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Question 1 - Why do we have bells in the temple

Answer - According to ancient Hindu beliefs, by ringing a bell, the presence of a deity is evoked, which is believed to be extremely fruitful and rewarding. It also helps to reign in consciousness. As per ancient Puranas, these bells are known to rid you of all the past sins. Scientifically, the vibration caused by these bells is quite high and is known to kill microbes and insects in its path. It keeps the temple premises clean and tidy.

Question 2 - Where can you purchase a jewelry box?

Answer - If your nearby store has only traditional and old-fashioned jewellery boxes that can\'t align with your home\'s interior décor, don\'t worry. You can always browse through an online store to buy products that can match your preferences.

Question 3 - What are the best kinds of jewelry boxes available?

Answer - Owing to the availability of several jewelry boxes in the market, you can choose one that can match your requirements. If you\'re not willing to splurge much on them, you can choose one made up of plastic. However, a plastic box can ruin your jewelry over time and compel you to buy a new one. Thus, it would help if you bought only the durable jewelry boxes to keep your trinkets and ornaments safe. For example, if you want to keep your rings organized in a single place, you can choose a wooden pieced with several slots.

Question 4 - Why are jewelry boxes considered versatile?

Answer - Yes, jewellery boxes are versatile as some of these can function as jewellery holders and storage options for storing items like hairpins, saree pins, brooch, studs, earrings, and many more. Gift these beautiful jewellery boxes to your friends, aunts, and mothers. Jewellery boxes are the best gift for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, and other auspicious occasions. If you\'re looking for a gift for your special someone, you could spice up things by hiding a ring inside an elegant jewellery box.

Question 5 - Why do you need a jewelry box?

Answer - A jewellery box can take your jewellery\'s safety and maintenance a notch up. Often, the task of searching for an ideal place to keep your pieces of jewellery safe from intruders or outsiders can seem daunting. Thus, a jewellery box can allow you to keep your jewellery organized as well as safe. Besides, the jewelry boxes come in elegant and beautiful designs, materials, shapes, and sizes, and they can spruce up the look of your tables or cupboard shelves. Apart from jewellery items, you can use them to store other small items as well. However, it would be best if you didn\'t hoard these boxes.

Question 6 - What are the ideal spots to showcase Radha Krishna paintings?

Answer - Radha Krishna paintings, which show the amorous life of a mortal woman and a divinity, have been collected by art collectors over the years. For many people, the artworks have become a part of their home decor. But where should they be hung? Vastu recommends displaying Krishna paintings or photographs in the living room and bedrooms. The northeast corner of your space is the finest direction to hang the paintings. Paintings of any deity should be hung in this direction. You might also display the artworks in the puja room or the mandir. Radha Krishna paintings should be displayed inside the home to attract positive vibes and fill it with joy and peace. In general, we hang artwork in our homes to give it a more lavish and holy vibe. Many individuals choose Ganesha paintings, Lord Krishna\\\'s paintings in the bedroom, and other types of paintings- since each has its significance. Since Radha and Krishna shared a special tie of eternal love and togetherness, Radha Krishna paintings are very frequent in the bedroom. By producing a serene and loving aura, even a single Radha Krishna Painting can instil optimism in your actions and thoughts. When you\\\'re in love, you want to spend as much time as possible with your spouse in the most: peaceful and happy environment possible, and Radha Krishna paintings can help you achieve that goal! Paintings of other deities are not optimistic in the bedroom because they have no lasting effect on your personal life. However, Radha Krishna\\\'s paintings can strengthen your love for your companion. Even if you are single, having Radha Krishna\\\'s art in your bedroom will help you find a good life partner. Apart from the bedroom, Vastu experts recommend that you hang Krishna Radha paintings on the wall opposite the main room\\\'s entrance to keep tensions at bay. Whatever we hang on our walls is for our eyes to see and our minds to absorb; it is there to help us relax and enjoy our lives. It is no longer a good idea to keep a dragon painting in your bedroom since it is unpleasant for both eyes and mind. Putting up enthusiastic and magnificent artworks of Radha Krishna, on the other hand, is supposed to raise your soul as well as spread religiosity.

Question 7 - What are the hidden meanings behind Radha Krishna artworks?

Answer - Radha Krishna artwork is famous in current artwork for depicting an infinite love connection among an everlasting being and his adoring mortal. The subtle sensitivity of poems, the relentless- intellect of science, and the expression of audiences- who are fascinated by - the realm of spirituality are all represented in Radha Krishna paintings. Krishna wreaths and flowers all over his neck, in addition to his blue and yellow clothing, be regarded as more than just a divinity. The colour blue represents the planet Earth, its lovely green nature, and the ocean infinite depths. Yellow is a colour that conveys love and admiration for nature and what it represents to humanity. It also portrays fire and the soil (mud and silica), both of which have a mesmerising golden and brown colour to them.

