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Bell Shaped Wall Lamp

Bell Shaped Wall Lamp

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Personally, I have a strong craziness about table lamps. Not only because they give a fascinating look in your entire room but also form a perfect attraction for all the viewers. The very first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is that the old monotonous table lamps which looked dull and discoloured. But now when you look you will actually find a huge variety of these lamps that look elegant and give a unique classy look.

Table lamp gives a perfect reading light and is an attraction for all the late night readers. Right now, there have been huge varieties of modernized table lamps that no longer give a monochrome look and in fact, they are a big thumbs up when used in your rooms.

From round to big, narrow to broad, square to tall; they come in a wide range. On coming to buy which wall lamps suits the most from your living area, below is a small buying guide that can give an idea of what to buy.

  • Desk Lamp- these are the basic ones that come with not much of a variety. But they are mostly used by senior school kids or college goers for late night study. They are easily adjustable the best part is that they can be fit to get the perfect illuminator.
  • Bed lamps- these lamps general come in pairs and are used as a nightstand.  They are kept on him either side of the bed and are kept illuminated the entire night.
  • Buffet- as the name says these lamps come in the form of a standing posture that belongs in pairs. They can be either used for the functional purpose or as furniture.
  • Torchiere- these forms of lamps are upright in a position where the bulb is paced upward and is enclosed from the bottom.

Above were a few styles of lamps that can be useful before making the final purchase. Indianshelf has all the above types along with a lot more. You will have a huge variety such as contemporary,  iron star, lantern, and many more. The range of these lamps starts from 2000 and can reach higher according to the quality and design of the lamp chosen.  The precious parts are the vintage styled lanterns that have been beautified with acrylic paints and give a perfect look to your decors.