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Number Ceramic Hooks -1

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 792 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -2

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 789 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -3

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 730 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -4

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 882 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -5

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 925 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -6

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 362 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -7

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 417 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -8

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 345 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -9

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 985 In Stock

Number Ceramic Hooks -10

  • ₹ 220.00
  • 447 In Stock


Are you tired of messy and cluttery rooms and spaces? But not anymore; numerical hooks are revolutionary products that help keep your area in order. Nowadays, Finding sturdy hooks with proper design and finish is tough. At Indianshelf, We manufacture a range of quality hooks to complete your house design. These ceramic wall hooks are efficient products that make your homes, offices, and wardrobes highly functional. In addition, these items are made with ceramics that make them sturdy and give a clean and polished finish. Not only will these hooks make the home more functional, but they also add to the aesthetic of the home’s interior and decor.


  • KEEPS YOUR WARDROBE ALIGNED- A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind but not anymore; these hooks can keep your clothes, keys, cups and towels arranged. If you live in a less spacious area, these items will also help keep your things sorted.
  • ADDS UNIFORMITY- Numerical hooks also promote uniformity in managing clothes, cups or towels. If you are a shop owner and find it difficult to arrange things in order, you can try these things for a satisfactory result. Furthermore, Uniformity also complements the house's interior and decor.

This faced-paced world is changing rapidly, and everybody is busy in their world trying to accomplish things. Still, as hustle culture propagates our ability to manage ourselves and things are not efficient but to improve our efficiency and productivity, these hooks come in handy.

Numerical hooks can simplify things and change our lives. For hanging little objects such as dishware, utensils, folders, petite clothing, towels, and many other things, Indian shelf provides these ideal hangers.

These handmade items are sturdy, rust-free and durable. They have a numbering attached and fine openings that make them easy to install—furthermore; These premium items have no sharp edges on corners that make them kids friendly. If your house has white colour palettes, these items will combine with the home's aesthetics. You can find these artistic pieces at very economical rates on our website.