Question 8 - What are the rewards of actually buying Radha Krishna paintings?

Answer - Radha Krishna paintings are tangible artefacts that reflect- spiritual aspects and energies in your home, as well as creating positivism and devotion in the life of the owner and their dear ones. Paintings are also acknowledged; for harnessing high- levels of energy in your home and acting as a guiding force toward love and peacefulness. If hung in the northeast direction of your home, Radha Krishan paintings with different matters and postures are said to have auras that impact your residence positively. Lord Krishna painting can be hung or placed in your home to bring a symbol of good luck into the atmosphere.

Question 9 - Why are Radha Krishna Paintings considered to be auspicious?

Answer - Keeping Ganesha\'s artwork on display can bring desired prosperity to any new business. Likewise, having Lord Buddha artwork in the home helps to lessen negativity. So as per the facts present, if you are a newlywed and put up Krishna Radha paintings in your home, it is said that it will bring you a lot of good luck in your marital relationship. It looks that hanging Radha Krishna paintings in your living room or bedroom is ideal. Because Radha and Lord Krishna are both incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu, it is regarded as one of the best living room paintings and prosperous. Their unwavering love and determination to every other have enlightened humanity with respect to the authentic definition of love for millennia. As a result, hanging a painting of Radha Krishna\'s love in a couple\'s bedroom would be extremely- auspicious. Also, according to Vastu Shastra, hanging Krishna paintings in the bedroom increases the couple\'s love and heals any marital discords. It can also bring you an ideal and loving lifemate if you are an unmarried woman or men.

Question 10 - Where to buy the Vilakku lamp from?

Answer - These days, many online and offline stores dealing in Indian ethnic, traditional, and handcrafted products sell these thooku vilakku lamps. Visit any of these stores which are reputed and have an extensive collection to make a suitable choice. Buy these lamps available in different sizes and add a lovely touch to your home interior. It will surely give a subtle Indian touch to your space.

Question 11 - How does the Thooku Vilakku lamp look like?

Answer - The lamp comes with five to seven grooves. Wicks are dipped in oil and put in each groove to be lighted up. When entering the temple and praying to the divine deities, the lamp is lighted up to spread brightness and vitality all around. It creates a perfect ambiance for spirituality and piousness. It can be two-tier also. Such lamps are usually placed in temples, but nowadays, these are also used as home décor objects to get the perfect Indian ethnic look in the house.

Question 12 - Which material is used to make Thooku Vilakku?

Answer - Although this lamp can be made up of different materials, bronze material is the most common material used to make the Vilakku lamp. It is handcrafted by expert and experienced artisans and given a perfect shape that oozes positivity all around.

Question 13 - What is the significance of Thooku Vilakku?

Answer - Thooku Vilakku is a traditional hanging oil lamp predominantly used in Kerala homes and temples. Although it is used in Pooja rooms, it is also being looked at as a home décor object these days. The lamp signifies knowledge and positivity. It is also used in many other South Indian states like Tamil Nadu. It is a form and symbol of the Absolute Fire Principle or Tej. Lighting this lamp brings positive vibes all around.

Question 14 - Who invented the table lamp?

Answer - In early 1920, inventors attempted to tinker with the articulating arm lamps. George Carwardine, a UK-based freelance expert and car designer with expertise in vehicle suspensions, invented the Anglepoise lamp. Although traditional wick-based lamps were already in use yet these could hardly match the finesse of the Carwardine\'s table lamp.

Question 15 - How to choose a table lamp?

Answer - You need to select a table lamp based on your overall budget and then invest in a product that matches the room\'s tone where you wish to place it. If you use more than one lamp in your room, you need to choose these in matching shades to ensure that the synchronism is maintained.

Question 16 - Which table lamps are the best?

Answer - Table lamps are important for providing light for specific tasks. If you need additional lighting in any area of the house, you need to invest in any table lamp to provide perfect symmetry to the area. For instance – you may choose pure glass for lighting up the area.

Question 17 - How are table lamps made?

Answer - The process of lamp making includes using a bulb that must be connected to a wire into the lampshade, connecting the lamp to the base, obtaining support, and then giving the final connection using a battery. The contact points at the base are connected using pure tungsten that heats up when the electricity is passed through these.

Question 18 - Why are ceramic planters so expensive?

