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Flower Inside Glass Knobs

Long before, approximately several thousand years ago, nature itself carried out the process of creating and blowing glass. During conditions such as lighting, thunderstorms or volcanic eruptions, various substances and organisms combined with sand, thereby getting trapped in the glass shells formed on the sandy beaches.

In fact, if you will explore some of the most popular glass beads or resin beads, you will see the motifs of spiders, beetles, flowers and leaves inside the resin like glassy substances.

Beginning from the first century BC to the medieval period later on, these blown glass beads, knobs and artefacts were used to create decorative items for the royals and wealthy.

These days, this glassblowing technique along with other glass art methods, are carried out and innovated by artists, craftsmen and glassworkers round the globe.

This Indianshelf’s collection of glass knobs comes with beautiful knobs carrying different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. If you pay much attention to your interior design, these knobs will add yet another dimension in the form of little spectacles to behold.

Great for adding fresh and ethereal feel to your chambers and cabinets, the door knobs are available in plenty of colours. As per your taste and decoration setting, you can select from a fabulous mix of palettes.

These knobs have been handcrafted in a way that they cast an illusion of flowers and floral foliage trapped inside the balls, eggs and globes made of glass.

From confetti flowers filled knobs to dazzling daisies, there are plenty of gorgeous pieces to check out. You will also find knobs decorated in various floral patterns on a background painted with an appearance of milky marble.

The mounting bolts and metal screwsets accompanying each of these knobs carry different shapes and finishes.

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