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Brass Dhokra Art Jewelry Box

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Lucknow Jewellery Box

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Tribal Hut Shape Box

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Brass Dhokra Elephant Box

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Buy Vinatge Jewelry Boxes Online From Indianshelf

The standard in marketing and advertising is that vintage refers to an item that was fashionable in a previous era. Experts have agreed on the vague definition that a vintage object is older than 50 years but not older- than 100 years because this does not necessarily mean that the piece was also made- in that century.

Taking that into account, the main advantage of vintage Jewellery boxes is that they are less expensive than antique Jewellery boxes and have a more modern appearance. You could think of them as a hipster take on antique Jewellery boxes. Colourful flower motifs can be found- on many old jewellery boxes. Some resemble slightly larger memento Jewllery boxes, with only one compartment and a hinged cover, while others feature many compartments for various purposes.

History of Vintage Jewellery:

Jewellery has been around since the Stone Age, when Neanderthals discovered that they could cut, polish, and mould whatever material they liked into valuable ornaments. However, just because jewels have been present for over 75,000 years does not mean the jewellery box is.

Any reference to the earliest jewellery box ever produced is debatable because it isn't easily accessible. However, we might suppose that as people evolved, costly jewelry and the materials and ability needed to construct jewellery boxes appeared. Regardless of who invented these boxes first, they have always been viewed- as little treasure vaults throughout history. The jewellery box was developed and constructed by experienced artisans using silver, gold, and occasionally even ivory; and was originally commissioned by royals and aristocracy. These keepers of history took a lot of time and work; to create, and they were meticulously made to ensure that they were even more valuable than the jewellery that went inside. However, as time has passed, the sentiments and value associated with these Jewellery boxes have faded, making them more of a fashion accessory than a valued inheritance.

People have been buying and using it in higher numbers as it became more affordable. It became an inseparable part of every family's life. If you're looking for something a little different, you may always look for vintage and antique jewellery boxes.

Vintage Jewelry boxes:

Gift boxes offer their universe of wonder and intrigue, from melodic boxes with twirling ballerinas inside to luxurious velvet-inlaid pieces. This love with gift boxes has been fueled by popular culture and creative marketing. Antique jewellery boxes have been designed to be as rich and detailed as the jewellery itself throughout history. Whether it's a heart-shaped leather piece or a tortoiseshell case, when an antique jewel comes with its original box, it's a sign of where it was made and, potentially, by whom - a greater mark of prestigious craftsmanship.

Features of the Jewellery box:

  •  The interiors of several of the boxes are lined with satin, silk, and velvet. Some of them will have been nicely restored by our talented box restorer! The majority of our boxes include the original locks and keys.
  •  The bulk of our boxes are made- of wood, ranging from Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany, Satinwood, Oak, and Olive Wood, to name a few. Many are elegantly hand-painted and inlaid with decorative materials such as Mother of Pearl, hardwoods, fruitwoods, and Brass.
  •  Some are wonderfully detailed with bird and insect forms, such as exquisite Swallows and Butterflies, and others feature lovely organic topics, such as Roses, Pansies, and Forget-Me-Nots. Many of these subjects have symbolic connotations that are meaningful to the people who buy any jewellery box online.

Vinatge Jewellery boxes come in a wide range of sizes, styles, colours, and patterns. Its costs can range from a few bucks to many thousand bucks. When it comes to designs, you have a plethora of alternatives like:

Music Boxes: The music box was most likely your favourite toy as a child, right? Especially for jewellery-obsessed girls! Music boxes are an excellent example of a charming vintage jewellery box. A winding mechanism is usually- included in these melodic jewellery boxes.

Armoires: Armoires are a lovely form of jewellery box that looks like house furniture but is smaller. They may resemble miniature versions of your wardrobe armoires. It's a departure from the traditional jewellery box style with lift-up lids.

Jewellery organiser box: If skin and beauty items are not properly- stored, they are frequently lost or destroyed. These boxes come in a variety of beautiful and unusual styles. Having this box at your side can help you get ready in a flash, whether you're at home or on the go. You can treat yourself to an antique Jewellery organiser box or give this lovely item as a gift to someone special. Different sections are frequently included in these boxes to help you organise your cosmetics.

