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Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp

Tall Brass Peacock Lamp

Tall Brass Peacock Lamp

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Mayur’ in Hindi means a peacock. The Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli is a lamp shaped in the form of a peacock. Urli is a shallow bowl with a wide-open mouth, of different sizes. The circumference of the urli is available in varying measurements, and the traditional bowl is put to different kinds of use.


The urli has a significant role in South Indian households. The vessel occupies an integral part in the prayer room as well as in the kitchen of the house. In many homes, this shallow bowl is seen in the living room and bedrooms where it is used as a decorative piece. You get a lot of these urlis being used in spas and hotels in India.

Since this utensil is such an adaptable piece, it is also designed in the form of Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli. 

In the form of an Indian oil lamp, the urli is designed as a peacock-shaped or Mayur lamp. The elegance of the piece is used to light up the house to remove darkness and gloom from the place. The grooves on the side are filled with oil and wicks are lighted.

The inner urli is used categorically to decorate any space inside the house – be it the living room, the prayer room, kids’ room, or even your bedroom. The urli is filled with water and petals of fragrant flowers like jasmine is dropped into it. The entire room is filled with the fragrance of the flowers. 


Though not much is known specifically about the Mayur South Indian urli lamp, traditional diyas or the lamps have been a part of the Indian culture for ages. Brass and bronze were the two common materials used in ancient times to make traditional lamps that were meant for use during holy rituals as well as to decorate the house. Peacocks and their shapes have been converted into beautiful art pieces for centuries. The Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli is the perfect example of the same.

What is the Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli made of?

The Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli is made of bronze. In some cases, you will also get this type of lamp in brass. Most of the time, the lamp is coloured in gold. The distinct feature of the lamp is the intricate handcrafted design of the groves, the peacock, and the overall finesse of the lamp.

Description of the product

This is a traditional piece designed and handcrafted by skilled local artisans. It is a traditional art form representative of the classical South Indian design. 

There are different designs, shapes, and sizes of the Mayur South Indian Oil Lamp bronze urli available to suit the taste and preference of the contemporary crowd.