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Wooden, bone,Leather, resin & horn knobs

Brown Wooden Round Dresser Knobs

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Black Jute Round Cabinet Knobs

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Wooden, bone, Leather, resin & horn knobs

Handling things and tasks is pivotal in life as it will improve the productivity of your life. The same is relevant to the handling doors, wardrobes, almirah and drawers; knobs are one such piece that will smoothen ease of access and enhance the efficacy of these house units. Apart from improving accessibility, they will elevate the elegance and distinctiveness of your house. We have a wide range of knobs to select from at Indianshelf. These knobs vary in colour, texture, design and materials, and thus they can amplify house unit decors. Let us inform you about some of these high-quality knobs.

  • Wooden Knobs- These knobs are derived from premium wood to provide a sturdy body. You can pick from minimalist designs to colourful floral handmade arrangements. These knobs are made from wood, jute and raisins to give a diverse design and colour. Additionally, These pieces are available in circular, square, conical, rectangular and T- shapes that you can select according to the house’s interiors.
  • Bone and Horn knobs- These pieces have a classy, elegant, retro design. Some of them come in a combination of metal frames that magnify the beauty and grace of knobs. These items are also available in different colours, textures, engravings, statues and designs.
  • Leather Knobs- These knobs are synonyms of uniqueness and elegance. Leather knobs are made with fine cherry faux leather and are designed with screw fixtures for convenient installation. Moreover, They will add delicate layering and detailing to house decor.
  • Resin Knobs- Combining woods and metals with resin will diversify the different designs of knobs. Resin Knobs ease the process of making colourful and radiant knobs that will escalate the house interior.

These knobs at Indian shelf provide a variegate in the scope of interior design. You can choose and pick them according to the house design and wardrobe texture to keep them aligned with the interior. Apart from these features, these knobs are handmade and have no sharp edges that will add up to the safety of your child. These pieces are manufactured from rust-free and durable materials. You can include these aesthetically pleasing tiny pieces to give a gradely touch and splash of class over your doors, wardrobes and almirah.