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Best Dad Ever 3D Pop Up Card

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Friends Forever Greeting Card

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Quilled Envelopes - Pack of 5

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Designer Envelopes - Pack of 5

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Designer Envelopes - Pack of 5

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Red Square Dot Rectangle Pair

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Return Gifts

Gifts. Everyone loves to receive return gifts. After all, reciprocity is one of the basic needs of humans. When we do something for someone, people like to reciprocate for that most of the time.

From a simple thank you card to an expensive handicraft item or a bonbonniere of cashew nuts, there is a whole slew of gift ideas from which we choose. Thousands of years ago, people chose to share items like gem boxes, precious jewellery, crystals and beads in the form of return gifts.

Best Return Gifts:-

If you take the time machine back in Indian history, you will find that there was a royal gift giving tradition performed by the name of tuladhana.

In this tradition, the subjects of a kingdom were gifted with gold or silver weighing in the same amount as the weight of the king or the prince of that kingdom. Especially if you would read or explore Mughal history, you will see that the great Mughal Empire followed this tradition in full festivity.

Exclusive Range Of Birthday Return Gifts:-

Apart from gold and silver, the nobles exchanged warfare items such as trays of swords, daggers, breastplates and knives which would be finely encrusted with precious gemstones. Rich women would exchange pearls, rubies, emeralds, spice boxes, dupattas, clothing, bangle sets, necklaces, earrings, jewels and other fashion accessories.

Priests and artists would gift items such as copper or silver utensils, wall art, sweets, even sugar. Also, the people who were not that wealthy would share potlies of grains, sugar and rice with their families and friends.

The nitty-gritty is, no matter what region you take, or what timeline you visit, return gifts have been popular for as long as ever since.

Following the pulse of this gift giving culture, Indianshelf has brought together a top-spot selection of gift items. Herein, you can explore from a giant potpourri of articles and artefacts. From ornamented hardware and decorative items like wind chimes, flower vases, statues and figurines to utility items such as bookends, coasters, rose hooks, crafty envelopes, paper weights and paper clips, there’s all of it.

For your girl friends, take a look at our assortment of brass jewellery, clutch bags and bangle collection. Oh, and if you’re inviting kids to your party or function, you can gift them these wonderful kitchen sets made in wood or perhaps these pretty toys and rakhis. From Peepa Pig to Hello Kitty, from Dora to Spiderman, they can pick up their favourite characters out of these too.

The bottom line is, whatever you gift, make sure that you give it with all your heart. ‘Cause that is the only thing which matters, doesn’t it?

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