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92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings Online

Silver Earrings are those tiny droplets of desires in a lady’s jewellery box. These clinky ear jewels dangling down from a woman’s delicately pierced earlobes are not just a sight to behold but also a symbolism to hold. Yes.

During its origins thousands of years ago, earrings were considered to protect a woman’s feminine energy by acting as a guard on her ears.

Exclusive Silver Earrings:-

You might have noticed that in various mythological artwork, earlier women are seen wearing flower studs on their ears. Even males used to wear earrings then.

Just remember the tales of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna or Lord Buddha!

In the years following, the culture of earrings expanded even more with the availability of gemstones, pearls, gold and silver to the jewellery makers.

From hoops to lobes, from cuffs to drops, from dangles to studs, the earring boxes of women began to flourish. In India, this culture became prevalent mainly in the form of temple jewellery. Take Jhumkis for instance.

92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings:-

A jhumki is a dome shaped earring which dangles down a chain of beads and ends in a lacy outline of tiny beads or ghungroos scurrying and jingling from the dome.

A pair of jhumkis was an important part of the jewellery set worn by bharatnatyam dancers and other classical Indian art forms.

These days, these jhumki earrings are worn on a casual basis by women of all walks and ages across the world.

This luminous collection of silver earrings by Indianshelf features sterling silver earrings available in a vast array of designs. Dangles, drops, studs, tassels – we have got all covered!

These earrings have been handcrafted from top-of-the-line jewellery artists from India. So, lots and lots of designs and motifs to choose from -

Sterling Silver Earrings Online:- 

Ancient style crescent moon, contemporary bird feathers, Mughal fashioned filigree, traditional paisleys, Padmavati inspired peacock design, fashionably engraved teardrops, shimmering pearl drops, tribal deity motifs and many, many more.

Each design depicts a feeling of groundedness and a look so majestic you will want them to pair them with each of your favourite dresses!

You will also find plenty of scrolls and spirals and loops etched and carved on a backdrop of 92.5% silver.

Each piece of earring swings from a sterling silver hook which can be effortlessly slipped through your earlobe.

The reason we have used 92.5% silver to make these silver earrings is because the fine silver which contains 99.9% silver is way too soft to be molded into jewellery.

Silver Earrings For Womens: -

But nothing to bite your nails as sterling silver stays perfectly good once you wear them or store them in cloth pouches or fabric lined compartment style jewel boxes.

Besides, sterling silver is one of those varieties of silver which is quite tender to the skin. So, you won’t have to worry about any itching or irritation even if you wear them for long hours.

Sterling silver is beautiful though. Did you know that the word ‘sterling’ also refers to the word steorling which means ‘little stars’? So, embellish your earlobes with these little stars of sterling silver and set up your own fashion jewellery trend!

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