is mainly because the porous substance can release particles of stones and grit into your food while using it for the first time. Seasoning makes a surface refined and removes all unnecessary particles from it.

Since ancient times, pestles have been used to prepare ingredients or substances by crushing and grinding them into the fine paste or powder in a mortar and pestle. The pestles are heavy blunt shaped objects. The substance, either in wet or dry form, must be placed into the mortar, where the pestle is pressed and rotated until the powder form is achieved.

Place your mortar and pestle in warm water. Rince, until all the food debris is removed. Try to use new or unused scrub. Scrub your mortar and pestle to remove all food debris that has set into the mortal. Wash until all the food debris is removed. Once the food debris is removed, wash your mortar and pestle again with warm water.

Our grandmother and mother have used mortar and pestle for grinding whole spices like cloves, cardamom, and star anise. The tool is mostly used for releasing fresh flavours and oils. Despite moving on to the packed species we purchase from the supermarket, the rustic mortar and pestle are seen in everyone's kitchen cabinet.

The mortar and pestle are some of the ancient tools that have been used around the world since ancient times. Most often, mortar and pestle are made out with a material having substantial heft on it. They also have a hard surface. The rough and porous surfaces should be avoided as they are difficult to clean. At the same time, having a smooth and slippery surface causing ingredients to squirt out easily.