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92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings Online

Until a few years ago, gold was the preferred metal for women's wear. The value of gold earrings is increasing each day. Thus, many females are now sticking to investing in silver jewellery for the best results. It isn't easy to achieve the desired versatility and appeal in the right way. What is more, the metal is easy to reuse and, as a result, can be transformed into new designs at an affordable price.

Therefore, these silver earrings for women are rising in demand. There is no denying that these are more affordable than the gold, platinum, and similar Jewellery alternatives. Apart from this, highly appreciated handmade pieces can be easily purchased online and too in many designs. Using the right silver ornaments can help you change it often and keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Using the Sterling Silver Earrings is a practical approach to dress up for all kinds of occasions ranging from routine wear to special occasion dress-up needs. Due to its numerous benefits, the jewellers have.

History of Jewellery and Sterling Silver Earrings

Let us delve deeper into the background and growth of jewellery in the nation. India has quite a unique connection with its jewellery items that these jewellery pieces have become an integral part of every household and even religious practices.

Moreover, the abundance of precious metals and gemstones ensured that the nation was the leading supplier of processed jewellery pieces. It was the precursor for the onslaught of European conquest to achieve these incredible ideas in their own culture.

Thousands of years of advancement enabled jewellery to spread out from being an exclusive item of wear for the rich to common personal items of adornment, especially if we consider the extent of popularity of silver earrings for girls during this time.

The growth and development of 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings happened much later in Europe. They helped jewellery become a common fashion item, and people used this to express themselves creatively and effectively.

Development of Sterling Silver Earrings

Facts about jewellery and its significance in culture and tradition are numerous and quite interesting. These have managed to create a unique appeal throughout human civilization's growth and have been a pivotal driving force in the direction of self and cultural expression.

The new-age silver earrings or the standard of sterling silver dates to the 13th century when King Edward I created a statue with all silver items to have a set standard of purity. It was 925 parts of silver per thousand, and each item was then marked with a leopard head by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, aka Goldsmith's Company.

It was the earliest known account of the usage of 92.5 silver. However, the 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings and similar Jewellery items came into being in the late 19th century. Despite this, the Britishers still did not require jewellers to put any form of hallmark on the work, and as a result, Jewellery items of that time are still devoid of purity marks!

The rising popularity of Sterling Silver Earrings

As the British moved to the Victorian era, fine jewellery or items like Sterling Silver Earrings became even more popular. As a result, most of the jewelry items were handmade at that time using nature and animal motifs. Silver was, as a result, precious metal and even great for setting stones that shined due to beautiful white colouring. Simultaneously, silver earrings for women became embedded with rose-cut diamonds, deeper cut emeralds, amethyst, golden topaz, garnets, shells, etc.

When you opt to buy Silver Earrings online, you invest in metal found deep in the Earth's crust. Undoubtedly, there is more to silver than its beautiful white shine. For ages, people around the world have mined, worn, and even envied the metal. The metal was initially used in currency and intricate to heavy jewellery, yet the same is still an epitome of wealth and prosperity.

Reasons for the sudden spurt in the popularity of Silver Earrings

Considering the fluctuations in gold prices worldwide, the makers of fashion jewellery and statement Silver Earrings have shifted their focus from random silver jewellery to awesome designs and motifs that allure even die-hard fashionistas. 

Apart from the above, the affordable price tags of these 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings for women have made it a must-have accessory in the young metropolitan population's wardrobe.

  • With the economic changes, silver jewellery, especially Sterling Silver Earrings, is considered a smart investment. What is more, the world's leading jewelry brands are realizing the shift in customer perception towards such items and are tapping into the rising popularity of these products.
  • Retailers around the world are working hard to keep up with the rising demand for Silver Earrings onlineAs a result, newer versions are quickly added and too affordable to make it a must-have accessory for an urban sensation.

Why opt for stylish Silver Earrings and other jewellery items?

