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Indianshelf has launched a unique and an innovative art form for all the movie buffs. An exquisite arrangement of art which is hardly found anywhere but leaves a long-lasting impact on the viewers.

Film posters launched by the website are worth trying as they will make you remember your good old of all the evergreen movies. These posters are a beautiful amalgamation of monochrome as well as coloured film. They look gorgeous when displayed straight on the wall. You can have end number of options for viewing these beautiful masterpieces. They can either be aligned on the wall or can be used as a cover for any fabric.

The best part about these posters is that they are guaranteed original signs of paper material, and henceforth they have a fair range starting from 1000 rupees and reaching up till 4000 rupees. The movie scenes displayed on the posters are the ones containing the original plot, and they are a look-alike of the original characters.

The monochrome style movies include some of the famous ones such as the famous dance poses of the legendary Helen. The poster shows the era where the some of the famous dance steps were adopted from the western world and became iconic in India. These posters reflect the true essence of the Indian cinema which is now encrypted on the golden pages.

Similarly, the poster of the famous Bengali movie, BINIMOY, directed by DILIP NAG is the original movie collection and is the perfect gift for the hardcore fans of Indian cinema and love collecting a wide range of filmy posters. When it comes to retro cinema, they have the posters of very famous and super hit movie DO PREMEE, which consists of actions of famous dialogue sequences and signature dance steps. These posters will make you relive every single moment of the movie as they are sequences that were used at the time of the movie release to attract the audience.

Other famous movies are JEEVAN JYOTI which was released in 1976 and left a remarkable impact on the national cinema. The posters of the film PAKEEZAH are the most beautiful ones I have found till now. Though the movie was not a hit, yet one of the posters with a beautiful quote describes the essence of the queen of the Indian cinema, MEENA KUMARI.

The film posters are worth buying as once displayed on the wall, no one will ever want to remove them off, and all the viewers will be sparkled by the originality and realm of posters, thus making us proud of the Indian cinema.