Victorian Style Metal Lamp

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Traditional Bell Metal Table Lamp...

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Indian Home Decoration Clear Glas...

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Cobalt Blue Glass Table Lamp

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Solid Metal Table Lamp

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Vintage Glass Lamp.

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Vintage Metal Lamps Stand

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Art Nouveau Style Lamp

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Vintage Metal Urn Lamp Stand

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Traditional Table Lamp

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Clear Vintage Glass Lamp

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Ornate Victorian Metal Lamp

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Clear Glass Lamp

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Nouveau Cast Metal Lamp

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Clear Glass Table Lamps

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Heavy Metal Lamp Stand

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Three Cherub Table Lamp

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Metal Rococo Style Lamps

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Cast Metal Ornate Lamp

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Gorgeous Victorian Old Lamp

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Buy the Best Table Lamps Online in India

Imagine a fully furnished room with the right decor elements, paintings, decorated walls, and sofas. However, imagine the room when it gets a special gift in the form of a beautiful lamp which helps to brighten up your surroundings. A beautiful table lamp can easily enhance the beauty of your interiors and make it feel more welcoming and elegant. It not only illuminates the room but also sets the mood for the day.

Buying table lamps for bedroom

Choosing the best table lamps online in India also means that you have a light source close to your bed that can be switched on in need. These are convenient to operate and need to be attached to a switch to attain the best results. Thus, most of the older homes in India have a switch designed for a bed at a height of 132 cms. But if you have a new home, you may have more than one switch on the bed. In such a case, having portable table lamps can be a good choice and can easily become handy in any situation. If you have older people and young children at home, it can be a convenient source of light that is easy to reach. For better results, the switch can be placed close to the bed to attain the best results.

Thus, lamps are one of the most crucial elements present in your bedroom area to provide the right light and decor aspects. Other advantages of choosing the best table lamps for the bedroom include the following -

  • It brightens up the area

Choosing sophisticated designer table lamps means that your room gets a highlight. Even if you have an overcrowded room or the ceiling doesn't give justice to space, choosing the right table lamp can make all the difference. It helps to neglect all the issues and make up for the shortcomings of the room instantly.

Thus, depending on the shape and the design of the room, a table lamp will shine on a particular area itself. For instance - A flexible arm lamp can project light towards the ceiling and the floor. As a result, it can help to shade the bedroom area. On the other hand, smaller lamps project the light towards the reading areas and, as a result, can be ideal for placing on the nightstand, side table, etc. Moreover, it can easily illuminate the spaces. It is thus ideal for those who wish to read or work without disturbing others.

These lamps can be easily turned around, making the lamps a great source of indirect lighting. It is a versatile accessory for your bedrooms.

  • Changes the overall appearance of the room

If you wish to change the room's overall decor using decorative elements and design, select from the best table lamps online. The lamps at the store come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your comfort level. It is common to have a table lamp in the bedroom and is often an element beyond being a decorative aspect. Instead, it is an extremely functional and useful piece of furniture that no home décor can be complete without. Hence, when you combine designer table lamps with ceiling lamps, you get a nice and calming effect that helps to create an effective play of light.

  • Creating shadow play

Choosing the best table lamps online in India for your bedroom means that you can create the perfect play of light and shadows. Adding this to an entire portion of the room means creating the right display area and hideaway imperfections. It is important to ensure that your room looks comfortable and welcoming.

  • Creating a focal area

Using a mirror wall and adding table lamps for the bedroom can prove to be a perfect way to illuminate your home. It can also be used to create the perfect work and study areas. So, even if you already have many lights to illuminate the spaces, choosing the best table lamp can help create a focal point on the object you wish to focus on. It also helps you to engage in your educational endeavours without disturbing your partner.

  • Helps to set the mood

Using bright and catchy light helps to enlighten the spirit of the area. Similarly, choosing soothing lights and effects can positively influence your room, especially if you are looking to decorate your bedroom areas. It is thus recommended to choose the best lamps to fill in the blank areas effectively. It helps to bring in the desired results for your benefit. For optimal results, the table lamp should offer very dim yellow light that is perfect for visibility and is easy on the eyes.