There are plenty of reasons that make Silver Earrings and similar Jewellery items so attractive to designers and users. Due to the above reason, many creative options are available as silver earrings for girls that allow you to add them to boost your overall style and appeal. Other major reasons for seeking such Silver Earrings online include the following. -

  • Hypoallergenic - The silver earrings for women are hypoallergenic compared to cheaper variants like brass or nickel, known to cause redness, allergies, and even blisters. Buying Sterling Silver Earrings means that you invest in a 92.5 percent fine silver that is highly safe to wear. It is least likely to cause an allergic reaction and hence no irritation or skin allergies.
  • Durable material- Not only are these Sterling Silver Earrings safe for you but also versatile. These can be worn in a variety of ways and styles. Apart from this, the 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings are stronger than pure silver and other items like gold. Moreover, it is scratch-resistant and quite durable.
  • Quality - The quality of these earrings is incomparable. These are quite affordable and durable. Hence, a piece of jewellery can stay with your lifetime. What is more, you can easily clean these items at your home and that too, without burning a hole in the pocket.
  • Perfect for everyday use- The best part about investing in silver earrings for women is that the same is a safe and awesome idea to wear every day. For instance, you can opt for Polki designs that go well with almost all Indian and ethnic clothing forms. The best part about investing in the expensive statement pieces of designer Sterling Silver Earrings is that the same can be passed to your next generation as a family heirloom.
  • Customizable- Another major reason to seek Sterling Silver Earrings for girls is that they can be customized easily and affordably. One single piece of accessory can be easily transformed into another. As a result, you can never go wrong with buying any form of silver jewellery.
  • Personalized- When you choose from the numerous Silver Earrings online, you can also opt to personalize these and then send them as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. For instance - silver earrings can be stamped with the initials, birthstone, engraved as per your requirement. Thus, you can never go wrong by gifting this metal.
  • Goes with every outfit- Like grey, silver is a neutral-toned metal. It means that its neutral shade allows you to pair it with any outfit and look beautiful. Not only are these Silver Earrings effortless but also elegant.
  • Incredible Silver Earrings styles and designs- Most often than not, the Silver Earrings are an effortless attempt at adding a suitable appeal to the outfit of your choice and flaunting the latest style on a budget. Undoubtedly, buying these little trinkets online helps present interesting ways in which these stylish and fashionable accessories can add charm to your look. Using delicate pieces like filigree designs or ornamental ones are easily available for twinning with your necklaces or bracelets.
  • Silver Earrings with motifs- You can also opt for silver earrings for girls, tribal jewellery, chunky pieces of silver jewellery items. It goes without a doubt that these are extremely beautiful and can be worn daily, for the office or on a date.

Buy this lovely piece of jewellery and flaunt your inimitable style. Whenever you wear them in your beautiful ears, you will attract a lot of attention from the onlookers who will not be able to resist your lovely style. Whether going to the office, a college, an informal get-together, or a formal 'do,' you will find these earrings becoming an innate part of your personality. Make a style statement with silver earrings and become the centre of attraction in every gathering.

Sterling Silver Earrings for girls

Every time you need to perk up your outfit, you can opt for statement pieces like sterling silver jewelry ideas that can instantly add style points to your look. For instance, fragile pieces of Silver Earrings can make you appear modern, yet going for a chunky necklace or earrings means that your outfit can turn into bold statements. Pairing the above with the options like rings, chunky accessories or hobo handbags, etc., can work wonders for all your fashion needs. 

Online purchasing and with the rise in digitalization worldwide, it is not hard to buy from your preferred brand while remaining at home. All you require is your mobile plus an internet connection. Your preferred label is merely one click away. You can take enough time to recall, no obligation to hurry. You can even match two pieces of jewellery that are great. Different products are not available in the regular market out there. Another idea is that as there is no limitation in the area, you will come over all sorts of goods when you purchase jewellery online. You can refine your preference according to your needs, price, element, etc. 

If the product is damaged, or you did not fancy what you buy, there is a replacement option when you purchase jewellery online. All you require to accomplish is to identify the terms and conditions of the label you are buying online. It is door-to-door assistance they will receive from you quickly and even give complimentary return shipping.

Hectic schedules, do not have the opportunity to go and purchase jewellery? Then no problem! It is the masterpiece of online purchasing. Buy at any time you need according to your choice, and you can further preserve time. When you buy the jewellery, you can certainly keep a trace of it. When it is coming and when it is supposed to get given.

When the jewellery label is accessible online, there is a no-obligation for shipping, retailers, etc. Such a variety of agent costs decreases the price of the jewellery product. You will forever come over a different kind of sales suggestion when you buy online. But when you buy traditionally, it rarely offers you uncommon and impressive offers. Moreover, when you buy online, you will certainly preserve a lot.

