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Bird Painting On Fabric

Bird Painting On Fabric

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Contemporary art

India is a land full of versatile traditions, dances, cultures, food and beautiful art forms. From the ancient times, it has been depicted by an area full of colours, happiness and joy. One such art form which has been very famous since ancient times and has been worldwide renowned is the contemporary art form of India.

Contemporary art is a beautiful combination of different styles of dance such as sculpture, painting, modern dance, graphics, installation, and performance. It is one of the most beautiful art forms that looks simple yet elegant. They can be made with beautiful pictures of Gods and Goddesses or animals in a static posture or many beautiful non-living things.

This form of art is an amalgamation of all the styles of portraying picture which can be modern or traditional. It shows the beautiful match of the cultural and ideological diversity of India. The conventional part includes the drawing of Indian Gods and Goddesses with the traditional poses, and on the contrary, the modern art consists of the technique that can be experimented by adding visuals or focusing on time-based media that gives a reflection of contemporary society.

Since this art form comes in a variety of different types of presentation, any art is it a painting, photography or prints which is a combination of traditional and modern time come under contemporary. Let us discuss a few below:

Drawings- drawings are one of the oldest art forms that can be traced back to ancient times. These drawings do not include a lot of colours and are majorly finalised in a single c colour.

•    Photography- photography is one of the appropriate examples to show this art as a photograph can depict the traditional and the modern times together in the best possible way.

•    Prints- prints are 2-dimensional images that are made with an impression of transferring things from one place to another. It gives some lively touch to the painting.

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