Answer - Plastic and glazed ceramic pots are excellent for using tropical plants. It means that you can plant any plant that thrives on moisture. Since Ceramic planters are glazed with a coat of lacquer, it prevents the soil from drying out. Also, the same needs more human input to give them the perfect shape and design. It makes them more expensive than the traditional planters.

Question 19 - Are ceramic planters good for plants?

Answer - When you invest in Ceramic planters, you ensure that you have the perfect choice for your indoor decor. If you are looking for a brand new planter to ensure that your planters add new detail to your indoors. These can work best for you and your home improvement plans. You can easily plant small ones in the planters and amp up your home.

Question 20 - How to protect ceramic planters in winter?

Answer - You must use an additional layer of protection for these planters to ensure that your planters stay protected. It is similarly ideal to use a shelf or a concrete shelf to keep the pit off the grounds. It will keep rain and hailstorm from causing the pots to stick to the ground in case of freezing temperatures.

Question 21 - How to clean ceramic planters?

Answer - After emptying the ceramic planters, it is important to use a stiff brush or dish scrubber to remove dirt or mineral buildup. Then use a mixture of mild soap solution to scrub off the stains. If you wish to eliminate the calcium buildup from the planters, use lemon juice or vinegar. You can mix three parts water and 1 part lemon juice to get the best results.

Question 22 - Can ceramic planters stay out winter?

Answer - Winters can be harsh on the terracotta and glazed containers. The same may take a toll on these planters. To avoid this, you need to ensure that no container is left outside without using a bubble wrap or burlap. It helps to ensure that the moisture doesn\'t harm the planter. It is also a good idea to use plastic wrap to prevent these from absorbing additional moisture.

Question 23 - Can ceramic planters be painted?

Answer - Yes, ceramic planters can be painted using latex, acrylic, and epoxy paint. Using liquid paint, you can decorate these using your hands. It is extremely easy to get a glossy finish using epoxy paint. It makes your planters extremely durable and long-lasting. These pots can be spray-painted on a cloudy day to get the best results. Do not spray paint these pots in direct sunlight.

Question 24 - Will ceramic planters crack in the winter?

Answer - Just like terracotta and clay pots, a ceramic pot may not be able to withstand harsh winters. The moisture in the natural cracks freezes and expands, which makes the cracks get larger. An option is to empty these planters filled with plants that are not tough enough to withstand winter. It would help if you let the pots dry in the Sun until the moisture evaporates.

Question 25 - When was Goddess Parvati born?

Answer - At a point, Devtas devised a plan to find a way to help get her born and come back to Shiva. Then they prayed to the divine Mother and blessed them to be born as the daughter of the Himalayas. She was born as Shailputri, or the daughter of mountains. She was named as the daughter of parvata and hence Parvati.

Question 26 - Which day is for Goddess Parvati?

Answer - Since Lord Shiva saved Chandra from losing his form completely, he is known as Somnath. Moreover, the fact earned him Chandra Shekhar as the same adorns his matted locks. By worshipping Shiva on Monday, you can keep troubles away and bring divine grace. Monday is kept dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati and is an ideal way to please both.

Question 27 - When is Goddess Parvati?

Answer - Goddess Parvati is said to bring happiness in marriage and resolve conflicts and help prevent miscarriages. She is also known to help with fertility, marital felicity, devotion to the spouse, and power. Hariyali Teej is in the month of Shravan mass, and as a result, the couple should attempt to get the right stuff to please Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Question 28 - Is Goddess Parvati, sister of Vishnu?

Answer - Parvati is also known by her other name - Mother Gauri Jagdamba, in the form of Shakti. Mahavishnu, or the supreme Purusha, is a transcendental parabrahma, and as a result, as nirguna Brahman, he transcends all gunas. The original Prakruthi or the divine Mother set into motion the creation of the whole creation. As a result, She is regarded as the sibling of Purusha Narayana.

Question 29 - How Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati?

Answer - Lord Shiva was devastated after the turn of events occurring after the passing away of Goddess Sati. After the intervention of the Goddesses, it is believed that Goddess Parvati was conceived in the home of the Lord of Himalayas. After she attained youth, she decided to devote her life to marry Lord Shiva, and as a result, she underwent severe penance.

Question 30 - How to be like Goddess Parvati?

Answer - Parvati is also called Urvi and is termed as the Goddess of fertility and devotion. She is Shakti or the source of pure energy. As the wife of Lord Shiva, she is the protector and regenerator of the universe and all life forms. She inspires young girls to be bold and Abhaya. She is fearless and the procreator who knows how to balance her life.