What to Look Forward to When Buying Silver Jewellery Online?

Silver Earrings are those tiny droplets of desires in a lady's jewellery box. These clinky ear jewels dangling down from a woman's delicately pierced earlobes are not just a sight to behold but also a symbolism to hold. Yes. During its origins thousands of years ago, earrings were considered to protect a woman's feminine energy by acting as a guard on her ears.

You might have noticed that earlier women are seen wearing flower studs on their ears in various mythological artwork. Even males used to wear earrings then. Just remember the tales of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, or Lord Buddha!

In the years following, the culture of earrings expanded even more with the availability of gemstones, pearls, gold, and silver to the jewellery makers.

From hoops to lobes, from cuffs to drops, from dangles to studs, the earring boxes of women began to flourish. In India, this culture became prevalent mainly in the form of temple jewellery. Take Jhumkis, for instance.

92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings:-

jhumki is a dome-shaped earring that dangles down a chain of beads and ends in a lacy outline of tiny beads or ghungroos scurrying and jingling from the dome. A pair of jhumkis was an important part of the jewellery set worn by Bharatnatyam dancers and other classical Indian art forms. These days, these jhumki earrings are worn on a casual basis by women of all walks and ages across the world.

This luminous collection of silver earrings by Indianshelf features sterling silver earrings available in a vast array of designs. Danglers, drops, studs, tassels – we have got all covered! Top-of-the-line jewellery artists have handcrafted these earrings from India. So, lots and lots of designs and motifs to choose from.

Sterling Silver Earrings Online:-

Ancient style crescent moon, contemporary bird feathers, Mughal fashioned filigree, traditional paisleys, Padmavati inspired peacock design, fashionably engraved teardrops, shimmering pearl drops, tribal deity motifs, and many, many more. Each design depicts a feeling of groundedness and a look so majestic you will want them to pair with each of your favourite dresses! You will also find plenty of scrolls and spirals, and loops etched and carved on a backdrop of 92.5% silver. Each piece of earring swings from a sterling silver hook which can be effortlessly slipped through your earlobe.

We have used 92.5% silver to make these silver earrings because the fine silver that contains 99.9% silver is way too soft to be molded into jewellery. But nothing to bite your nails as sterling silver stays perfectly good once you wear them or store them in cloth pouches or fabric-lined compartment-style jewel boxes. Besides, sterling silver is one of those varieties of silver which is quite tender to the skin. So, you won't have to worry about any itching or irritation even if you wear them for long hours. Sterling silver is beautiful, though. Did you know that the word 'sterling' also refers to the word sterling which means 'little stars'? So, embellish your earlobes with these little stars of sterling silver and set up your fashion jewellery trend.

Indianshelf brings you a fantastic range of silver earrings that are perfect for all reasons, seasons, and occasions for women across ages. Explore these options and choose something that suits your inimitable style.


Where is the best place to buy earrings??

It is important to buy silver jewellery only from credible sources. Although, a large number of cheaper alternatives are available online, and a large number of designers are already experimenting with new designs to bring in modern and fashionable results for your needs. Fine silver jewellery bought from Indianshelf uses a high-grade silver and may appear slightly pricey, yet the same is an excellent choice and can be kept as a family heirloom. All the designs make use of sterling silver and, as a result, can help you to attain the best results.

Are silver earrings expensive??

Sterling silver is an affordable material when compared to other metals like gold or platinum. Although there are numerous variants of cheap sterling silver jewelry pieces, it is important to buy only the original ones. Sterling silver earrings come at the fourth spot on the list of expensive jewelry, yet these can bring effective results for your needs. Among the top materials used for making jewelry, silver is one of the most affordable alternatives that will last you for a lifetime.

What are silver-plated earrings??

Silver plated earrings use a chemical process and electricity to place a micro-thin layer of silver on the base metal. These earrings can easily get exposed, and hence the base metal underneath can react with air and spoil the look of your jewelry. So, unless your earrings have a solid layer of hypoallergenic metal, it is best to avoid buying these pieces.

What are silver post earrings??

Post earrings are a style of earrings that use a straight post style. This post inserts directly to your ear, and the removable backing helps to go over the post and holds it in place. Unlike the hook earrings that use thin wire and go through the eat directly but minus the backing. 925 silver earrings include a wide range of high-end drop posts with decorative elements or loops for bringing in dangles or drops. Posts for glue pads include flat pad posts, bezel cup posts, etc.

