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Knobs are decorative items with a distinctive design; they also improve our ease of access to wardrobes, doors and almirahs. These glass hardware are distributed in various categories, but one of the special categories is glass striped knobs; they are specific, textured and have an excellent finish. Talking about glass hardware, humans have been in awe of them for ages and history going back to 1826. From 1826 to the modern era, glass hardware has evolved and remained valid, and in trends, they are executive in the true sense. These glasses moulded into knobs, and in return, these knobs elevated the class and elegance of doors and wardrobes. What makes glass knobs so attractive? Let us talk about them-

  • Excellent finish and design- Glass have superior quality in that they have a fine finish and can be felt with bare hands. When these items are sculpted into knobs, they provide a stunning visual and polished finish. Apart from the finish, these glass-striped knobs give a flare with their striped design.
  • Complements aesthetic of interiors- Door knobs are also excellent decorative items that add fine detailing to the house interior. If chosen according to the interior, colour and texture of the house, door and interior, these pieces will adjunct the house decor.
  • Safety and accessibility- Knobs at Indianshelf improve the accessibility of doors, wardrobes, cabinets, and drawers; apart from that, these handmade items do not have any sharp edges or irregularities, making them safe while used by kids or adults.
  • Highly customisable- At Indianshelf, you can select from various knobs. These knobs vary in colour, texture and design. You can customise your house interior with minute tweaks of knobs.

If you plan to revamp your house or install drawers, almirah, doors or shelves, check out these items to give intricate detailing to your units. You can add elegance and a touch of class with these glass-striped knobs. Nowadays, finding quality knobs with an excellent finish is a task on its own, but at Indianshelf, we have a curated and distinctive collection of knobs.