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Ceramic Bridge Handles


Ceramic Bridge Handles

From the earliest known strap latch handle made of ceramic to the modern day trend of ceramic knobs and handles, ceramic has always been considered as one of the finest materials to create decorative furniture and cabinet hardware. Did you know that some of the earliest made ceramic door handles could even withstand the weight of several carts or elephants at a time? Perhaps, your houseguests will be amazed to hear this fact.

Ceramic is referred to as the potter’s clay. The discovery of ceramic dates back to thousands of years. From ancient caves to the shards of pottery, ceramics have been in vogue since the Palaeolithic age. You might as well be amazed to know that even diamond comes from the ancestry of ceramic.

Also known as ceramic grab handles, ceramic bridge handles are known for their hardness, high chemical resistance and high flexural strength. In fact, these handles are much stronger than the regular metal handles. At Indianshelf, these handles are created out of a combination of ceramic and iron which gives them even more strength.

This collection of ceramic bridge handles is a selected handcrafted range from Indianshelf. Each handle has been crafted with various advanced techniques of metal molding and ceramic pottery making. The final glazed look that you see in these handles is the result of several such processes such as spattering, firing, sponging, dripping, polishing and brushing. Followed by the elaborate artistry, these handles feature smooth glossy finish, carved swirls, etched patterns, floral textures and many more interesting elements such as geometric motifs. You will also find them in your favourite shade or colour starting at just ₹275.

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