10 Ideas to Change Looks of Kitchen Drawers

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Posted On: 01 February, 2022

The kitchen isn’t just the regular room of a house. Reinventing your kitchen isn’t the same as any other revamp. Even a simple tic-tac or modification in the look of the kitchen can go a long way. You might think that it’d be a laborious and lengthy process. It’s not uncommon for people to postpone even the tiniest of rearrangements till the knobs dangle loose and surfaces are scraped to scratches. Apparently, if you wish to remodel your kitchen and add some value, you don’t need to make huge plans and can start with the tiniest edit you can make starting with your kitchen drawers. Here we discuss ten amazing ways to revamp and change the looks of your kitchen drawers. Read on.

1.   Add some shimmer

With Glass Door Pulls & Inserts

Adding glass knobs in drawers or glass panels to doors can give a subtle yet warm look to your meal cooking house. It offers an effect of mirrors and spaciousness opening up to an illusion of more space. Add small glass panels to the edges of drawers and cabinets. In case of large doors or spaces with lots of cutlery, simply cut off the central wooden frames and insert Plexiglas panels in their place, giving a peek-a-boo of the items inside.

2.  Emboss & Thicken with a touch of texture

With wooden wallpapers & frames

Even a slight touch of new texture can add highlights and refreshing looks to the kitchen drawers, doors and cabinets. Accentuate your kitchen cabinets by embossing the door frames with plywood wallpapers or you can also thicken the wooden panels with bear board frames. If you use glass knobs or pulls, try enamel wallpapers.

3.  Bring it to a new life

Gloss, paint & Polish

If your kitchen drawers appear fine but lack romance, adding a splash of paint and polish is what they exactly require. A bucket of new paint colour or a few brushstrokes of glossy varnish will do. You can also add transparent gloss if the knobs or pulls are made in glass. For this, you can check out your local store for handcrafted glass knobs of different varieties like amber, violet, turquoise, black and clear glass. For a complete makeover, try these with paints and polishes of different shades on cupboards situated on alternate sides.

4.  Light up the Nooks

Install some hardware lighting

Little corners of the cabinets and drawers often go unnoticed. Add a dash of light over them by installing some task lighting on the bottom of shelves or at the ceiling of glass cabinets; outlining the subtle details of the drawer fixtures and highlighting the entire kitchen with a warm glow.

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5.  Renew with Old-Age Cottage Style

Invest in some cosy cut-outs

This setting is highly suited if you have got kids in your home. Paint your cabinets, cupboards and drawers in soft cosy colours and embellish them with some cut-out wooden carvings. You might choose from a variety of shades like powder blue with white wood, soft pink with brown cut-outs or even black with silver wooden panels. The key is to explore and experiment as per your taste and home interiors.

6.  Let the Fresh Air in with Open Shelf Concept

Simply delete the doors!

Until you’ve got mice in your kitchen, this is a fabulous concept to work on. Leaving the shelves and cabinets open air while removing their doors offers a spacious feeling to the kitchen. Whether it’s a drawer below the dishwasher or a shelf above backsplash, the idea works wonders. As an alternative, if you still prefer the cabinets covered up, try going for chicken wire frames while painting the panels in white chalk paint. Additionally, if you wish to jazz up the remodel, you can add some crystal glass knobs or handles along the outline of drawers for decoration.

7.  How about going Organic?

With bamboos, straws and more of nature!

Organic and holistic style kitchens are modern day remodel technologies more and more people are striving to dive into. Obviously, you might as well get the latest induction technology, world-class coffeemakers, super durable granite and dazzling wood, but nothing quite matches the nature’s charm. Instead of regular wooden or glass cabinets, try adding bamboo curtains to drawers and cupboards. Even shelves look great when lined with straw spreads, prairie grass or bamboo table runners.

8.  Make it Spick-and-Span

Sliders are the new trendy

If you like your kitchen space neat and all organized, adding sliders is a perfect idea. There are many variations of sliders available in the market. For instance, if you have a large number of square or rectangular drawers, you can go for rollout sliders dotted with glass inserts or carved cabinet pulls. If you’ve got all your cupboards and cabinets packed in one wall, soak it up in a large sliding door or in a pair of the left-right slider as per the dimensions of the space. Whether you use them only in drawers or otherwise, sliders will make the items eat lesser space.

9.  Drawer within a Drawer

Cut out extra space with internal drawers

If you roll around an inch tape measuring the space your drawers occupy, you’d be surprised with the results. Very often, the side panels of the drawers seem to occupy more space than the actual storage space inside the drawers. Internal drawers are a way out of this. Save loads of space just by placing drawers within a larger drawer. While the upper compartments of little drawers can be used for heavy cutlery, the below ones can be used for flat items like cookie cutters, plates and likewise.

10.  Think Vertical, Think Deep!

And get the deep drawers

Most of the times, items like soup spoons, knives, forks, wooden spatulas and ceramic cutlery, are left scattered all over the place. Even if you place danglers or peg rails, they eat up too much of vertical dangling space which could be used for other purposes. And so, here is a solution to this. The idea is to have a drawer with upright deep pits in which you can easily keep all these cutlery items without them being scattered all around the kitchen or eating too much of your kitchen space. If you can sell a few more pennies, there are glass inserts available in the market, giving the effect of little glass bowls kept in your drawer.

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