White Ceramic Floral Dresser Knob

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White & Black Ceramic Floral Knob

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Golden Flower Ceramic Cabinet Kno...

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White & Blue Ceramic Floral Knob

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White Ceramic Flower Knobs

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Ceramic Flower Shape Knobs

Knobs don’t have to bland all the time. A few little sprinkles of shabbiness and some brush touches of glamour won’t make them appear ‘too much’. Moving in the same vein, Indianshelf brings together a beautiful collection of knobs featuring flower shaped trims and cuts. The lot comes with selected pieces from our novelty collection of ceramic hardware.

Flowers are naturally charming and spellbindingly artistic. While it’s not that wise an idea to pluck them every now and then, especially for decorative purposes, it does no harm in sculpting them with art and craft. When sculpted in ceramic, they turn into a pottery art which is even more beautiful.

Keeping this beauty factor in line, our Ceramic knobs have also been handcrafted with cermet, a rock-solid combination of ceramic materials and metal. This combination is composed of an excellent property of elasticity and plasticity, which makes these knobs sturdy and durable.

While they are available in a wide range of designs, you might want to look for the topmost varieties which include gorgeous multicoloured roses, creamy daisies, rainbowy daffodils and graceful anemones.

On top of it, choose from the big basket of shades comprising of chocolate brown, cherry red, mustard yellow, platinum grey, forest green, slate blue and many more.

These bedazzling beauties are ideal for your cupboards, furniture or decorative purposes. Let them bloom through the ceiling of your rooms by using them as ceiling mounts.

Or, add a decorative element to your most favourite jewellery boxes. And it’s not bad an idea to have a more playful way to open the box of morning coffee powder in your kitchen. Featuring sophisticated forms, these door knobs are must have for artists and art lovers alike.

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