Will sterling silver earrings rust??

Sterling silver is made from the highest quality standards and has merely 7.5 per cent of copper used to form an alloy. Some of these metals may react with metal and impact the shine and quality of the jewellery. In certain cases, an exposed piece of silver jewellery may develop rust and tarnish. Another leading cause of the same is the presence of moisture in the air. So, if you accidentally wear the sterling silver jewellery to the shower, it is recommended to ensure that you quickly dry it off using a cotton cloth.

Will silver-plated earrings tarnish??

When silver tarnishes, it is a surface discolouration that causes the interaction of oxygen with silver. Although, silver may naturally react with oxygen and sulfur-based air pollutants to create a visible discolouration on the surface. Even in low concentrations of pollutants in the air, average quality silver jewellery may tarnish. Another reason for the same is relative humidity, ambient temperature, gas concentration, etc. It would help if you never left sterling silver jewellery in your bathroom and were exposed to humidity from the shower. It is best to avoid wearing these statement pieces unless you cannot take due care of them.

Why do sterling silver earrings turn black??

Silver, especially low-grade ones, often tarnish when exposed to minerals and air. It leads to the process of oxidation and hence, may turn your silver, Black. Recent studies have shown that tarnish develops when exposed to air and chemicals. A great way to keep seldom worn jewelry clean is to keep these in an airtight container or ziplock bag. You can wrap it in a soft cloth for extremely fragile jewelry and avoid chances of oxidation and tarnish.

Why is my sterling silver earring turning??

Sterling silver is an excellent alloy of silver with 92.5 percent pure silver and merely 7.5 percent other metals like copper. This silver hardly turns. However, lower-grade versions of the silver may tarnish after some time. These may react with dirt and similar oils, leading to a chemical process or oxidation. Although, there are various ways to ensure that your silver jewelry doesn't tarnish and hence use vinegar to attain the best results.

What don't silver earrings tarnish??

Pure silver is not susceptible to tarnishing. In a pure oxygen environment, the same doesn't tarnish. Similarly, 925 sterling silver may react in certain cases with ozone or hydrogen sulfide and may tarnish. When used appropriately, the same doesn't tarnish at all. However, the low-grade silver jewelry may not withstand the effect of perfumes, chemicals, etc. These cheap products can tarnish in 2 months themselves. It is thus a good idea to opt for only high-grade silver jewelry to attain the best results.

Where to buy sterling silver earrings??

Silver has a distinct scientific basis for its health benefits that uses electric and thermal conductivity. Positively charged silver ions help to create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from your body. It also helps to improve blood circulation, body temperature maintenance, and overall well-being. The University of Southampton has endorsed the benefits of the same. They assert that wearing silver jewelry helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

Where to buy silver earrings online??

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals that is ideal for use as jewelry. The metal has surpassed gold in its popularity and grab international recognition due to its price, value, and appearance. As a metal, silver offers significant health benefits and has been used for centuries. It is one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents that help fight infection and aids in cold and flu prevention. It is also useful in healing wounds and helps with internal heat regulation. Hence, it helps to improve circulation, overall body temperature and boosting the immune system.

How to clean sterling silver earrings??

Each time you need to take off your sterling silver jewelry, you need to ensure that the same is cleaned before storing it away in a ziplock bag. If wiping the jewelry down doesn't solve the issue, then you need to ensure that you clean the same using the following points - • Fill a cup of warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing soap • Place your jewelry into the cup and gently handwash the same to remove the same. • Using a cotton swab to get deep into the same and clean the same out. • Use a baby toothbrush for cleaning the same

How to clean silver earrings at home??

It is recommended to use a dab of baking soda on a soft bristle brush to attain the best results by adding a bit of water to make a paste and then brush gently. Rinse these under lukewarm water or using a soft, clean, and lint-free cotton cloth to attain the best results. Avoid paper towels as these easily scratch the surface. Baking salt, soda, aluminum foil, and water are ideal alternatives for bringing the best results. Once you have done, you have to wait for 5-10 minutes. Then it would help if you put these in a colander to rinse. To attain the best results, you need to put these in ziplock plastic baggies.

How to clean silver earrings with stones??

