Ceramic Handles

Little touches can make a huge difference to any space. As different kinds of materials reflect their own uniqueness, the decorative hardware made up of ceramics mirrors these little touches to a space. The subtle undertones of style which ceramic offers look beautifully simple and simply gorgeous. Much like a canvas painted in oil colours, the slightly melted and glassy appearance of these glazed ceramic handles give the illusion of colour throughout the room, even in an all-white kind of décor setting.

Adding to the high-strength physical and chemical properties of ceramic, these handles have been created while keeping their ease of use in account. While in general, the spindles of handles and pulls are designed in slim striped shape, these ceramic handles have been designed somewhat differently. In order that they offer you a soft yet easy grip, these handles have been designed with spindles that are slightly bulging especially in their middle portions.

Other than providing you with a good grip they are available in different shapes as well, such as hourglass, boat and wedge. Furthermore, each shape has been carved and molded to offer a swirly texture which allows the thumb to maintain fine hold over the spindle while you are using the handle pull. Also, each handle comes with an easy installation procedure.

Besides, these ceramic handles by Indianshelf have been designed with a terrific combination of traditional Indian design and contemporary English style. In addition to the doors of your home, these decorative art pieces are also perfect companions for your kitchen cupboards, bedside chest drawers or even the bathroom dresser. Each handle is inclusive of mounting bolts and is available in two kinds of metallic finishes namely, silver and golden. Choose from a variety of colours such as cream, pink, blue, black and white.

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