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White & Yellow Medium Knobs

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 594 In Stock

Round Red Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 172 In Stock

Long Slate Blue Bone Knob

  • ₹ 200.00
  • 100 In Stock

Skull Resin Dresser Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 63 In Stock

Round Yellow Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 111 In Stock

Pink Resin Fingers Cabinet Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 237 In Stock

Round Brown Metal and Wood Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 1158 In Stock

Round Green Stone and Metal Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 100 In Stock

Round Brown Metal and Bone Knob

  • ₹ 132.00
  • 593 In Stock

Green Resin Finger Dresser Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 201 In Stock

Cream Round Metal And Bone Knob ...

  • ₹ 165.00
  • 1034 In Stock

Round Wooden and Resin Knob

  • ₹ 165.00
  • 635 In Stock

Stone Slate Blue Knot Resin Knob

  • ₹ 100.00
  • 147 In Stock

Round Grey Metal and Bone Knob

  • ₹ 100.00
  • 5605 In Stock

Ivory Leaf Shell Knob

  • ₹ 110.00
  • 92 In Stock

Resin Knobs

Due to their distinctive design and durability, resin knobs are preferred for cabinet hardware. Resin is a synthetic material adaptable for knob design since it can be moulded into various forms and sizes. These knobs are produced by combining a liquid resin with a hardener, which creates a chemical process that causes the substance to solidify.

The longevity of resin knobs is one of their key benefits. Resin is a potent substance that can survive everyday use without breaking or splitting. For high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where cabinet knobs are regularly used, resin knobs are a suitable option.

The design adaptability of resin knobs is another benefit; as resin can be moulded into virtually any shape, knob designs may be very personalised. For instance, resin knobs can be fashioned to resemble organic materials like wood or stone, or they can be created in eye-catching hues or distinctive forms that give a space a whimsical feel.

Besides that, resin knobs are reasonably priced. They often cost less than knobs made of other materials, such as metal or glass, yet still have a premium look and feel. This makes them a well-liked option for homeowners seeking cabinet replacements without going over budget.

Resin knobs may be challenging to clean; however, cleaning resin knobs using a moderate soap and water solution is crucial. To avoid water damage, it's vital to completely dry resin knobs after cleaning.

In conclusion, resin knobs are a well-liked option for cabinet hardware because of their robustness, design adaptability and affordability. Although they might pose challenges, including being hard to clean and fading with time, these could be avoided with the proper upkeep and care. Overall, homeowners who wish to modernise their cabinets with a distinctive and robust material should choose resin knobs.