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Clear Diamond Drawer Knobs Online

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Glass Knobs

The age of glass knobs is as big as that of our great grandfathers.

That is, about a century old.

The origins of glass hardware date back to a period near around 1826. It was only during this period that the techniques of pressing and molding the molten glass were discovered.

Exclusive Range Of Glass Knobs:-

However, the glass door knobs and door handles began to come in highlight even later than this. With one thing and another, a huge shortage of metal arose in the American warfare during late in this century.

Owing to this, locksmiths and metalworkers were asked to withdraw all supplies of metal solely for the making of war equipments. Metal was no longer available for home decoration purposes.

So you see, the interior designers and home improvement experts had to dig out some other material for home decoration. Eventually, this led to the birth of glass knobs and cabinetry hardware made in glass.  

Skipping forward to today, even though there is no longer any such shortage of metal hardware, the value of glass hardware, knobs and handles has maintained its vogue. In fact, it has accelerated.

2000 Plus Designs Of Glass Knobs:-

Today, glass knobs aren’t just a thing of the past but a widely used accessory item both in small homes and luxury settings.

This Indianshelf’s selection of glass knobs features oodles of designs, shapes, colour and patterns. Explore from frosted glass globe shape knobs to antique style octagonal knobs.

Other shapes include melon, square, floral, custard apple, heart and multifaceted. If you’re a craft lover, don’t miss our multicoloured confetti filled knobs and mercury glass knobs spray painted in metallic colours.

As far as the choice options for colours are concerned, you name it and it is available here. So, dress up your home in some vintage fashioned glimmer-n-shimmer with the help of these brilliant cut glass patterns and colourful bubble bursts.

Check out our range of glass knobs