It is a good idea to use a silver polishing cloth. If the jewelry has a smooth surface and small stones, you can use a cotton cloth or silver polishing cloth and then rub the same gently. However, it is best to avoid using polishing over the stone surface. Also, your hands may blacken, and you may need to clean these up. Also, it is important to note that silver, silver-plated or silver-filled earrings, etc. need different types of care and maintenance. It is important to seek professional assistance to ensure that you take appropriate care of these metals.

Can silver earrings irritate??

Before buying any silver earrings, you need to check the material used in the same. For instance - higher the nickel count in the same can lead to nickel itch. On the other hand, sterling silver rarely causes any form of irritation and is a bit pricey. However, if your favourite pair of earrings cause an itch and you do not have a budget to buy a good one, then it is best to use a coating of clear enamel or clear nail paint. The same will do the trick. However, if the infection persists, it is best to discard these.

Are silver earrings safe to wear??

It is observed that if you opt for buying the Silver Earrings online especially the sterling silver ones then you are making a good selection. The same has pure silver along with an alloy. Since pure silver is hard to turn to ornaments, opting for sterling one is a good idea. Since these have low copper or nickel content then the same may not be quite allergic to you. If you notice that your ears turn green on wearing this then your earrings have a huge amount of copper. On the other hand, if you opt for fashion earrings or those with a low amount of silver then the same can be irritating for your ears and this may prove to be harsh on you after an extended period of use. Although some of the retailers may advise you to buy the stainless-steel variants instead of the silver earrings. However, these are not safe for your needs.

Can silver earrings cause infection??

Utilizing silver earrings for women with messy studs can create an infection. Also, frequently touching the earlobes with unclean hands may additionally cause contamination. Further causes may include - unclean earrings, support may be too tiny, or the clasp pin is put on too firmly. That said, as the sterling material is a combination of other elements apart from pure silver (as pure silver is normally too weak for earrings), be certain to watch out for a 925 mark, which guarantees the silver is indeed 92.5% genuine and will therefore be less inclined to hurt your skin. But, if you are looking at sterling silver earrings, you want to make certain that the description shows that they are built with “nickel-free sterling silver”. That way, you can be almost sure that what you’re about to place in your ears does not include nickel, which otherwise can produce an allergic response in your ears when you use any earring made from nickel and silver alloy.

How to clean silver earrings??

If you do not have much time to maintain and upkeep your silver jewellery or wish to take professional help then you can follow the below-mentioned ideas. Alternatively, you can opt for such designs that may look okay as they tarnish or get oxidised. For instance - use oxidised jewellery for everyday use. However, maintaining all forms of Silver Earrings is possible using the following cleaning ideas - • You can also use lemon or lime to ensure that you have a good shine on your silver earrings • Put the silver earrings into a pot with boiling water plus add a pinch of baking soda along with salt. This will clear away all the dust and grime from the jewellery surface. • Another good idea is to use a tablespoon of white vinegar by mixing with two tablespoons of baking soda for achieving the natural polish to the silver earrings.

Which silver is best for earrings??

Undoubtedly, the 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings are the best for you. While choosing these try to avoid the ones having nickel. The higher the content of silver in the earrings, the safer it is for your needs. If you have extremely sensitive skin, then opting for this idea bring excellent results for the purpose. This is the purest form of the silver that can buy for yourself. Fine silver earrings are lustrous in nature and can be formed into beautiful Jewellery designs easily. Some of the silver variants can have a purity of 999 per thousand parts and is used for making silver bars and not jewellery. To evaluate the extent of silver used in the jewellery, you need to look for the mark on the same even if you want to buy the Silver Earrings online. This small step can have huge benefits in the long run.

Why do silver earrings turn black??

Tarnishing is a biochemical reaction that slowly darkens and dulls silver earrings. Exposure to sulfur in the atmosphere and liquid forms a coating of tarnish on the surface of the metal, producing damage to lustre and shine. Silver oxidizes on a more accelerated pace in the areas with a lot of daylight and high moisture content. Further, contact with goods like cosmetics, spray, fragrance, deodorant, lotion, bleach, etc., can advance up the oxidizing process of the jewellery Besides that, the oils that your outer skin gives out can react to your 92.5 Sterling Silver Earrings. The degree to which the silver responds with these items from your skin is very much dependent on the sort of food you consume, liquor intake, and whether you are using medications. These things change the acidity of your surface, which can create a negative response. Also, perspiration increases the acidity and could blacken the silver.