Solid Brass Puja Bell For Temple

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Old Brass Temple Ghanta Bell

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Brass Bell With Hanuman Finial

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Brass Cow bell In Round Shape

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Brass Nandi Finial Pooja Bell

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Brass Elephant Claw Hanging bell

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Brass Hanging Tibetan Buddha Bel...

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Brass Round Bell Plate Or Gong

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Brass Wall Hanging Bell With Chai...

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Small Brass Nandi Ghanti Bell

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Brass Tibetan Bell From Nepal

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A bell is a cup-shaped instrument and a clapper, which produces a resonating tone when struck. A Vintage bell is made of a mixture of metals, usually bronze and copper. Bells could be seen in any part of the world. It is somewhere hanging at the entry of a temple and somewhere hanging just in the middle of town. Somewhere it is traveling the world with a horse, and somewhere it is standing still for decades. Somewhere it is alerting for burglar entry, and somewhere it is providing peace to the monks. A simple instrument but so useful that no one is unaware. And, somewhere, it is used as a home decor item, adding warmth to the indoors. Bells were meant to bring unity among people.

Anything that is pronounced with the word vintage is a piece of art. The name itself means something of high quality. So are the vintage bells. Vintage bells are a huge part of many traditions. They were considered to be an emotional aspect of human life.

Bell-ringing was a symbol of showing happiness, long time back. Whether it is childbirth, marriages, or ceremonies, all events were dull without ringing bells. Bell ringing used to be a profession of some people. They were paid to ring bells on these occasions. To show their happiness, people pay them more to ring the bell more number of times. They were also used to transfer messages and send invitations and warnings when there was no better communication mode. 

Nowadays, even when technology has moved far ahead, bells have still not loosened their worth. Vintage bells are still present in many parts of the world, some aging even more than 100 years. Vintage bells have high demand among collectors, and people love to spend huge money to keep that piece of art along with them. Many decorative art items are shaped in the form of vintage bells and are always in demand. 

Vintage bells are also used for home decoration and are also kept in shops. There is a belief among people that bells bring happiness. Some believe that the sound of bells keeps the devil away, and many more. But the common thing is that bells are a source to bring positivity into our lives. 

There are many types and forms of vintage bells available in the market, with ranging sizes, quality, and sounds. Follow the link and to bring home a unique source of happiness.