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Best Wall Hanging For Wall Decoration

Wall decoration has been popular since medieval times. Back then when people lived in small villages and there were no interior designers, even during these times various decorations could be spotted on the walls.

Think of a simple sandstone hut wall or a yellow plastered interior wall – even the simplest of walls like these were decorated with things like handprints, block prints and handmade craft items created by people.

Consider the old forts and palaces too. Odds are that you’ll be reminded of intricate ornamentations and colourful wall paintings. From beautifully sculptured paintings to motif style design patterns, a good deal of interior wall design can be seen emanating throughout the historical time period.

Among these many decorations, the most common form of wall decoration existing today is a ‘wall hanging’. From tapestries to light bulbs, from embroidery to carvings, from tassels to bells, people have been using umpteen kinds of wall hangings since ages to decorate their homes and spaces.

Indianshelf brings to you some of the most beautiful wall hangings created artistically by the rural craftsmen of India. The design of each wall piece is finely drenched in a rich fusion of traditional artistry, contemporary elements and quality materials thus, making these well suited for nearly every choice of décor theme. Take a look at the snapshot of our wall hanging products below.

Designer Wall Hooks

We offer varied selections of hand-casted designer wall hooks including coat hooks, key holders, peg rails and more. From framed wall hooks with single motif to square shaped hooks featuring floral design, there are oodles of varieties. To look for the materials, we offer wall hooks made in brass and wrought iron among most other metals. Many of these brass hooks feature the finishing touches of patina for a rustic style look.

Theatre Mask Style Wall Hangings

Our selection of theatre mask style wall hangings includes sturdy metal masks handcrafted in brass and designed in various theatrical expressions and moods.

Brass & Bronze Wall Hangings

From divine mudras to tribal motifs, each design of wall hanging showcased at Indianshelf comes with clean, intricate detailing and top-of-the-line artwork. Scroll through our store for brass and bronze wall hangings, and you will find everything from Leaf Ganesha to Sun Face. Other designs include figurines, dancing tribals, dragon face, Buddha sculptures, reindeer face and more as well as pretty textured motifs like paisleys and Swastika. 

Metal Wall Hangings

If you’re looking something metal-toned to adore the walls of your house, take a look at our collection of carved wall panels, embossed metallic wall plates, deity arches, masks and drop hanging candle holders. 

Framed Wall Art

Get your daily dose of motivation with our framed motivational quotations. And uplift your mood with our dazzling collection of abstract wall art and wall stickers. If you’re someone who is likely to have a sprinkle of style in everything, do take a look of our canvas wall art collection which gives a display elegant and artistic at the same time. 

Folk Art Paintings & Wall Art

Scroll through our selection of spectacular paintings and colourful sculptures coming in designs that exude traditional Indian art forms. If you have an inclination towards art and culture, you’ll love a color-dipped Lord Ganesha wall sculpture, a Tanjore painting or a Radha Krishna painting hanging on the wall of your living room or bedroom. 

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Browse through assortments of floral patterns, dozens of colours and style themes, and many more designs carved beautifully on a set of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles, besides being durable and long lasting, look absolutely fashionable and fancy when pasted over the walls of a kitchen, bath, living room or dining. In addition to the floral patterns, our collection of decorative ceramic wall tiles comprises of designs such as peacocks, elephants, and other motifs like these. 

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps and sconces are evergreen, no matter what theme does the decoration involves. Indianshelf’s array of wall lamps is available in both clear glass as well as coloured glass. From pumpkin to melon, from bell to tulip, there are designs ranging on a wide scale. Be it a season of festivals or a regular tea evening, these wall lamps will make your moments light up a little more!

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