Old Wooden Jewellery Boxes: One of the oldest forms of jewellery boxes is vintage wooden boxes. You might think that wooden- boxes aren't the best place to store your valuables. However, wooden boxes, particularly carved vintage wooden boxes, make lovely jewellery boxes. The beauties of vintage wooden Jewellery Boxes are well-known. The beauties of vintage wooden crates are well-known. The majority of them are made of high-quality wood. To make the wooden box, they usually carve teak or other lightweight wood. They also make certain that the wood is well-polished. These boxes are designed to resemble a bedroom dresser's chest.

Watch Boxes: As the name implies, watch boxes are made to store a watch collection. The majority of- jewellery boxes are made to hold rings,  silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but not all of them have room for watches. This is why a jewellery box like this is made. Leather or wood are the most common materials for watch boxes. The interiors of watch boxes are frequently lined- with silk or satin textiles. These textiles are- intended to protect the watch within the box- from harm such as scratches and cracking. Jewellery boxes are more than just a lovely addition to pleasant home. They're also a delightful and decorative method to keep and secure your most valuable possessions. Whatever jewellery box you select to store your jewels in, you will undoubtedly appreciate the comfort, beauty, and protection it provides. They're a fantastic way to show off your personality, taste, and uniqueness.


If your nearby store has only traditional and old-fashioned jewellery boxes that can't align with your home's interior décor, don't worry. You can always browse through an online store to buy products that can match your preferences.

Owing to the availability of several jewelry boxes in the market, you can choose one that can match your requirements. If you're not willing to splurge much on them, you can choose one made up of plastic. However, a plastic box can ruin your jewelry over time and compel you to buy a new one. Thus, it would help if you bought only the durable jewelry boxes to keep your trinkets and ornaments safe. For example, if you want to keep your rings organized in a single place, you can choose a wooden pieced with several slots.

Yes, jewellery boxes are versatile as some of these can function as jewellery holders and storage options for storing items like hairpins, saree pins, brooch, studs, earrings, and many more. Gift these beautiful jewellery boxes to your friends, aunts, and mothers. Jewellery boxes are the best gift for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other auspicious occasions. If you're looking for a gift for your special someone, you could spice up things by hiding a ring inside an elegant jewellery box.

A jewellery box can take your jewellery's safety and maintenance a notch up. Often, the task of searching for an ideal place to keep your pieces of jewellery safe from intruders or outsiders can seem daunting. Thus, a jewellery box can allow you to keep your jewellery organized as well as safe. Besides, the jewelry boxes come in elegant and beautiful designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, and they can spruce up the look of your tables or cupboard shelves. Apart from jewellery items, you can use them to store other small items as well. However, it would be best if you didn't hoard these boxes.

Yes, jewellery boxes can be recycled easily and efficiently. Opting to recycle them or repurpose these is a good idea, and these can be used to store numerous other small items safely and securely. Whenever you venture out to buy a new jewellery box, opt for the ones that can be used for long periods of time and to attain the best results for your investment.
Opting for low-quality ones means that your products will be affected, and it will not be a reliable form of investment. You will not be a good idea for recycling and will not last long.

There are various types of jewellery boxes that can be used for your needs. If you are extremely low on budget, then you can go for Plastic ones. However, these may spoil your jewellery and raise the cost of buying new ones.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy the best resources for keeping your precious trinkets. For instance, if you own a lot of rings, go for an expensive wooden piece that has relevant slots where you can place these. If you have small items in your collection, then you need one with a lot of drawers to get the best results.

There are numerous reasons to invest in a high-end jewellery box. Not only are this ideal for keeping your jewellery safe and organized but are also quite effective in looking beautiful and elegant sitting on your table.
What is more, you can easily recycle or repurpose these and store other items. You can buy these boxes in various sizes but do not hoard them unnecessarily. If you have too many jewellery boxes, then keep a few with you for use as jewellery holders and use the rest as storage for knick-knacks. You can also opt to gift a few to your friends and ensure that they have the best gift possible for every occasion.

You can opt to buy the ideal jewellery box as per your requirements. The jewellery box is not a mere expense, it is an investment that can define the overall usability and aesthetic appeal of your home. These boxes are thus not just jewellery collection but also holds the symbolism of the choices that you make.

The type of box that you choose says a lot about you, your personal taste and the personality. What is more, the right jewellery box will act as a family heirloom and can be passed on from generation to generation. For the best results, you can opt for the ones from the online store for getting a good outcome for a budget.