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Blue Sapphire Hue Golden Pattern ...

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Golden Border Pattern Flat Cerami...

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Blue Border Design Square Ceramic...

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Golden Leaf Flower Square Ceramic...

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Tropical theme Jaguar Ceramic Cab...

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Tropical Fruits Animals Ceramic C...

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Red Poppy Flower Golden Ceramic C...

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What makes the Theia ceramic knobs a great investment for your home?

Theia or Thea is an ancient Greek Goddess of Light. She is also called Euryphaessa (The wide shining one) and one of the Titans. She is the daughter of Goddess Gaia and Uranus. Theia was the Titan of shining ether sky or aithre and could endow the unmatched brilliance to precious items like gold and silver. Her blessings could enhance the intrinsic value of the metals.

What makes Theia ceramic knobs so special?

Gold is a classic addition to any household decor. It makes the existing design appealing and elegant. Inspired by this unique style, Theia ceramic knobs bring classic appeal and timeless allure to the place. The product is crafted by brand Indianshelf - a leading online store of home decor, classic pieces, antiques and home improvement ideas. The collection of Theia ceramic knobs and handles includes gold inspired designs in cabinets and furniture knobs that add a panache to your existing decor. These are crafted from finest quality materials to make a lasting impression and add sophistication to your home. The collection is both a classy yet modern approach to home decor.

Tastefully crafted Theia ceramic knobs and handles to uplift your home

Gold when used in combination with other hues and colours can create a brilliant texture and design trend. This brings contemporary flair and an exciting decor idea that is hard to miss. Gold works well with dark hues like navy blue, black,reds, etc. Similarly, it matches well with soft and pastel tones like white, pinks, creams, etc. With such an exciting addition to your home, you can easily improve and stylize your home or uplift any decor style. It also brings a stylish trend that is hard to miss. Gold is classic and well-liked by all. It blends in with most of the modern household decor styles to leave a lasting impression. This enhances the classic allure of gold to leave a stunning impression on all. It is crafted to last for a long time while staying resilient against chips and nicks.

Interestingly - the Theia ceramic handles are affordable!

The limited edition products are handmade and durable. It has a stunning range of options that makes it exciting to look at especially when added to any door, cabinet, etc. Each of these Theia ceramic handles have an exquisite workmanship that is unmatched. Although the company has made sufficient efforts to craft a unique piece yet the same does have a bit of imperfections.

These minor imperfections are hard to detect by an untrained eye but add to the beauty of the product and to the area in which the same is introduced. Thanks to affordable price tag of the product, almost all households can invest in these beautiful products and enhance the beauty of their house. It is also perfect for those who wish to have a piece of art in their house. Such gold hardware is a classy addition that never goes out of style.

The modern designs inspired by rich Indian heritage

The product features heavy accents of gold, it is extremely stylish and modern. It can be easily installed in any household without professional help. This adds brilliance and charm to any decor style, accent or plan. It is also relatively straightforward to implement into any Indian home. You can choose to place these on kitchen cabinets, study tables, bureau, etc.

The products in the Theia ceramic knobs range are hard to miss. These are quite great to look at and are functional. These are also an aesthetic enhancer to your living room, study tables, dining areas, etc. You can also choose DIY decor styles to use these products effectively.

This is why it is a great gift for any housewarming party, or for similar special occassions. There are sufficient options available in Theia ceramic knobs and handles that prove to be perfect choice for any household decor plan and upliftment idea.

Why is it important to choose Theia ceramic knobs and handles?

Knobs and handles are critical for any household. These are functional products that help you to easily push and pull any door or cabinet. The knobs are round shaped like a lump that are placed at the surface.

These have a limited surface area that makes them classic design ideas to upgrade any existing design. These work well with both classy and modern designs. Unlike handles that have an elongated design and shape, these products can be placed on any surface to transform the appeal of any household product.

These can turn your home into a beautiful decor area that compliments kitchen, bathrooms, living room areas, etc with ease. From classy vintage styles, modern decor plans, antique furniture, etc. the Theia ceramic handles are affordable alternatives that are hard to miss.

You can prepare yourself to enjoy praises and garner adulation from all. These can be used to make a perfect impression as these handcrafted beauties feature miniature designs that can be hard to ignore. One can choose from checkerboard design, golden wheel design, ones with mesmerizing emerald hues, poppy patterns, etc. The stunning ones are blue square ones that give a new definition to the idea of doorknob.

For those searching for a more authentic design, the company offers premium quality products like door knocker style ceramic knob. Such knobs and handles can be found in other beautifully crafted vintage styles as well.

This allows you to add a classic twist to your otherwise modern household decor plan without making it appear awkward or ugly.

What makes golden knobs an evergreen investment?

Gold can be blended in with any wooden decor. It blends well with grainy and smooth wooden furniture to lend a stylish trend that is hard to miss. The trend is contemporary and modern decor style that blends perfectly with your home even if it is a small one. These make your household appear royal and large. The knobs can be easily stylized to give a new lease of life to any old piece of furniture.

These limited edition pieces bring brilliance to your existing decor plan and are perfect for upgrading your home on a budget. You can therefore enhance the style of any ordinary looking door and cabinet thanks to its exquisite workmanship from the top master craftsmen of the nation.

Can such minute additions make a difference?

It is important to avoid neglecting the small details of your household decor when designing your home. Small additions like these golden knobs and handles can make a world of difference when you plan to upgrade your home.

The smaller upgrades like - kitchen cupboard handles, pulls, knobs, hardware detailing, etc. can be customised to transform your home into an artistic masterpiece. Specially designed cupboards, handles and pulls from top brands like Indianshelf can make a world of difference. These products can easily add charm and modern style to your household.

Thanks to its heavy accent, the Theia collection has been a bestseller. Homeowners rate its heavy golden accents juxtaposed with brilliant textures to be breathtakingly beautiful and amazing. Afterall gold hardware is a classic style that blends with any bland furniture to deliver a powerful statement decor style. Golden knobs and handles are also recommended by top home designers.

Apart from this, the product is quite easy to implement to any home. These are comfortable to use and fix. As a result, you can easily overcome the common issues like dismantled doorknobs, etc. These are also comfortable to fix, functional to use and perfect aesthetic enhancer for your cornerstone articles.

While these articles are stunning and stylish yet you need to make an effort to select the best one that matches with your personal taste, decor idea and plan.

Opting for poor quality products can mar the appearance of your home and make it appear dull and ugly. It also influences the overall lifespan of the product as such stuff is hardly able to withstand everyday usage of the Indian household.