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Puppets and puppetry are among the oldest art forms, transcending over time and obtaining a new meaning in this urban world. Ancient Greece Mini and giant dolls were a source of entertainment in ancient times, dating back to the 5th century B.C. They were used to create and deliver various human emotions and tell a story with the help of humans, who used to control puppets' limbs, movements, and walking and create an illusion of talking. This art of conveying emotions and stories is called puppetry, and the person who controls puppets is called a puppeteer. With time, The way of storytelling, delivery and often use of puppets have changed. In the online as well as offline markets, there are a variety of puppets available in different categories like animal dolls, monster dolls and human toys. Apart from being a source of entertainment, these puppets are used as excellent decorative and statement pieces. These decorative units can elevate the art and creativity of the house. Buying puppets and arranging them on your tables, shelves, and wall brackets will support the gravitas of the house interiors. Puppets or Miniature toys for decoration at IndianShelf are unique decor units made from a combination of Wood, Paper, Clothes, and Decorative Laces.


These Mini dolls are a kind of product designed and manufactured by fine and skilled artisans. Puppets at Indianshelf are available in different colours with golden turns and delicate embroidery and layering of clothes. A particular type of lace is included in the production of these puppets. These laces are sewn to give a framework the same colour as clothes. Apart from these features, they have skin of black colour(representing African culture), contributing to their hands and faces.

Ways of Doll Decor

Here are some of the styling tips for these puppets to make things easier for you. Lets us consider a red puppet; this puppet can quickly provide contrast to light or white walls. You can easily place them on white shelves and tables to provide dynamics. Thus merging, mixing and playing with different coloured puppets will provide a complementing texture to the house. Thus do not squander anymore and start including these puppets from IndianShelf in your designs.