  • The perfect night light

You can use the table lamps online to act as your night lamp. Use a lamp with a dimmer to lower the intensity of the lamp. It also helps to reduce the issues for those who do not sleep without any light or have little children at home. A large number of variants of table lamps are available to cater to your specific needs and expectations. You can thus choose a lamp in a mosaic pattern to lend a soft and welcoming glow at night. The Indianshelf also has various shades and styles of lamps that can double as the night light or decor pieces. Due to their versatility and portable nature, it becomes easy to include this in your bedroom or living room spaces.

The soft light of the table lamps is an excellent choice that is ideal for directing to specific bed areas. In addition, it makes it less invasive. As a result, if you or your partner need light to get to something, you won't disturb others.

Types of table lamps available for home decor

  • Metal pendant light

For the best results and quality of outcomes, use gunmetal-inspired pendant light. These are designed to be used as a spotlight for specific areas. For example, adding pendant light to your home gives you the perfect results and dazzling appeal to your bedroom areas.

These pendant lamps come with various other shades and styles like gold or silver to add a unique appeal to your home. On the other hand, using lamps with precise lighting can help to illuminate a small area. These are often handcrafted versions that aim to provide a striking power to the bedroom.

  • Flat metal lamps

The flat metal lamps aim to give a much better option as per the highlighting to the area. These flat lamps provide much better visibility and are often handcrafted using gunmetal to give the perfect appeal to your home.

  • Oval table lamps

These decor pieces are one of the most overlooked decor items that offer exciting results. The design attached to these gives a perfect look to your area, along with an oval shape. It allows it to offer maximum coverage. The product is designed to give a unique appeal and decor value to your areas.

  • Floral and Ceramic lamps

If you wish to have the perfect decor item that adds a plus point, then choose a lamp that is either floral, ceramic, or in pastels. The product must be designed using sustainable resources or must be handcrafted. At Indianshelf, you can buy many of these decor solutions to help charm your guests.

  • Tree lamps

Tree table lamps are an exciting way to decorate your spaces and offer a wide variety of designs and shades. The product is a definite answer to all your decor needs, with some of the flexible branches offering better light and outcomes.

This lamp is characterized by exciting features and a central stand with numerous lights branching from the stand in various directions. Therefore, it can be the perfect choice for your Pooja room or any other area that needs ambient light. In addition, the gooseneck design helps you to get full control over the light source. This aspect makes the tree lamp useful for almost any room in the home as it can light up a larger or smaller space (as per your requirement). However, the item needs a large space and can be less portable than other variants.

Now that we have a perfect understanding of the popular styles of table lamps available in the nation, you need to be aware of your own needs and expectations from the product. Undoubtedly, there are many variants of the table lamp available in the market, yet all of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing and designing your bedroom is a major task. Each room in the home needs to have a specific form of lighting, and while some rooms may need a glimmer, others need to have a nice shine that attracts the attention of all. These may include - dining room, kitchen, etc. On the other hand, a home office or living space may need additional lighting or supplementary lights to achieve ambient light and the existing source of luminescence.

Having the best table lamps for the bedroom for decorating your apartment can make all the difference. Even if you are on a budget, choosing these lamps can be a great idea. These are further suitable for your bedroom and uplifting other sections of the home.

We, the team of IndianShelf, invite you to look at the exclusive collection of Table lamps we have gathered here on our website for you. We at IndianShelf have the motive of serving our clients some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable products that are created by local artisans in India. We have some of the most exquisite products to satisfy all your home interior decor needs so that you can have one of the most luxurious experiences at your home.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Home Improvement

Home improvement is one of the hot potatoes these days in the world, especially when everyone is trying to find a sustainable and efficient alternative to switch for each part of everyday life so that we can help Mother Nature heal. An energy-efficient option for our daily use products will not only help Mother Earth but also will change our lives.

Enhancing Ambiance with Table Lamps

Ambiance or natural light has its way of adding glam to a space. Be it moonlight at night or sunlight in the morning, it adds a dazzling effect to the surroundings. Undoubtedly, one should invest in huge windows and sliding doors to let the natural light enter the space and brighten it. Another way of adding lighting into a space is by adding light fixtures or sconces in the interiors.

Along with that, we would like you to take a glance over the collection of table lamps we have here for you. Table lamps are one of the best options for adding brightness to the respective ambient light in a space. Table lamps add not only light to a room but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. You can place a table lamp in your favourite corner to liven the space.

A Wide Variety of Table Lamps

The variety of table lamps on our website is so broad that you will find not only one but many table lamps that you would want to take home. From traditional designs to modern and contemporary styles, we have everything to satisfy your decor needs. Table lamps look extraordinarily classy and give an area a modern and stylish look.

From clear glass lamps to ornate metal, you can glimpse from one end to the other and see European, Italian, Art Nouveau, Rococo, Traditional, Victorian, and many different styles that will leave you mesmerized and wanting more. The intricate designs are very detailed, and you can touch and feel how each curve has been crafted by hand so thoughtfully.

The artisans of India are so talented that they spill their talent into the masterpieces they create. Each table lamp is different from the second one and is unique in its own way. Be it metal or wood, the material that the artisans use to make a table lamp is of the best and premium quality. And you will be amazed to know they are so easy on your pocket. They are so reasonable that your guests won’t believe their own eyes on the price when they see the lamp.

Table Lamps for Practical Use

Table lamps are used to be placed on the bedside table. Instead of having a night lamp on the wall for convenient lighting, you can put beautiful lamps on your bedside table without disturbing the other person in the room; you can switch on your light whenever required. Some people like to do light reading before going to bed; you can do so without disturbing the other person in the room by switching on the light of your side lamp.

If you are looking for a chic look in your bedroom, then you can look forward to having a clear glass lamp. If you wish to have a vintage look, you can always opt for traditional, wooden, or art nouveau style in table lamps. A contemporary interior requires contemporary table lamps, so look no further and grab the best Italian, Victorian, or European style of table lamp, whichever suits your taste and preference.

Setting the Mood with Table Lamps

Table lamps help in setting the mood of a space, too. Have you ever observed the game of shadows and light played by the table lamps? The shadows from the table lamps look so exotic that you don’t need a disco ball to light up the ambiance of your space. The table lamp cast shadows with respect to the surroundings and the top cover of the lamp.

Table lamps are perfect for office desks and study tables, too. If you like to have ample light while reading, studying, or working on your desk, then you can place a gorgeous table lamp, which will not only provide you with the excess light but also will add to the appeal of your space. There is little to do when it comes to decorating your study table or office desk, but by adding an exotic-looking table lamp, you can make it look pretty beautiful and exciting.

It will motivate you to work more and boost your morale during your study time. Bad lighting can deteriorate your mood, and you may not feel like working or studying, which is why it is necessary to have good light sources in these crucial areas.

Enhancing Your Home Decor

Table lamps create a focal area for the rest of the interior of the room. The table lamp enhances the interior of any space where they are added. Still, at times, when you think of refurbishing or renovating, you can surround your theme or style of the interiors according to the table lamp of your choice. You can improve the look of your home by adding table lamps with the well-thought-of furniture that you add to your home.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of the table lamps is relatively easy. You need to clean the lamps every day with a dry cloth if it is wooden. However, you can use a wet cloth to dust off any dust stuck in the design or detailing of the lamp. You can easily install or change the light bulbs from the table lamp. Always switch off the lamp before changing the bulb to avoid an incident of electrical shock. Be very careful when you handle any electrical object, and be extra cautious if you have kids in the home.

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In early 1920, inventors attempted to tinker with the articulating arm lamps. George Carwardine, a UK-based freelance expert and car designer with expertise in vehicle suspensions, invented the Anglepoise lamp. Although traditional wick-based lamps were already in use yet these could hardly match the finesse of the Carwardine's table lamp.

You need to select a table lamp based on your overall budget and then invest in a product that matches the room's tone where you wish to place it. If you use more than one lamp in your room, you need to choose these in matching shades to ensure that the synchronism is maintained.

Table lamps are important for providing light for specific tasks. If you need additional lighting in any area of the house, you need to invest in any table lamp to provide perfect symmetry to the area. For instance – you may choose pure glass for lighting up the area.

The process of lamp making includes using a bulb that must be connected to a wire into the lampshade, connecting the lamp to the base, obtaining support, and then giving the final connection using a battery. The contact points at the base are connected using pure tungsten that heats up when the electricity is passed through these.